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The following is a reproduction of the 1985 edition of the book. Reprinted here with permission of the author. Permission to distribute this book is freely given so long as no modification of the text is made.


by Richard E. Sprague

Richard E. Sprague 1976
Limited First Edition 1976
Revised Second Edition 1979
Updated Third Edition 1985

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  1. The Overview and the 1976 Election

  2. The Power Control Group

  3. You Can Fool the People

  4. How It All Began -- The U-2 and the Bay of Pigs

  5. The Assassination of John Kennedy

  6. The Assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King
    and Lyndon B. Johnson's Withdrawal in 1968

  7. The Control of the Kennedys -- Threats & Chappaquiddick

  8. 1972 -- Muskie, Wallace and McGovern

  9. Control of the Media -- 1967 to 1976

  10. Techniques and Weapons and 100 Dead Conspirators and Witnesses

  11. The Pardon and the Tapes

  12. The Second Line of Defense and Cover-Ups in 1975-1976

  13. The 1976 Election and Conspiracy Fever

  14. Congress and the People

  15. The Select Committee on Assassinations,
    The Intelligence Community and The News Media

  16. 1984 Here We Come --

  17. The Final Cover-Up:
    How The CIA Controlled The House Select Committee on Assassinations


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