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President Bush Rejects Kyoto Protocol
"The White House is leading the charge to rollback environmental protection"


Washington DC - On March 28, 2001, the Bush Administration declared that it was abandoning its role as an environmental steward by announcing that it will not seek ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. The White House believes that the answer to our energy crisis lies in the loosening of environmental restrictions and the aggressive exploitation of non-renewable natural resources.

President Bush's rejection of the Kyoto Protocol is a clear indication of his administration's lack of commitment to environmental standards. While campaigning as a moderate, compassionate conservative, President Bush made promises to the American people about the environment. Now we have to wonder if he ever had any intentions of keeping them. Are we surprised? It has been no secret that Bush has aligned himself with industry and placed corporate profits above the interests of the people or the planet.

The 1997 adoption of the Kyoto Protocol became a paramount decision in international environmental policy-making. Legally quantified emissions reduction constitute a substantive step toward the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. More than 160 nations around the globe have made good faith negotiations supporting the adoption of the Protocol and realize that climate change, perhaps more than any other problem, demands international cooperation.

The United States is the number one polluter in the world, producing some 25% of the world's carbon emissions with only 4% of the population. It is obvious that the United States is at least partially responsible for the unprecedented release of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Rather than provide the leadership required to complete a historic agreement, President Bush pursues a policy of isolation and abandonment. Bush claims, "the idea of placing caps on carbon dioxide does not make economic sense for America." This shortsighted leadership is risky at best and could lead to the detriment of our natural environment.

It would appear that the Kyoto Protocol is the first casualty in the President's industry inspired war on the environment. Within 45 days, the White House has led the charge to rollback environmental protection allowing higher levels of arsenic in drinking water, reneged on his pledge to clean up dirty coal-fired power plants, moved to open some of our last remaining wilderness areas for drilling and forests to expanded logging.

President Bush makes no apologies for his aggravated assault upon the environment. For the first time in 8 years the big oil, gas and chemical companies have a friend in the White House allowing them free reign in their industrial practices. And why shouldn't they? After all, President Bush would still be watching baseball games in Texas were it not for the campaign donations of these large companies, bent on destroying what's left of our environment.

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