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Appendix A

Tentative Outline of the Work of the
President's Commission

Author's note: This "Tentative Outline" was attached to a "Progress Report" dated January 11, 1964, from Commission Chairman Earl Warren to the other Commission members, and reveals the extent to which the Commission's conclusions were formulated prior to its investigation.

I. Assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas

      A. Trip to Texas -- Prior to Assassination
         1. Initial plans for trip
            a. relevent dates [sic]
            b. itinerary
            c. companions
            d. motorcade to luncheon
            e. other
         2. Events of morning of November 22
            a. arrival at airport -- time, etc.
            b. motorcade -- crowds, time, etc.

      B. Assassination (based on all available statements 
	 of witnesses, films, photographs, etc.)
         1. Shots
            a. number of shots fired
            b. time elapsed during shots
            c. direction of shots
            d. location of car at time
         2. Postures and apparent injuries to President 
	    Kennedy and Governor Connally
            a. President Kennedy
            b. Governor Connally

      C. Events Immediately Following the Shooting
         1. Treatment at hospital
         2. Activities of Dallas law enforcement
         3. Return of entourage to Washington
            a. President Johnson's trip to airport
            b. trip of Mrs. Kennedy with body of late 
	       President to airport
            c. swearing-in
         4. Removal of President Kennedy's body to
            Bethesda Naval Hospital
         5. Removal of car to Washington -- condition 
	    and repairs

      D. Nature and Extent of Wounds Received by President 
	 Kennedy (based on examinations in Dallas and 
         1. Number of individual wounds received by 
	    President Kennedy
         2. Cause of death
         3. Time of death
         4. Evaluation of medical treatment received in 
II. Lee Harvey Oswald as the Assassin of President Kennedy
      A. Brief Identification of Oswald (Dallas resident, 
	 employee of Texas School Book Depository, etc.)

      B. Movements on November 22, 1963 Prior to 
         1. Trip to work
            a. time
            b. package
            c. other significant facts, e.g. any 
	       conversations, etc.
         2. Entry into Depository
            a. time
            b. package
            c. other significant facts
         3. Activities during morning
            a. nature of his work
            b. location of his work
            c. other significant facts, e.g. any 
	       conversations, etc.
         4. Movements immediately prior to 12:29 P.M.

      C. Movements after Assassination until Murder of 
         1. Presence within building
            a. location
            b. time
            c. encounter with police
            d. other relevant facts
         2. Departure from building
            a. time
            b. direction of movement
            c. other relevant facts, e.g. crossing police 
	       line, etc.
         3. Boarding of bus
            a. time and place of boarding
            b. duration of ride
            c. other relevant facts, e.g. dress, 
	       appearance, conversations, etc.
         4. From bus to taxi
            a. time and place
            b. distance and route of cab
            c. time to destination
            d. other relevant facts obtained from cab 
	       driver or other witnesses or sources
         5. Arrival at rooming house
            a. time
            b. actions within rooming house
            c. departure and direction
         6. Route until encounter with Tippit
            a. time
            b. distance

      D. Murder of Tippit
         1. Encounter of Oswald and Tippit
            a. time
            b. location
         2. Evidence demonstrating Oswald's guilt
            a. eyewitness reports
            b. murder weapon
            c. autopsy and ballistics reports
            d. paraffin tests
            e. other, e.g. statements (if any)

      E. Flight and Apprehension in Texas Theater
         1. Movement until entry into theater
            a. time
            b. actions, e.g. reloading weapon
            c. other relevant facts, e.g. recovery of 
         2. Apprehension in theater
            a. movements of Oswald in theater
            b. notification and arrival of police
            c. arrest of Oswald
            d. removal to station

      F. Oswald at Dallas Police Station
         1. Interrogation
            a. time, manner and number of interrogation 
            b. persons present
            c. persons responsible
            d. results
         2. Other investigation by Dallas police
            a. line-ups and eyewitness identification
            b. seizure of Oswald's papers
            c. other
         3. Denials and other statements by Oswald
         4. Removal to County Jail on November 24, 1963
         5. Killing of Oswald by Ruby

      G. Evidence Identifying Oswald as the Assassin of 
	 President Kennedy
         1. Room of Texas School Book Depository 
	    identified as source of shots
            a. eyewitness reports
            b. trajectory of shots
            c. evidence on scene after assassination
            d. other
         2. Oswald placed in Depository (and specific 
            a. eyewitness reports
            b. fingerprints on objects in room
            c. facts reviewed above
         3. Assassination weapon identified as Oswald's
            a. discovery of rifle and shells
            b. obtaining and possession of gun by Oswald
            c. whereabouts of gun on November 21 and 
	       November 22
            d. prints on rifle
            e. photographs of Oswald and rifle
            f. General Walker ballistic report.
         4. Other physical evidence
            a. clothing tests
            b. paraffin tests
         5. Prior similar acts
            a. General Walker attack
            b. General Eisenhower threat
         6. Permissible inferences from Oswald's:
            a. flight from Depository
            b. statements on bus
            c. murder of Tippit

      H. Evidence Implicating Others in Assassination or 
	 Suggesting Accomplices
         1. Evidence of shots other than from Depository?
         2. Feasibility of shots within time span and with 
	    use of telescope
         3. Evidence re other persons involved in actual 
	    shooting from Depository
         4. Analysis of all movements of Oswald after 
	    assassination for attempt to meet associates
         5. Refutation of allegations
III. Lee Harvey Oswald: Background and Possible Motive
      A. Birth and Pre-school Days
         1. Family structure (death of father; statements 
	    of persons who knew family;  interviews of 
	    mother, brother, and members of family)
         2. Where family lived (statements as to childhood 
	    character of Oswald from neighbors who recall 
	    family and child)
         3. Standard of living of family (document factors 
	    which would have bearing upon development)
      B. Education
         1. Schools (reports from each school attended 
	    regarding demeanor, grades, development, 
	    attitude to fellow students, activities, 
	    problems, possible aptitude for languages, 
	    sex life, etc.)
         2. Reports of fellow students, associates, 
	    friends, enemies at each school attended
         3. Reports from various neighbors where Oswald 
	    lived while attending various schools
         4. Special report from juvenile authorities in 
	    New York City concerning Oswald.
            a. report of case worker on Oswald and family
            b. psychiatrist who examined him, treatment 
	       and results, opinion as to future 
      C. Military Service
         1. Facts regarding entry into service, 
	    assignments, stations, etc. until discharge
         2. Reports of personnel from each station 
	    regarding demeanor, character, competence, 
	    activities, sex life, financial status, 
	    attitude, etc.
         3. Report on all activities while in Japan
         4. Report and document study of Russian language 
            a. where and when
            b. books used
            c. instruction or self-taught
            d. any indication of degree of accomplishment

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