Description of Evenflow Body Therapy

We experience stress and tension in the form of muscular soreness and emotional exhaustion. Evenflow Meridian Massage helps you to release stress that may be due to current circumstances or have built up over years. While attuning to the craniosacral pulse and combining acupressure points with long deep massage strokes I invite the bodymind to relax, open and let go. I also include breathing and body focusing techniques when it feels appropriate.

My touch depends on individual needs ranging from very firm to light for those who are more sensitive. I feel it is important for the client to feel centered, grounded and complete with the experience, before they leave. This gentle and profound approach to the bodymind allows the clients energy to flow smoothly again giving them a deep sense of well being. The body therapy techniques used is Evenflow Meridian Massage, are a combination of Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Esalan Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Body Reading and Reiki.

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