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Congressional News Conference: Middle East Peace Process

October 25, 2001

On Thursday, October 25, 2001, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney hosted a historic press conference with Mr. Uri Avnery, former Knesset Member and founder of Gush Shalom, Israel's preeminent peace organization. Joining Congresswoman McKinney and Mr. and Mrs. Avnery were Congressman Mel Watt of North Carolina and several American Jewish peace organizations from around the country. Following are the prepared statements made by Congresswoman McKinney and the participating organizations.

  • Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom statement available on C-Span ID#166943
  • Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
  • Jews Against the Occupation statement read by Heidi Altman
  • Boston Women in Black statement read by Nicole Sorger
  • Jewish Women for Justice in Israel and Palestine statement read by Karen
  • Orenstein
  • Not in My Name - Chicago, Illinois statement read by Charles Lenchner
  • "Break the Silence " statement read by Ariana Silverman
  • Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel statement read by Joshua Ruebner
  • A Jewish Voice for Peace - Berkeley, California statement
  • Congressman John Conyers
  • Congressman John Dingell
  • Jewish Mobilization for a Just Peace

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


House Triangle-October 25, 2001

I would like to welcome Mr. Uri Avnery to Capitol Hill, and I would like to take this time to commend him and his organization, Gush Shalom, for their tireless efforts in the pursuit of a true and lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis.

I would also like to welcome and recognize the organizations that are present, representing the affiliates of the JUNITY coalition, led by Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel, Jewish Women for Justice in Israel and Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston Women in Black, Jews Against the Occupation and Not In My Name offer opinions and insight into growing sentiment in the American Jewish community today.

I think the sentiments offered by President Bush and Secretary of State Powell on the Administration's support for a viable Palestinian state are important, and signal the right step toward a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. As Secretary Powell said yesterday, "Lets try not to let this cycle of violence become even more intense than it has been in recent days."

These organizations represent a new and vital voice that must be heard. I am pleased to stand with them today for peace and security for all in the Middle East.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2. Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI)
Contact: Joshua Ruebner, Executive Director, 202-423-7666


Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI), a Washington, DC based organization, on behalf of Jews United for a Just Peace (Junity), a national network of Jewish organizations working for a just peace for both Palestinians and Israelis, warmly welcome to Washington, Uri and Rahel Avnery, the founders of the Israeli peace organization Gush Shalom (Peace Bloc).

JPPI and Junity applaud the ongoing efforts of the Avnery's and of Gush Shalom to work for a just, comprehensive and lasting peace for Israel and Palestine. During the past year of the intifadah, the Palestinian uprising against Israel's brutal military

occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, some Israeli peace organizations have become silent and ineffective. Not so with Gush Shalom which has been steadfast in its words and actions and has not wavered in its principled commitment to the cause of attaining a just peace for both Palestine and Israel.

Along with Gush Shalom, JPPI and Junity are extremely concerned about the latest Israeli reoccupation of Palestinian cities, a flagrant violation of previously signed agreements which has led to the death of dozens of Palestinian civilians over the past few days. We call upon the government of the United States, both the Bush Administration and the Congress, to exercise its influence with Israel to end this latest round of aggression and to bring the parties back to the negotiating table.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


For Immediate Release
Thursday, November 25, 2001
Not In My Name
PUB #206
2859 Central St.
Evanston, Illinois 60201

Contacts: Cindy Levitt: 847-830-7480 Steven Feuerstein 773.454.8397

Chicago-area Jews Call on Israel to Stop Escalating, Start Negotiating

Not In My Name, a Chicago-based organization of Jews seeking a just peace for Palestinians and Israelis, strongly supports the work of Uri Avnery and Gush Shalom. Not in My Name has grave concerns over Israel's escalation of violence in the last seven days, including the deaths of more than thirty Palestinians, including at least six youth, the injuring of more 150 more Palestinians and the invasion and reoccupation of 8 Palestinian cities.

Israel took this action in retaliation for the assassination of Rehavam Ze'evi, the first Israeli Cabinet minister ever to be killed by Palestinians. Ze'evi was, in turn, targeted as a direct response to the August Israeli assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa Zibri, a high-level Palestinian political leader.

Not In My Name calls on Israel to immediately resume negotiations without any pre-conditions with the Palestinian Authority in order to end the cycle of violence and escalations which has already claimed more than 900 lives, the vast majority of them Palestinian.

Not In My Name further calls on Israel to end its brutal occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem (the longest continuous military occupation in modern history) and its illegal policies of assassinations, targeting civilians, and ongoing land confiscation.

"Israel has a choice," states Steven Feuerstein, spokesperson for Not In My Name. "It can continue to commit widespread, indiscriminate violence against the entire Palestinian population and build Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land. Or it can enter into honest negotiations with the Palestinian Authority to ensure a viable Palestinian state and a secure Israel. This is a choice between war and peace and, to date, Ariel Sharon has chosen to wage war. It is up to Americans, and particularly American Jews, to compel Israel to choose instead the path of peace."

Not In My Name believes that our humanity does not end at the borders of our religion. The brutal occupation of the Palestinian people is not our Judaism. Confiscating Palestinian land and destroying Palestinians' livelihood is not our Judaism. Terrorizing and killing them is not our Judaism. Intentionally seeking the path of war, rather than the path of peace, is not our Judaism. We can allow none of these things to be done in our name.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

4. A Jewish Voice for Peace
P.O. Box 13286
Berkeley, CA 94712


American Jewish Groups, Congressional Leaders Join Israeli Peace Activist in Condemning the Escalation of the Middle East Conflict

Contacts: Adam Gutride (415) 271-6469
Lincoln Shlensky (510) 841-5967

Mitchell Plitnick (510) 526-7913

San Francisco, Oct. 25 - A coalition of American Jewish peace organizations and Congressional representatives met today with veteran Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery, who is in the U.S. to advocate a stronger U.S. role in forcing Israel and the Palestinian Authority back to the negotiating table.

Avnery, an Israeli war hero, former member of the Israeli Knesset (parliament) and leader of the Israeli peace group, Gush Shalom, is currently touring several major U.S. cities. He joined the American Jewish groups and Congressional leaders today in condemning new Israeli invasions of Palestinian self-rule areas that have led to an escalation of the conflict.

Mr. Avnery has long called for Israel to end its occupation of West Bank and Gaza and establish an independent and sovereign state of Palestine in the territories occupied by Israel since 1967. He and his wife, Rachel, were recently awarded the Right Livelihood Award, commonly known as the "alternative Nobel Prize," for their efforts on behalf of a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

The meeting was organized by a Washington-based group, Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel. Other groups represented included A Jewish Voice for Peace and the Coalition of Jews for Justice, of the San Francisco Bay Area; Not In My Name, of Chicago; and JUNITY, an international network of Jewish peace activists.

Members of A Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) said that they were urging Congress to heed the voices of the many Israelis who call for the United States to intervene in the conflict now. "Our message is simple: 'Just say NO to escalation; say YES to a negotiated peace,'" Lincoln Shlensky, a JVP member said. "The U.S. must give the two sides incentive to return to peaceful negotiation, and threaten sanctions if they do not."

In the wake of the assassination by Palestinian militants last week of Minister of Tourism Rechavam Ze'evi, Israel has invaded areas under limited Palestinian self-rule. Over forty Palestinians, including women and children, have died as a result.

"A Jewish Voice For Peace unequivocally condemns Ze'evi's assassination," said Mitchell Plitnick, another JVP spokesperson. "But we condemn equally the Israeli policy of 'extrajudicial killings' that have contributed to the cycle of violence and retribution. Furthermore, the assassination of Ze'evi in no way justifies the overwhelming Israeli response, which has included killing 40 people and damaging hospitals in Bethlehem and Beit Jala."

"Our government must help achieve Palestinian self-determination and security for both peoples. A just peace in Israel and Palestine is necessary to regional stability in other conflict zones, including Afghanistan," added Adam Gutride, a spokesperson for A Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

A Jewish Voice for Peace is a Bay Area grassroots organization dedicated to the human, civil and economic rights of all peoples in the Middle East. For further information about A Jewish Voice for Peace, please visit

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Women in Black
Boston, Ma.

AVNERI-U.S Congress Press Conference

Boston Women in Black is a group of American Jewish women who stand monthly in a silent vigil on a crowded street corner in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Boston to express our sorrow for all of the loss of life in Israel and among the Palestinian people though this ongoing conflict. We call for an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem which we believe to be the source of so much pain and suffering. Our call echoes that of the Israeli Women in Black movement, which has been standing weekly in similar vigils all over Israel since 1988. We support Uri Avnery, veteran Israeli peace activist, Israeli war veteran, and child refugee from Hitler's Germany, in his quest for a just, lasting and viable peace between the Israeli and the Palestinian people. We join him and the many others in the vibrant Israeli peace movement in urging President Bush and Secretary of State Powell to do all they can to bring about a full withdrawal of the Israeli forces from their recent incursion into the Palestinian villages and towns in the West Bank, and to bring Israel and the Palestinian Authority back to the negotiating table immediately.

Susan Jacoby and Donna Spiegelman for Boston Women in Black Contact information: Jacoby 617-720-1717, Spiegelman 617-432-0205

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

6. Break the Silence Campaign

October 25, 2001

Statement for Uri Avnery & U. S. Congress Press Conference

For Zion's sake- I will not be silent. The Break the Silence Campaign supports the effort of Uri Avnery and Gush Shalom to bring about a just peace in the Middle East that would include strong support for Israel alongside of a demilitarized Palestinian state.

The Break the Silence Campaign was initially launched to organize U. S. Jews to break their silence and speak out against the policies of the Netanyahu government.We have since placed numerous ads in the New York Times and other press seekinga just peace in the Middle East that includes a secure Israel alongside a new Palestinian State. Currently - we are engaged in a new ad campaign, calling on U. S. Jews and committedothers to once again break their silence and let the U. S. government know that there are thousands of U. S. Jewish leaders who do not support the policies of the current Israeli government. The ad calls on Prime Minister Sharon to end the occupation and to bringIsraeli settlers home and calls on Chairman Aright to put forward a detailed plan for a demilitarized Palestinian State based on a modified 1967 boundaries.

The Break the Silence Campaign understands that the Israeli peace movement and keyPalestinian leaders are now calling for outside intervention from the United States to help break the cycle of violence of this past year. We call on all U. S. Jews and our allies to let our government know that we want to re-engage in being an honest broker and help to bring about a just solution to the Middle East conflict.

The Campaign to Break the Silence is a loose network of more than 1200 US Jews, including more than 120 rabbis, who have agreed on about the urgent need to make peace between Israel and an emerging Palestinian state.

The Campaign's name comes from a growing sense that a majority of US Jews have remained silent for the last several years about their commitment to encouraging the Israeli-Palestininan peace process to go forward -- and that now the crucial moment has come to raise their voices.

Break the Silence, P.O. Box 65780, Washington, D.C. 20035 You can send comments to

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

7. Statement from Jewish Women for Justice in Israel and Palestine

Uri Avnery's visit to Boston, MA
by Hilda B. Silverman

As someone who has hosted and co-hosted visits of Israeli peace activists to the U.S. for almost twenty years--first in Philadelphia, then in Washington, DC, and for the past ten years in the Boston area--I want to share something about what was different with the visit here by Uri and Rachel Avnery on October 11-13, 2001.

Virtually all of us who were involved in planning this visit were totally unprepared for the positive reception Avnery received from even fairly mainstream Jews. There seems to be the beginning of a sea-change in U.S. Jewish public opinion that doesn't show itself on a day-to-day basis but, at least in the Boston area, came out in relation to the four public events that we scheduled as a part of this tour where almost 1000 people heard Avnery in person over a three-day period.

The first clue I had that this visit was going to be different was in the number of telephone calls and e-mails I received in advance of the Avnerys' arrival from people wanting to hear Uri Avnery speak, interview him, meet with him or invite him to speak at their campuses and congregations both within the Greater Boston area and from all over New England. A surprising number of the communications were from Israeli Jews now living in this country.

Avnery spoke after Friday night services at a reform synagogue in a wealthy suburb where neither I nor other local Jewish peace activists had had any previous involvement that I know of. The rabbi had responded to a mailing sent out to synagogue contact lists by the local Jewish Community Relations Council, which co-sponsored the event. The room was full with perhaps 175 people, and the rabbi joked that only about ten people had attended services the previous week.

Perhaps because Avnery only had 20-30 minutes to speak he was more pointed and forceful than in some of his other talks and he came out particularly strongly in terms of what U.S. Jews should and should not do. His wife, Rachel, and I were sitting in the front at a bit of an angle, where we could see much of the crowd but found it hard to read the expressions on people's faces. We thus both almost fell off our chairs when, the moment Ury concluded, the crowd jumped to its feet and gave him a huge standing ovation. It was as if we were in attendance at some kind of amazing political opera! During the social hour after the services people continued an intense conversation with Avnery for a very long time.

The following night we had an event mainly organized and sponsored by Workmen's Circle, a progressive, secular Jewish organization, and co-sponsored by four area synagogues. Even though we had moved the event in the last week to a large hall in one of the co-sponsoring synagogues, we still had people standing, sitting on the floor, perched on the stage and crowded into doorways. We had an audience of perhaps 350-400 people and, once again, a tremendously enthusiastic response to Avnery. This time we had a very lengthy question and answer period from the floor. People have been telling me ever since this event that many of those who came had never been to such a program before, that their eyes were opened to things they had previously been unwilling to look at, and so forth.

On the first day of the Boston stop Avnery spoke at two universities. The first talk was at a seminar open to the public which was sponsored by the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies. I have been attending these seminars for a decade, and this is the first time that I saw staff, obviously concerned about violating fire laws, set up a microphone in the room where Avnery was speaking with speakers in an adjoining room.

Still, there were people sitting on windowsills and the floor, standing in doorways, etc.--a total of perhaps 150 people. One of the most striking things about this event was the extent to which some of those who routinely attend such seminars and ask long, hostile questions were far more succinct, polite and even deferential with Avnery. He obviously has the experience, credentials and manner to disarm even the fiercest critics.

The second university event was in a lecture hall at Brandeis University, with students attending from Tufts, Brown, Boston College and other universities as well as Brandeis. Once again there was an overflow crowd--of perhaps 225 to 275 people--with individuals sitting in the aisles and on the stairs, standing in the back of the room, etc. This event, also, included a very lengthy question and answer period.

All in all, the public programs for the Avnery Boston stop were a resounding success. In addition, while here Avnery had a productive meeting with activists, a meeting with editorial board members at the Boston Globe and a telephone interview with local public radio station.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews Against the Occupation - New York City

Statement at Capitol Press Conference
25 October 2001

Given by Heidi Altman

Good afternoon.

My name is Heidi Altman and I am an activist with Jews Against the Occupation New York City, otherwise referred to as JATO. I am honored to stand here with the esteemed and courageous representative from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney, other Members of Congress, and the internationally honored Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom at this historic press conference.

Jews Against the Occupation is an organization of progressive, secular, and religious Jews of all ages throughout the New York City area that is actively organizing and advocating around issues of peace and justice for Palestine and Israel. I stand here with representatives of other progressive Jewish organizations as proof that the Jewish community does not have one monolithic voice of unconditional support for the Israeli government. Rather, there is a growing national movement of American Jews who oppose the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and support the creation of a viable independent Palestinian state.

Dozens of Palestinians have been killed since last Thursday in the bloody Israeli reoccupation of six Palestinian West Bank towns. This comes after more than a year of Israel's use of excessive force in response to the 2nd Intifada. Since September 29, 2000 over 700 Palestinians and 175 Israelis have been left dead. Far too often those who died were victims of US made Apache attack helicopters and F16 fighter jets. Since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1976, Israeli forces have been responsible for egregious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law against Palestinian civilians.

President Bush recently indicated his support for an independent Palestinian state. While we applaud this brave pronouncement, realizing such a state requires a reevaluation of United States foreign policy and a balanced approach toward Israel and Palestine. Such an approach must include a suspension of US military aid in order to encourage a viable and just peace based upon the following tenets:

* a complete and immediate Israeli military withdrawal from occupied West Bank and Gaza
* dismantling of the Jewish settlements
* a recognition of the Palestinian right of return.

The only lasting peace is one based on justice.

Thank You.

I will be available for additional comments after the conclusion of this press conference.

Feel free to quote from this statement.

Contact Information for Jews Against the Occupation:

(917) 744-5101 (on site)
(212) 539-6683


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Conyers Statement

Mr. Avnery's visit to Washington DC is particularly timely considering the violence in Israel over the last few days. His visit today underscores the voice of those Israelis who support an immediate return to the peace process.

Uri Avnery has long been accustomed to controversy. For over 50 years he has called for the creation of a Palestinian state. His books have been both boycotted and enjoyed best seller status. His magazine Haolem Hazeh has left an indelible mark on Israeli journalism. He used Haolem Hazeh to fight for the separation of religion and state, the rights of the Arab minority, equality for Jews regardless of descent, women's rights, civil rights, and human rights.

In 1965, Mr. Avnery started a political party in the same name as his publication, Haolem Hazeh, and rocked the establishment by winning a seat in the Knesset. He used his position as a member of the Knesset to advocate for a peaceful existence with the Palestinians. And in 1974, he secretly met with senior PLO officials. These meetings culminated in his historic crossing of battle lines in Beirut in July 1982 to publicly meet with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Mr. Avnery's heroic efforts have been dedicated to a lasting peace for both Israel and Palestine. Returning to the Mitchell Peace Process is a commitment that both governments have stated they wish to undertake. The only way to establish that peace is by beginning immediately to implement the Mitchell Plan and returning to the peace table. Through his advocacy for the peace process, Mr. Avnery has set a strong example for Israelis, Palestinians, and American's to follow."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dingell Statement

Attached is a statement I made this morning on the House floor in support of a resolution I, along with 29 of my colleagues, introduced which expressed Congress's strong support for the Mitchell Committee Report. It is strongly supported by the Bush Administration. I need not expand beyond this statement.

As Mr. Avnery well knows, violence in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip only begets more violence, all of it senseless and counterproductive. Bloodshed does not serve the interests of the Palestinian Authority, Israel, or the United States. It must cease, and peace must prevail.

I do want to thank Uri Avnery for visiting us at this critical time. It is always good to see friends, and it is particularly appreciated now. Uri Avnery is carrying with him an important message: peace. It takes courage to carry this message , and I want to express my appreciation for these efforts.

I would also like to thank my colleague, Cynthia McKinney, for holding this event. Finally, I would like to thank Jews for Peace in Palestine for all the efforts they have made on behalf of peace.

I would note the Mitchell Committee Report Resolution that was introduced this morning is important. This resolution sends a clear message that U.S. leadership in the peace process is vital not only because it will end the suffering of innocent Israelis and Palestinians, but because it is in America's interest that a just and lasting peace that benefits Israelis and Palestinians alike prevail. I urge all my colleagues to support this balanced resolution and send a positive message from this body.

Over the past year Congressional message to the Middle East have been heavily biased. Congress has placed the blame for the current situation solely on the Palestinian Authority, and placed the onus for stopping the violence on the person of Yasser Arafat. There has also been a concerted effort to exacerbate the already tense situation in Lebanon. Perhaps most troubling is the ongoing effort to put a wedge in the U.S.-Egyptian relationship, which has been a cornerstone of U.S. peacemaking efforts in the Middle East since Camp David. Such efforts are dangerous and counterproductive. We also have learned that apathy and disengagement is not a viable option. Today, at this critical time, active and objective America involvement in the peace process is vital.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


"Endorse the Mitchell Committee Report Resolution: Support American Interests by Working Toward a Just, Lasting Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians."
October 25, 2001

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of myself and the 29 colleagues who have joined me as original cosponsors, I rise today to announce the introduction of an important concurrent resolution pertaining to the ongoing violence in Israel, West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. As we all know, this violence not only endangers Israelis, Palestinians, and their neighbors, but it threatens the interests of the United States at this most critical time.

In introducing this resolution - which is strongly supported by the Administration - my colleagues and I are sending a clear message that violence in this troubled region is unacceptable and serves no one's long-term interests.

It stresses that the Mitchell Committee Report offers the best road map toward ending the current cycle of violence and restarting the peace process in the Middle East. It notes that U.S. leadership is vitla to creating and implementing a just and lasting peace. Finally, it highlights the fact that peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is America's best interest now and in the future.

In the past week we have seen violence beget violence. Assassinations do not serve the interests of the Palestinians. Unjust, aggressive acts do not serve the interests of Israel. Most importantly these acts do not serve American interests, particularly at a time when we are engaged in war and the delicate diplomacy of coalition building. These acts harm our ability to effectively meet and beat the forces of evil that we are fighting in Afghanistan.

I would note that while neither party is beyond reproach, I am troubled by what is taking place in Bethlehem, Beit Rima, and elsewhere. I am deeply troubled that when we shared our concerns with the government of Israel and asked that they refrain from escalating violence by occupying additional Palestinian lands, they refused.

Mr. Speaker, as we wage war on terrorism, we must be careful to remember that while we have many allies, we must not allow any single country to use this conflict to justify any and all actions they take in their national interests.

American interests overlap with the interests of other countries on many points, but they are not identical. American interests must be our priority and must prevail.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict has left thousands dead since 1948, and hundreds dead in the last year. This conflict must be resolved. Both sides have suffered, are suffering, and will continue to suffer if nothing is done. It is in the interest of our nation to encourage these parties to halt the violence and make peace.

The Mitchell Committee was created by the mutual agreement of the United Sates, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan, the United Nations, and the European Union at the conclusion of the Sharm el-Sheik Middle East Peace Summit on October 17, 2000. The Mitchell Committee studied the ongoing violence over a period of months, and the report they submitted included objective findings and constructive recommendations as to how to end the violence and rebuild confidence that will enable the parties to return to the negotiating table.

The United States, the UN, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority endorsed the Mitchell Committee Report because it is the best blueprint as to how to get the peace process back on track. It was accepted because it is a fair and balanced report that highlights the fact that both parties are responsible for starting and perpetuating violence, and both parties are responsible for stopping it.

Mr. Speaker, the resolution I have introduced is balanced and fair, and merely expresses this body's support for the Mitchell Committee Report. Passing this resolution will send a message to both Israelis and Palestinians that the United States is a true partner for peace, and will work toward creating a just, lasting peace that will protect the interests of all parties.

This resolution enjoys the strong support of the Bush Administration, and I submit a copy of an October 5, 2001 letter of support from the State Department.

This letter notes the following:

"Passage of this resolution, without amendment, would make a positive and welcome contribution to the Administration's work with the parties to end the violence, implement the Mitchell Committee recommendations, and return to substantive negotiations."

Mr. Speaker, violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians only begets more violence. This needless bloodshed runs counter to the interests of all parties, including the United States. I urge my colleagues to support this resolution and demonstrate their support for peace and the Administration's efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinians conflict in a just, balanced manner.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Israeli Peace Activist Uri Avnery Denounces Heightening Violence between Israelis and Palestinians

Congressional Leaders and American Jewish Organizations Join in Support

Jewish Mobilization for a Just Peace (JMJP), a Philadelphia-based grassroots organization, supports the work of Israeli peace activist and former Knesset member Uri Avnery. Avnery, a prolific writer and courageous journalist, has been working for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians for over fifty years. He is a founding member of the Israeli peace organization Gush Shalom, and he is frequently on the front lines of demonstrations against Israeli policies. On December 7, Avnery, his wife Rachel, and Gush Shalom will receive the Right Livelihood Award ("Alternative Nobel Prize") in Sweden.

With last week's assassination of Minister of Tourism Rechavam Ze'evi, violence between Israelis and Palestinians has continued to escalate. JMJP deplores any type of armed action directed against civilians and urges both sides to return to negotiations. Ze'evi's death illustrates the bitter costs of Israel's pursuit of occupation and militarization. For Palestinians, this has created a major catastrophe of dispossession and oppression. For Jewish Israelis, it has created a life of permanent fear, permanent war, and permanent endangerment.

"There is no denying that both Palestinians and Israelis have suffered in the 34-year occupation," JMJP member Andrea Jacobs states. "But the choice to end the occupation lies exclusively with the Israeli government. It has chosen to continue the occupation, leading to an endless cycle of hatred, violence, and suffering."

JMJP holds that the only viable solution to ending the violence is to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.


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