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Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 11:20:33 -0400
To: Dave Ratcliffe
From: "k.skvorak" <>


New York City is hosting:
Strategy Summit to Coordinate a USA Plan of Action
Targeting USA Corporate Power
November 8-10th, 2001

It will be three days of discussions around short term goals, long term strategies, and broad visions for a post corporate/ post capitalist world.

It will be the first(?) of it's kind in some regards, to try to bring together all the the writers, thinkers and NGO-based strategists with the "front line" activists -- if any differentiation is even appropriate -- to discuss future goals and strategies in confronting corporate power here at home. There will likely not be as much discussion of the various trade agreements and bodies that we have prioritized up to now in our efforts, but more discussion of how to take our efforts forward to the heart of the matter -- corporate structure, power, and excess.

The final structure of all three days is still undergoing some revisions, but it is based on a democratic spokes council model rather than any teach-in style conference that has been more typical up to now for this content. Everyone who comes participates on an equal footing.

We are specifically not creating this as a one-time conference, but carry the intentional goal of coming out of these three days with agreements laying the groundwork for future gatherings of this kind further exploring this specific agenda. The intention and expectation is that another city's local progressive coalition will host the next meeting in this series. Perhaps we will consense to create a newly named alliance to further this work, if that seems necessary and appropriate when we are all together.

best regards,
Kevin Skvorak
NYC Summit working group
Brooklyn NY


Attention All Anti-Corporate Economic Globalization, Pro-Democracy Activists! In response to the global call for actions at major international financial centers to protest the Fourth WTO Ministerial meetings, Nov 9-13th in Qatar, a broad-based coalition of student, grass-roots, labor and activist organizations is planning a week of events in New York City with direct actions focused on Wall Street.

A critical part of our actions is this call for a USA Strategy Summit.

We believe the time is now, to create a strategic vision to help us conclusively terminate corporate dominion over our politics, economics, media and consciousness right here in the USA. We must undertake this both in self-defense against the Fortune 2000's attacks on our own democracy, communities and environment, and in solidarity with people's movements throughout the globe that are fighting the plunder and pillage corporate power perpetrates everywhere.

We all want to expand our strategies and continue to build momentum. To do so we need to create a space where diverse groups within the anti-corporate economic globalization movement can find common ground and work together. Ending corporate rule here at home is a fundamental prerequisite to liberate billions abroad. This summit is proposed to explore how we will work in unison to disable the IMF, WTO, FTAA, NAFTA and all the other alphabet arms of the corporate coup, and even more, to explore strategies to disarm their masters -- the corporations themselves.

What new tactics are possible and necessary when all our individual efforts converge?

Popular sovereignty, democratic control, and basic human rights are fundamental to this discussion. The NYC "No More Walls" Coalition preparing for the November actions is inviting your energetic participation in this important and timely strategy summit. We request your attendance for the duration.

The form and structure of the summit is being worked out by the NY summit working group. Below is the outline we have developed in consultation with scholars and activists from across the USA. Your feedback is invited and essential.


Summit Dates -- November   8/9/10   2001


November 8, Part One:

We will explore the legal, political, social and historical sources of corporate power and think together how to disarm this corporate octopus and end its rule. Examples include:

  • Exploring corporate charters
    what are they, can they be challenged, what forgotten powers do we retain?

  • Repudiating corporate "personhood"
    how have corporations assumed more rights than natural persons and how can that absurdity be undone?

  • Rethinking campaign finance reform
    where did corporate pseudo-citizens get "free speech" and political rights in the first place, and how can they be revoked?

  • Challenging deregulation and corporate command of their own oversight agencies (EPA, FCC, etc.)
    Broadening the National Labor Relations Board mandate to enshrine workers human rights both in the workplace and out.


November 9 Part Two:

This day's focus will be to share and compare information from the most successful methods of ongoing campaigns in the context of how these lessons can inform national strategies for reining in corporate power. Our hope is that activists from diversely dynamic groups in the United States including --

  • the living-wage campaign
  • the anti-sweatshop movement
  • anti-biodevastation campaigns
  • the campaign against the prison-industrial complex
  • stopping proliferation of weapons development in space
  • eliminating the siamese twins of nuclear weapons and power
  • massively shrinking the size and scope of the military-corporate complex
  • reversing the corporatization of our schools
  • promotion and implementation of sustainable agroecology
  • the small-scale organic farming movement
  • campaigns to decentralize energy generation through such technologies as photovoltaics and fuel cells
  • community currency programs that offset debt-based national currencies

-- will join with legal and social policy scholars to brainstorm new ideas to make all our collective struggles significantly more successful. The goal is to identify new grassroots allies, strengthen existing networks, and develop the tools and tactics needed to prevail on a national level with its inter-related international ramifications.


November 10, Part Three:

Activists and scholars, radicals and reformers will outline ways we can individually and collectively, bring our visions to life. Examples include:

  • Participatory economics and models for worker-owned business.
  • Direct Democracy, and the potential of decentralized, consensus based forms of decision-making.
  • New egalitarian paradigms for local, national and global production / distribution / organization.


Plenary: Immediate Next Steps.

Reports from each of the three days meetins will suggest our possible next steps, and how we can support each other every step of the way. Plans will be made for a follow-up encounter.

We have set up a listserv to facilitate development of the summit's content and structure. If you would like to participate in the online discussion, you can subscribe to the list by sending a blank email to <>

We have already enlisted support from a wide range of grassroots activists and progressive policy experts. A list of endorsers is forthcoming. Please lend us your support in any form possible and help make this USA strategy building summit against the WTO and all forms of corporate governance yet another watershed in our liberation from corporate rule.

Thank You,
The Summit working group of the NYC No More Walls coalition.

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