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New Money for Healthy Communities Reviewers' and Readers' Comments

"Excellent! A first class account, theoretical and practical, of the need and scope for new transformational structures... All students of money in the new economics should read it."
-- James Robertson, Turning Point 2000, England

"Tom Greco's New Money for Healthy Communities -- comprehensive, scholarly, set in a broad Gaian context -- is the basic resource on community-issued money."
-- Stephanie Mills, The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

"We received the review copy of New Money for Healthy Communities, and I am very impressed. Congratulations on a fine piece of work. We will be adding your book to our September supplement."
-- Michael Hoy, President, LOOMPANICS Unlimited, Port Townsend, WA

"I can think of nothing I know of to compare it with. It stands alone as by far the best book yet written on the subject."
-- Robert Swann, E.F. Schumacher Society, Great Barrington, MA

"Great book... Greco writes keenly and forcefully.."
-- Paul Glover, Publisher, Ithaca Money, Ithaca, NY

"Fascinating and readable... I greatly enjoyed reading and highly recommend it."
-- Jeffery Smith, President, Institute for Geonomic Transformation, Santa Barbara, CA

"Your book is an excellent survey of small community monetary and exchange options... Congratulations for a job well done."
-- Don Werkheiser, California

"Excellent effort at keeping it at the 'kitchen sink' level for many who have a hard time comprehending how money works."
-- Bob Cervelli, Regional Atlantic Trading Note Association, Nova Scotia

"This book is a wonderfully readable treatment of a complex and difficult subject, money."
-- Gene Marshall, Realistic Living, Texas

"Greco breaks through the illusion and the power of money... This book is about freedom."
-- Tranet, Rangeley, ME

"It is a tremendously important book. Congratulations."
-- Mel Leasure, President, School of Living, Pennsylvania

"I really enjoyed your book and feel it is a very helpful contribution to all of us engaged in grassroots experimentation with community currencies, providing both a larger theoretical context as well as many helpful practical tips."
-- Sat Khalsa, Administrator, LETS in Toronto

"Your book is such a clear statement, it is an inspiration to me, and will be a great catalyst for change."
-- Mark Kinney, Ohio