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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:07:40 -0700
From: Earth First! Media Center <>
Subject: JUNE 18 - Global day of action vs financial markets


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June 18th: World's Financial Centres To Be Occupied

Hundreds of thousands of people will occupy and transform about 100 major financial districts in 40 countries on Friday June 18th in the largest coordinated mass protests in recent history.

Timed to coincide with the start of the G8 summmit in Cologne, Germany, the day of action, protest and carnival is being held "in recognition that the global capitalist system based on the exploitation of people and the planet for the profit of a few is at the very root of our social and ecological troubles". This day of action will also see the ending of the 500 strong inter-continental caravan of Indian peasants currently touring and protesting around Europe (

Grass-roots movements comprising workers, peasants and others will demonstrate throughout the cities of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. In Nigeria the oil giants who have wreaked havoc in the Niger Delta region will be targeted. Across Australia, Europe, and America global street parties will disrupt and transform major financial districts, while multinationals are targeted in non-violent direct actions. In Argentina a procession through the streets of Buenos Aires will demand debt cancellation for the world's poorest countries.

June 18 is not an organization. It is a global event that has been organized in a decentralized way by autonomous and mutually independent groups and organizations, coordinated as a loose network.

Just like the banks and stock exchanges, the groups are electronically networked. June 18 reports will flow around the world via TV, radio and text, all live on the Internet. For international details and contacts; previous press coverage; June 18 background and continuously updated news, with video and live interviews on the day, visit:

In case the site is shut down, see:

Other J18 Websites

E-mail news updates are available. Simply send a message to the following addresses, depending on the continent you want updates for:

Alternatively you can go to and subscribe from there to any of the update lists. They are low volume feeds, rising to medium or high volume on the day.

June 18 is not an organization. There is no such thing as a J18 spokesperson - each group speaks for itself. Many or most of the participating groups are suspicious of mainstream media outlets, and some are deeply discomforted by any attempt at communication with such media. This press release results from an independent initiative by some of the individuals involved. The list of information above is based on publicly available information and additional information sent to us by individual groups. This press release has not been composed with any pretension to represent the views of the groups and individuals that participate on June 18th.


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