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Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 13:53:16 -0600
From: (Antonio Sarmiento)

Please kindly help us to circulate the following letter.
          Sincerely,     Antonio Sarmiento Galan.

The Mexican Scientific Community, alarmed by the recent violence in the state of Chiapas, and in an effort to help to improve the situation there, asks for your support by signing the following letter, addressed to the President of Mexico. We realize that this is probably not the most appropriate way to send you our request but the situation demands that we use every possible option to obtain wide support from the international community in seeking a peaceful solution to the conflict. If you are prepared to support our effort, please send a message by e-mail to: . We would also appreciate your help by forwarding this request to your colleagues.

Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon:

The under-signed, who are all members of the international scientific community, and who are deeply shocked and worried about the regrettable events that recently occurred in the state of Chiapas, consider that in order to obtain a peaceful solution, it is necessary to take the following immediate measures: