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New Money for Healthy Communities

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Chapter 1    Toward A New World Order
Gaia Consciousness and Human Unity
Correcting Past Errors

Chapter 2    What is Money?
The Essential Nature of Money Historical Forms of Money
The Money Circuit

Chapter 3    The Power and Place of Money
The Power Inherent in Money
The Place of Money in Human Interaction

Chapter 4    What's the Matter With Money?
Symptoms of Disease
Three Ways in Which Conventional Money Malfunctions

Chapter 5    The Disintegration of Local Economies
The Historical Progression of Control Over Economic Input Factors
Social Control Through Control of Money and Finance
Social Disintegration

Chapter 6    Money and the Constitution
The Consolidation of Money Power
The End of Empires

Chapter 7    Restoring the Integrity of Personal and Community Economies
Healthy Communities; Healthy World
Two Fundamental Strategies
Small (and Local) Is Beautiful
How to Bring Money Under Local Control
Community Banking and the Liberation of Money
Why Local Currencies?


Chapter 8    A Brief History of Local Currencies
Scrip of The Great Depression Lessons Learned
Railway Notes
The "Constant" Currency of Ralph Borsodi
An Early Proposal for a Credit Clearing System

Chapter 9    Global Finance, Inflation, and Local Currencies
Why Central Governments and Central Banks Don't Like Local Currencies
The Real Cause of Inflation

Chapter 10    Current Examples of Local Currency and Cashless Exchange
Barter, Reciprocal Trade, and Mutual Credit
Commercial "Barter" Exchanges LETS -- Local Employment and Trading System The Berkshire Experiments
Ithaca HOURS
Boulder HOURS
Service Credits and Time Dollars


Chapter 11    Basic Factors in the Creation of Democratic Exchange Media
Basis of Issue
Regulation of the Amount of Exchange Media Supplied
Power to Issue
Some Theoretical Considerations for Contemporary Systems Implementation

Chapter 12    Community Empowerment Through Mutual Credit Systems
What is Mutual Credit (MC)?
How a Mutual Credit System Works
Basic Steps in Organizing a Mutual Credit System
Continuing Issues in Mutual Credit Systems
Preventing Stagnation in Mutual Credit Systems
Saving and Investment

Chapter 13    Currency Alternatives For Impersonal markets
A Commodity-based Currency

Chapter 14    Community Trading Coupons
Bootstrapping The Local Economy

Chapter 15    Good Money for Good Work
Earth Rescue Receipts (ERR's) Funded Temporary Receipts (FTR's) Cooperative Community Service Credits

Chapter 16    A Model Composite Local Exchange System
The Governing Board
Credit Limits for Members
Employee Participation
Ledger Accounts or Paper Notes?
Convertibility of Local Currency to Official Currency
Two Meanings of "Dollar"
Over-accumulation -- Is It a Problem?
Limited or Perpetual Life?
Should Interest be Charged on Balances?

Appendix A:
          Note on Banking as a Profession and Its Reform

Appendix B:
          Note on the Proper Basis of Issue for Currency and
          the Means of Financing Capital Investments and Consumer Durables

Sources and Resources
Contacts -- US and Canada
Some Known LETS systems in the United States and Canada
Contacts -- Australia and New Zealand
Contacts -- United Kingdom




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