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House Legislation
House Legislation  
Doesn't Meet the Impeachment Test: McKinney Finds Deposition Questions Out of Order

"I am sickened by Ken Starr's Attack Dogs Trying to Humiliate the President"

SEPTEMBER 21, 1998

WASHINGTON, DC -- "Today, as South African President Nelson Mandela and President Clinton addressed the United Nations General Assembly, America was transfixed by the image of our President responding to the political, partisan probing of the special prosecutors.

"I have already expressed my disappointment with the President's inappropriate behavior with Monica Lewinsky, especially at a time when his private life was already under investigation by the Republicans and their hired guns. I restate my personal disappointment in that behavior today.

"But I am also sickened by the spectacle of Kenneth Starr's attack dogs trying to elevate 'inappropriate behavior' to the level of 'high crimes and misdemeanors.' "We have been brought to the brink of a Constitutional crisis by a President in crisis and a political special prosecutor attempting to justify his own failed investigation.

"It is clear that this video and the accompanying transcripts were released for the sole purpose of humiliating our President in a despicable attempt to sway public opinion in favor of impeachment. I hope that people of good conscience on both sides of the aisle can find a way to end this national nightmare. After more than $100 million dollars, the Republicans have produced the most expensive movie that Washington, DC has seen. However, their version of sex, lies, and videotape is a national sleeper: interesting only to those foaming at the fount of impeachment.

"The Republicans have revealed the barrenness of their national agenda. Only one of the 13 appropriations bills that keep the U.S. government running has been signed into law by the President. The Republican majority in Congress has failed to focus on the people's business and on the challenges that face America. Insteal, they have chosen to rifle through the President's personal closet.

"For me, I will not be stampeded into serious consideration of impeachment by the highly partisan, unfair, hateful campaign of Kenneth Starr. Enough is enough. That's something that the American people understand, but that the national news media, the special prosecutor, and the Republican-dominated Congress apparently do not.

"Perhaps today's humiliation of the President will give his enemies the pound of flesh they have sought since his election in 1992 and 1996. It is now time to bring an end to this national nightmare."

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