Reiki Attunements

Reiki is an ancient healing art, combining Tibetan symbols and specific laying on of hands techniques. This ancient system balances, releases and transforms energy.

Reiki attunements enhance your ability to channel life force and is perfect if you are into personal transformation or involved in the healing arts, and have the desire to strengthen the energy transmission that takes place during your healing sessions.

Details about Reiki attunements:

Reiki's purpose is to give one direct contact by which to channel energy so as to balance and energize the subtle bodies, which are those components in the etheric and molecular structure which are purely vibrational. Reiki is also the ability to channel the universal life force rather than using your own energy. It is an ancient healing art, combining Tibetan symbols and specific laying on of hands techniques. These symbols are geometric energy formations, which have been used for centuries by Tibetan healers and shamans. The attunements strengthen and align your energy circuits, so that you are naturally able to channel more chi/prana/universal life force through your body and transmit it to others. It is a very simple and uninvasive form of healing.

I really recommend Reiki attunements for any one who is involved in personal transformation and the healing arts, who wants to strengthen the energy transmission that takes place in their lives or during their healing sessions.

The first degree of Reiki opens the persons energy circuits, so that they are able to receive and channel more universal energy. The experience differs from person to person. If you are some one who has been working with healing energy for some time you may be more aware of shift in your energy level capacity. You will especially notice the increased energy in your hands when you do your work. You are encouraged to bring any sacred objects, healing or meditation tools that have significant meaning to you.

While I do the attunements, if the client wishes, I use crystals, which I lay out in sacred geometric patterns, in order to maximise the energy that is available for the attunement.

During the first degree initiation you will learn different hand positions to balance and align your clients physical mental and emotional bodies. Reiki principles may be applied to any form of body work or healing. It helps to relieve stress, tension and gives one an overall sense of well being. Reiki can also be very affective in bringing down inflammation and swelling.

During the second degree initiation you will learn how to work with ancient Tibetan symbols and their meaning. You will also learn how to do absentee healings with the Reiki Technique.

During the third degree initiation you will receive a more in depth understanding of the symbols you have been working with and learn a new symbol and how to attune others. This is the Master Teacher level and upon completion of the requirements, you will be authorized to do attunements. During the attunement I also share special techniques that when done on a regular basis, enable you to work with more awareness of how to handle and maintain your own energies while you are working on other people.

Reiki 1     $150.00
Reiki 11   $150.00
Reiki 111 $200.00

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