Second Law
by Elizabeth Willis
64 pages ISBN 0-939691-08-6 $8.95

Second Law

"One may follow the progress of these poems as an allegory of the spirit constrained by that mysterious resistance to order described by the second law of thermodynamics. But that's just one reading. Elizabeth Willis's work is a wonder: an open tangle of thought, a mark in the darkness, a sudden projection: `striving between light/ and the force of a body/ that is light.' These poems draw amazingly delicate boundaries among the soul's constellations of ambiguities."         -- Beverly Dahlen

"The poems in Second Law are terse, precise, ecstatic and luminous. White letters serve as lures and traces through gaps of ordered scientific discourse the rapture of the poet's will remains captive and rejoicing. In these linked fragmentary linguistic structures Elizabeth Willis enters Bunyan's emblematic river another time; singing."         -- Susan Howe

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