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Mae Brussell Library And Research Center

This is a proposal to continue the work of World Watchers International, begun by Mae Brussell, the foremost researcher into political assassinations, covert operations, and international fascism in the United States. Central to this proposal is the maintenance of the existing library of books, notes, tapes, transcripts, and files in a central location to facilitate further research, dissemination, collection, and, distribution of information.


  1. Organize and maintain existing library of materials in a central location to facilitate further research, collection, dissemination, access, and distribution.
  2. Continue to expand existing files, adding current clippings, subscriptions, books, films, tapes, and video tapes.
  3. Actively seek out and incorporate other collections of real researchers and writers (e.g. George Seldes, Stuart Christie, Sherman Skolnick, Penn Jones, Charles Spears, Kevin Coogan, Tom Davis, John Judge, etc.).
  4. Serve as a central point for correspondence and depositing of existing materials from around the country, and as a single center for anti-fascist research.
  5. Transcribe and index into a computer system all of Mae Brussell's taped broadcasts and written materials. Create a computerized research index and source list.
  6. Organize a network of real researchers, journalists, and scientists to allow immediate analysis, assessment, and response to breaking developments.
  7. Hold regular conferences and seminars with real researchers, current authors, and independent investigators on critical topic areas.
  8. Develop a regular news letter and/or other publications that allow updating and condensing of materials, and that encourage primary research by journalists, serving as an alternative media outlet for primary source work.
  9. Build in 50 major cities both a clipping and news collection service, and a phone tree instant response network of people who get the materials, understand the overview, and can contact the local media with breaking news and historical connections.
  10. Outreach and education using new technology (cable TV, video tape, computer networks), appropriate media, and organizing methods used by more traditional public issue groups.


  1. Duplication and reprint services, including topic searches.
  2. Media contact point, referral to real researchers and speakers.
  3. Preservation and dissemination of Mae Brussell's work.
  4. Information and access for investigators and journalists, committed students of hidden history and fascism.
  5. Ongoing data-base of connections.
  6. Clipping services on special topic areas.
  7. Lending library and resource for serious researchers.
  8. Ongoing regular newsletter for supporters and the public.
  9. Speakers bureau and public conferences and seminars.


  1. Supporters and subscribers over the years can be approached for contributions and major donations by way of taped message, letter and phone bank.
  2. Selected foundations could be approached for start-up fees and special research grants. This might require establishing some function(s) of the library as a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-deductible.
  3. Materials and files can generate articles, books, videotapes, and documentaries for publication, production and purchase.
  4. Regular newsletter to condense materials, update investigative leads, advertise services and items for sale, review books and films.
  5. Annual membership fee for researchers, journalists, other supporters to include newsletter subscription, access to materials, and other services.
  6. Print and publish collected works of Mae Brussell, including indexes to tapes, transcripts, articles. Indexes could assist in publishing books on key topic areas as well as using files and the library for additional source documentation.
  7. Clippings could be joined into topic books for sale, including key articles and source lists for books, films, etc. Subscription service for researchers on clipping areas, putting out regular packets.
  8. Book and tape distribution service, incorporating Tom Davis' work and distributing Mae's tapes. Production of videotapes for sale.
  9. Database fees for computer networks and transfers by modem.
  10. Conferences, seminars, and college level classes for fees.
  11. Speaker's bureau for real researchers, public speaking engagement fees.


  1. Follow filing structure and categories set up in Mae Brussell's work, expanding on those areas.
  2. Central location, house or building, including storage hardware, furniture, living and working areas, security, and moving arrangements.
  3. Duplication equipment for paper, books, tapes, newsletters. Computers for layout, databases, transmitting data by modem, networking, access to existing file databases.
  4. Audio-visual projection and recording equipment for tape, video, and film for use at library, in conferences and seminars, public events, and monitoring media.
  5. Advisory board, possibly board for function of non-profit entity, to include real researchers, friends, supporters, family, and interested parties.
  6. Similar libraries on other topic areas exist and are self-supporting (e.g. Data Center in Oakland, Resource Center in Albuquerque, Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment in Newport News, and the Highlander Center in Tennessee.).
  7. Staff and volunteers. Initial set-up and ongoing work would require at least two full-time staffers and several volunteers. John Judge is willing to be full-time staff at this point. Tom Davis willing to volunteer.

Proposed by John Judge
September 3, 1988

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