Full Body Therapy

Therapeutic Body Work is becoming very desirable in our busy modern day lives. People are being drawn to ways in which they can reduce stress and tension and optimize their energy and sense of well being. Evenflow Body Therapy is a way to release stress and tension and learn more about where you hold your stress and how you create it. Evenflow Body Therapy is beneficial for the release of stress and tension that builds up in our daily lives and also for going deeper into the bodymind and addressing old holding patterns we feel victim to. When you release past stress and tension and come to a new level of relaxation you are better able to manage stress you encounter on a daily basis.

Over the years we build up stress and tension in our bodies. When we receive a physical trauma at a young age that is not corrected, facial adhesions are formed which can cause postural misalignment. Any misalignment uses energy which would otherwise be available for us to better realize our potential. There is usually an emotional counter part to a trauma, which gets locked in the tissues as cell memory.

Evenflow Body Therapy has evolved over twelve years of practicing Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Esalan Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki and Breathwork. I combine these techniques to create a gentle and penetrating approach to the body. The focus is on releasing tension and body armoring in the bodymind. I attune to the deep cranio sacral pulse in the body and massage along the muscles from their origin to insertion, holding acupressure points relative to releasing stress in the body, whether physical, mental or emotional. I also guide the person to connect with their breath and use body focusing techniques which allow people to let go of physical and emotional stress and tension deeply locked in the body. I endeavor to inspire an atmosphere of peacefulness and trust in which the client can relax, release and let go. The pressure I use is based on individual needs ranging from very firm pressure to a lighter touch for those who are more sensitive.

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