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On May 2, 1999 I sent the following message through to New York State Office of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer via the Questions & Comments to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer page. If anyone can send Dave pointers to sources for any of the below I'll be appreciative -- and will include same here.

Good Day Attorney General Spitzer,

I just found my way to the 10/27/98 San Francisco Bay Guardian (SFBG) article at entitled,

I am editor, publisher, and architect of This site includes an area on "Ending Corporate Governance, We The People Revoking Our Plutocracy" ( At the top of the entry page is a box focusing on "Charter Revocation Projects/News". (I will be including a link to a copy of this letter in that box.)

I am very interested in finding the full text(s) of what the SFBG article quotes you as saying regarding:

I would be most appreciative if someone in your office could provide me with the exact source(s) of the above quotes as well as current sources of what the SFBG article's subhead alludes to ("pushing for legislation that would dissolve corporations that endanger human life or the environment"). I would also appreciate any other written materials stating your thoughts and observations on the subject of revoking the corporate charters of those subbordinate legal fictions that have violated the common good and public welfare.

I am almost finished with David Korten's new book, The Post-Corporate World, Life After Capitalism. If you haven't read this I strongly urge you to do so. It's signicifance towards creating a future where all life is nurtured and supported cannot be understated.

It is very exciting to learn that none other than the New York Attorney General understands the importance of dissolving those corporate entities that have engaged in lethal criminal behavior which would result in the death sentence for a human "natural person".

Thanks very much for your time with this and for all you are doing to help birth the future where human economies once more mimic and emulate the cosmic genius of living systems. As David Korten writes in his article on The Post-Corporate World from the latest issue of YES! A Journal of Positive Futures (

David T. Ratcliffe
editor and publisher
rat haus reality press

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