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C.N.R. Books
Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, Inc.

      A non-profit educational group, organized in 1971
      to provide independent analyses of sources and
      health effects of ionizing radiation.
Post Office Box 421993
San Francisco, California   94142-1993, USA

Tel:   415-776-8299

Now available:

Preventing Breast Cancer:   The Story Of A Major,
Proven, Preventable Cause Of This Disease
. 2nd Edition.

John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D.

422 pages. April 1996. $17 per copy. No extra fee for shipping and handling on prepaid orders. Please add $1.36 sales tax for orders within California.

International Standard Book Number:   ISBN 0-932682-96-0. Library of Congress Catalog Number:   LC 96-2453.

          o - "Highly recommended," wrote the Library Journal (August 1995) about the 1st Edition, and the journal Choice (December 1995) selected it for both college and professional libraries. The 2nd Edition adds 80 pages of text and references providing decisive evidence against claims that xrays are "safe" at low levels, and responding to critiques of the 1st Edition. Both editions evaluate personal and national radiation risk from mammography.

          o - This book, for families and their physicians, is not about early detection of breast-cancer. It is about prevention. Dr. Gofman shows that past exposure to ionizing radiation --- primarily medical xrays --- is responsible for about 75 percent of breast-cancer cases (USA).

          o - But today's task is not to reject medical uses of radiation, which are often very baneficial. The task is to obtain those benefits with half the harm, by requiring quality assurance systems which can cut today's average xray dosage in half.

          o - Getting the job done is an ethical imperative, because careless radiation overdosing has deadly aggregate consequences for helpless patients. This book delivers both the historical and current evidence needed by cancer groups in order to organize elimination of such carelessness.

          o - "Every action which reduces unnecessary irradiation is guaranteed to prevent a share of future cancers which would otherwise occur," says Gofman. "It is wrong to wait. Radiation-induced cancers diagnosed 5 to 50 years from today, are being generated by careless overdosing now."

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