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Appendix C

Memorandum to J. Lee Rankin
from Norman Redlich

Author's note: This is one of many similar outlines of the Warren Report, drafted long before the Commission's "investigation" ended, and before virtually all of the relevant testimony was taken. It proves that the Commission worked to substantiate a preconceived conclusion naming Oswald as the sole assassin.

MEMORANDUM	                       March 26, 1964
TO:       J. Lee Rankin
FROM:     Norman Redlich
SUBJECT:  Proposed Outline of Report

      I attach a proposed outline of our final report. This plan envisages a main report and supplementary materials to be published as one volume. This will be followed by appendixes to be published when prepared. These appendixes will contain the supporting material for the report such as the transcript of testimony, important underlying investigatory material, and photos of important exhibits not published with the original report.
      I have listed the staff members who I feel should have responsibility for the particular sections of the report. Although I have assigned small sections of the report to Mr. Williams, Mr. Eisenberg, and myself, the major responsibility lies with other members of the staff. I am assuming that Mr. Williams as your Administrative Assistant, and I as your Special Assistant, together with Mr. Eisenberg, will have responsibility for review, editing, avoidance of duplication, and other technical details of putting a report into publishable condition.
      With your permission, I would like to distribute this outline to the staff.

(Submitted by Mr. Redlich)

I.  Statement of Objectives and Standards (Mr. Rankin) 
    (The Report should start with a brief statement setting 
    forth the Commission's view of its objectives and 
    standards used to achieve them.  It is important to 
    clarify the Commission's position as a fact-finding 
    body and to indicate wherein our findings differ from a
    judicial determination of criminal guilt.)

II. Brief Summary of Major Conclusions (Redlich and Willens)
    (The purpose of this section is to provide the reader 
    with a short statement of our major conclusions without 
    having to read through the entire document.)
    A.  Basic Facts Concerning Assassination of President 
	Kennedy and Shooting of Governor Connally
    B.  Identity of the Assassin
    C.  Conclusions Concerning Accomplices
    D.  Conclusions Concerning Motive
    E.  Ruby's Killing of Oswald and Conclusion as to 
	Possible Link to Assassination

III. The Assassination -- Basic Facts (Adams and Specter)
    A.  Physical Setting
        1. Description of Motorcade
        2. Description of Area where Shooting Occurred
    B.  Shooting
        1. Number of Shots
        2. Medical Effect of Each Shot
        3. Point from which Shots Fired
        4. Statistical Data
           a. Elapsed time of shooting
           b. Distance travelled by Presidential car
           c. Speed of car
           d. Distance travelled by each bullet
        5. Events Immediately following Shooting
           a. Reaction of Secret Service
           b. Trip to Parkland
           c. Events in Parkland
           d. Trip to Love Field
           e. Return to Washington

IV. Lee H. Oswald as the Assassin (Ball and Belin)
    (This section should state the facts which lead to 
    the conclusion that Oswald pulled the trigger and 
    should also indicate the elements in the case which 
    have either not been proven or are based on doubtful 
    testimony.  Each of the factors listed below should 
    be reviewed in that light.)
    A.  Identification of Rifle as Murder Weapon
    B.  Oswald's Ownership of Weapon
    C.  Evidence of Oswald Carrying Weapon to Building
        1. Fake Curtain Rod Stroy [sic]
        2. Buell Frazier's Story
        3. Possible Presence in Paine's Garage on 
	   Evening of November 21, 1963
    D.  Evidence of Oswald on Sixth Floor
        1. Palm Prints on Carton
        2. Paper Bag with Oswald Print
    E.  Eyewitness Testimony
    F.  Oswald After Assassination -- Actions in 
    G.  Oswald After Assassination -- Actions up to 
	Tippit Shooting
    H.  Shooting of Tippit and Arrest in Theatre
        1. Eyewitnesses
        2. Gun as Murder Weapon
        3. Oswald's Ownership of Gun
    I.  Statements After Arrest
    J.  Prior Actions
        1. Walker Shooting
        2. Possible Nixon Attempt
        3. Practice with Rifle
    K.  Evidence of any Accomplices in Assassination
    L.  Appraisal of Oswald's Actions on November 21 
	and 22 in Light of Assassination
        (This will be a difficult section, but I feel we 
	must face up to the various paradoxical aspects of 
        Oswald's behavior in light of his being the 
	assassin.  I suggest the following items for 
        1. Did He Have a Planned Escape?
        2. Why did he pass up the Opportunity to get money 
	   on November 21 when he returned to Irving?
        3. Discussion with Marina about getting apartment 
	   in Dallas
        4. Asking fellow employee, on morning of November 
	   22, which way the President was coming.

V. Possible Motive (Jenner, Liebeler, Coleman, Slawson)
   A.  Brief Biographical Sketch of Oswald (Fuller 
       Biography in Supplement)
   B.  Any Personal Animosity Toward Kennedy or Connally
   C.  Do his Political Beliefs Furnish Motive 
   D.  Link to Domestic Left-Wing Groups
       1. Fair Play for Cuba
       2. Communist Party
       3. Conclusions to be Drawn from such Links 
   E.  Link to Right-Wing Groups
   F.  Possible Agent of Foreign Power 
   G.  Possible Link to Underworld

VI. Killing of Oswald by Ruby (Hubert and Griffin)
    A.  Facts of the Killing
        1. Actions of Ruby starting with November 22
        2. Description of Events on November 24
    B.  Discussion of Possible Link with Assassination 
	of President Kennedy
    C.  Other Possible Motives
        1. Brief Biographical Sketch (Fuller Sketch in 
        2. Ruby as Self-styled Patriot, Hero, 
	   Important Man
        3. Possibility of Ruby being Mentally Ill

    A.  Visual Aids To Help Explain Main Body of Report 
	(All Staff Members Concerned)
    B.  Organization and Methods of Commission (Willens)
    C.  Security Precautions to Protect Life of 
	President (Stern)
        1. What Was Done on This Trip
        2. Broader Recommendations in This Area
           (I recognize that this area has been the 
	   subject of extended discussion and it might 
	   be desirable to move this section to the 
	   main body of the Report) 
    D.  Detailed Facts About President's Trip up to 
	Assassination (Adams, Specter, Stern)
    E.  Biography of Oswald (Jenner, Liebeler, Coleman, 
    F.  Biography of Ruby (Hubert and Griffin)
    G.  Oswald Relationship with U.S. Government 
	Agencies (Redlich, Stern, Coleman, Slawson)
    H.  Discussion of Widely Circulated Theories 
	(Redlich and Eisenberg)
    I.  Other Important Documents We May Wish to Publish 
	as Part of Supplement, I suggest the following:
        1. Autopsy Reports
        2. Summary of Testimony of Experts on Physical 
	   Evidence (Eisenberg)
        3. Charts and Other Data Presented by Experts 
        4. Reports of Medical Examination on Governor 
        5. Report of FBI and Secret Service on Location 
	   of President's car at Time of Shots (Redlich 
	   and Eisenberg)

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