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Bush Shows True Colors
"No Compensation to Black Americans for Slavery," says spokesman

August 1, 2001

(WASHINGTON, DC) Today, Congresswoman McKinney declared, "George W. Bush has shown his true colors. Now we know that they don't want to talk about slavery and reparations because they have already made up their minds. They just don't care about the issue."

McKinney was reacting to an AP report that Ari Fleisher, spokesman for the President, stated that Bush opposes paying compensation to black Americans for slavery.

"George W. Bush doesn't have room to dismiss black issues so cavalierly, McKinney stated. "After all, the world knows that he came to office as a result of a stolen election, a silent coup effected by nullifying black voters. Even he knows that Al Gore is the one who really should be saluted as the Commander in Chief. So obvious and transparent was the theft that the world's despots and autocrats offered to send election monitors to Florida. Former President Jimmy Carter noted that the US election was so flawed that the US wouldn't even qualify for Carter Center monitors," she continued. George Bush's ascent has come at the expense of the integrity of our democracy and our world standing.

"Let's not forget the ignoble way in which George W. Bush came to office: his campaign appealed to America's David Duke constituency, derided Senator McCain's family, and actively courted the Bob Jones University crowd; I'm not surprised that he's against paying compensation to black Americans for slavery. It fits," McKinney continued.

"George Bush has never before made his position on the issue of reparations so clear. We appreciate the clarity, but I reject the position," McKinney stated.

"Yesterday I asked the question if the Bush position toward the World Conference Against Racism was indicative of his indifference to racism. Today, I think I got my answer, McKinney concluded.

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