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Remarks By Congresswoman McKinney At Luncheon For Dr. Hanan Ashrawi And American Jewish Peace Groups

November 7, 2001

    I would like to welcome Dr. Hanan Ashrawi to Capitol Hill, and I want to thank her for taking time out from her very busy schedule to meet with us today. I would also like to welcome my colleagues who have joined us here today, as well as our dear friends from the Jewish community. Represented here today are peace groups whose message is as important as it is refreshing. They are: Jews Against the Occupation (JATO), Not In My Name, and we have members of Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israeli (JPPI) present as well. Other organizations that could not be here today have issued statements in support of this event. They include Boston's Women in Black, and Jewish Voices for Peace.

    Dr. Ashrawi has been a longtime advocate for peace and justice. Her face and voice are well-known to many across the world. Her efforts in the name of peace are impressive, and her role as a female intellectual struggling to liberate her people is very inspiring.

    Dr. Ashrawi is one of the pioneers of the peace movement in the Middle East

    The Jewish groups that are present today are pioneers of another sort, for they are breaking the silence and dispelling the notion that American Jewry is a monolith.

    I commend your courage, and I pray that your message of peace, tolerance, and justice will prevail, not just for Israelis and Palestinians, but for all oppressed peoples worldwide.

    More and more Americans are realizing that our foreign policy needs to be reevaluated. It is imperative that all rational voices are heard as policymakers in this country develop clear objectives for our efforts abroad that are based on the law, justice, and true democracy.

    Again, I would like to welcome you all to this luncheon.


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