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House Legislation


Local Neighborhoods To Be Visited

May 3, 2000

DECATUR-Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) said that census takers are knocking on doors throughout DeKalb County, as part of the nonresponse follow-up period in Census 2000. Census takers will be easily recognizable by their identification badges and the distinctive black and white bags they carry.

The U.S. Census Bureau has developed a national campaign "Because You Count," to encourage the public to welcome census takers. Residents need not be fearful about opening their doors to them as they have undergone security screening. Census takers are our neighbors and friends, who were hired in DeKalb County. The information reported is kept strictly confidential. All census workers take an oath to protect the privacy of the data collected.

Congresswoman McKinney described the Census 2000 results as critical to the future of DeKalb County and Georgia. The census count determines how communities get their fair share, each year of the more than $185 billion in federal funds annually. "By cooperating with those who are helping to complete our census count, we are demonstrating pride in our culture, in our community and in our contributions to this society," stated McKinney.

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