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House Legislation

House Legislation

Georgia Highway Re-dedicated to first African-American Female Congresswoman from Georgia

June 14, 2000

Washington, DC - Congresswoman Cynthia A. McKinney (D-GA) had a major thoroughfare in the Fourth Congressional District dedicated in her honor today.

Memorial Dive, which has been the gateway to the Confederate-inscribed Stone Mountain, was renamed the "Cynthia McKinney Parkway". Ironically Stone Mountain, with its giant carvings of Confederate heroes, was the same site where the Georgia Ku Klux Klan met and organized back in the 1930's.

More than two hundred supporters, public officials and community leaders gathered today in ninety-degree weather to witness the re-dedication. Speakers also thanked McKinney for her work on behalf of her district during her eight years in Congress.

After watching "The Men of God" perform a mime-like dance while wearing white make-up, State Rep. Billy McKinney, the Congresswoman's father commented, "I remember when we couldn't even go up to Stone Mountain. Now here we are watching performers wearing whiteface."

The elder McKinney continued, "I am quite grateful to the Georgia House and Senate to have thought enough of my daughter to honor her like this." "But she didn't get to Congress by herself… she got here with the help and support of the many good people in her district." Memorial Dive is now a highway of pride."

Many others present praised the Congresswoman for her many years of dedication to public service. "Cynthia has been the kind of public official who touches lives not just counts votes", said one supporter. "She is a true leader and not just a local leader or a state leader or even just a national leader. She is an international leader."

One supporter who admitted to being a Republican thanked the Congresswoman for helping him get the medals he earned during WWII. John Collins drove in from another district to say, "Cynthia is truly my friend and she really works hard for all of her constituents and her service to us all is bipartisan."

After thanking all who were instrumental in today's dedication and her political career, McKinney said, " We all must stand up and make a difference. It is our responsibility to make change.

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