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House Legislation

House Legislation

McKinney Outraged at Latest Incident of Police Brutality

July 14, 2000

Washington DC. - Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney expressed extreme outrage today at the latest incident of "Rodney King" style police brutality which occurred yesterday in Philadelphia, the supposed city of "Brotherly Love."

Television news cameras captured video of at least ten police officers beating Thomas Jones, a car theft suspect, in the same way Rodney King was beaten in Los Angeles just a few years ago.

"I am once again appalled at the callous brutality exhibited by those who are sworn to protect us," said McKinney. "Regardless if a human being is allegedly guilty of crime, no one deserves to be beaten in the manner Thomas Jones was beaten yesterday."

Even though Jones was already in custody, police officers swarmed around him, and began beating and kicking him, in obvious violation of any police procedures.

"The assault of Mr. Jones by Philadelphia police along with the brutal killing of Mr. Diallo and the barbaric treatment of Mr. Louima by New York City police demonstrates the need for an independent commission and investigation into what has always been a national problem," said McKinney. "I commend Attorney General Janet Reno on her swift reaction and I urge us all to realize that this sort of heinous event happens too often, with or without a video camera available to catch it on tape."

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