Workshops Offered

Fundamentals Of Self-Acupressure

Course Description:
The class will introduce people to self healing techniques through the principles of Jin Shin Do Acupressure. In its basic form, Jin Shin Do acupressure uses the "Strange Flows" to effect general energy balancing, so that the beginner can have good results with out being concerned about the subtleties of meridian assessment so essential to professional practice. During the class students will learn the first 25 basic Jin Shin Do Acupressure points. These points are all located along the "Strange Flows". The students will be taught how to hold these points in combinations which make the release of muscular tension and armoring easier and more pleasurable, and which encourage the flow of energy through the Strange Flows, thus aiding general energetic balance. Simple combinations will be shown for chronic individual problems such as headaches, back ache and menstrual cramps.

Many of the annoying pains, nagging aches, and other maladies that plague us can be relieved or helped through self- acupressure. With regular self help acupressure students will have a first hand experience of what the Chinese term "glowing health". The objective of the class is to equip the students with enough knowledge and techniques to successfully effect their own overall sense of well being and energy level.

Written materials to be used:   "Fundamentals Of Self-Acupressure" Jin Shin Do by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, M.A.

Instructional Methods:
Basic principles will be shared in the form of a lecture. The location of the points and combinations will be taught through the use of a chart and also hands on experience. I will hold the points and show the angle it should be held at on each person. I will also use guided imagery as a tool for people to get in touch with the energy they are learning to work with.

Length of class:
A weekend consisting of two 5 hour days.

Fee: $200.00

Please contact me if you are interested in organizeing a workshop, or if you would like to know when the next work shop will be available in your area.

Intergrating Crystals and gem stones
into your personal healing practice.

This work shop is for people who are interested intergrating crystals and gemstones into their healing practice, for meditaion and self transformation. Please contact me if you are intersted in organizeing a workshop, or for future workshops in your area.

Brief Description of Art Form:
Crystals have been used in many cultures for centuries by tribal medicine healers and shamen. Crystals and gemstones are gifts from Mother Earth to aid us on our journey back to our true selves. As we move along our path we can include the vibrations and energies of crystals and gemstones as tools to help us move through and release layers of protection and old programing. They act as jumpercables by giving us the vibrational frequency/energy medicine we need at different times along our way. Crystals help us to focas, transform, center and ground.

Outline Of Class:
During the work shop, I will share some crystal layouts and energy balanceing techniques which are helpful to strengthen your energy field, release energy blocks and enhance your personal healing practice. The techniques I share deepen meditaion and help people to recharge, relax and also shield them selves from out side influences which may be draining. I will teach people how to do a crystal chakra balanceing. Each participient will learn how to balance their own chakra's with use of gemstones, breathing, meditation and chanting . People will be given their own crystal healing kit, containing a stone for each chakra. I will use my gong to enhance each persons journey during the workshop.

I have been practiceing the healing arts for 15 years. I have a body work practice in Palo Alto which combines, Eslan massage, Structural Intergration, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki and Laying on of Stones. I have used Crystals and Gemstones in my body work practice and my personal healing practice for 15 years. They are a deep resourse for my personal growth and developement. I have studied with various different healers and shamen over the years and learned different ways to use crystals to work with the energy body in order to help release blocked energy and bring about more balance in the persons bodymind.

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