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Democracy Weeps as GW Bush Sworn In
Bush Dynasty Delivered "W", not the American People

January 20, 2001

Today, under a dreary and foggy sky, as one lone bird soared amid the clouds, G.W. Bush was sworn in as America's 43rd President. In the face of a deeply divided nation, G.W. Bush renounced partisanship and celebrated civility. However, the struggle for confirmation of his nominee for Attorney General, John Ashcroft, revealed the deep divisions that the Bush presidency will have to span.

One hundred thousand people protested while Bush was sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who once wrote that the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision was correct for America. The Rehnquist Court handed the Presidency to the Bush family and the Republican Party; now America faces an uncertain future with a President whose legitimacy is questioned.

The clarion call has gone out that the votes of all Americans count and must be counted. America's powerless and disenfranchised will never be the same, because they will not forget. And just as civil rights protesters two generations ago had the active support of huge segments of white America, today the boldfaced disfranchisement of minority voters has served as a call to conscience for white America to stand up for dignity, and justice, and the right to vote for all Americans.

George W. Bush now has an opportunity to legislate "compassionate conservatism." I hope that he moves to heal this great country and right the great wrong that has been revealed

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