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Blase Bonpaine on Iraq
Any incompetent can start a war

Pacifica Commentary For July 29, 2002


Hello. This is Blase Bonpane with a comment.

Any incompetent can start a war. It requires humanity and genius to avoid one. Washington's social psychosis is more and more obvious to the world's intellectual Community. On the centennial of the Nobel Prize, over 100 Nobel Laureates, primarily from the hard sciences called for the "replacement of war by law" and an end to "the unilateral search for security." The laureates called the performance of the corporate media, "a madman rhetoric." And referred to the situation of the world's poor as "desperate and manifestly unjust."

Just think about the level of cult mind control that has been accomplished by the media/government nexus. We have been psychically dulled to the point of calmly yielding as our President and our congress are planning the cold-blooded murder of countless civilians in Iraq. This is to be done with knowledge and aforethought.

And what is the motive for this planned massacre? The motive is to cover up their criminal performance at home and to silence the people of the United States with new and unacceptable limits on civil liberties and social justice. Quite simply, they are afraid of the people of the United States who are sick and tired of the government's inability to deliver such essentials as health care, education and a civil society. Oh, yes, there is a question of oil. But oil is only a symptom of deeper problems.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is under the control of Democratic Senator Joseph Biden. Biden is bringing people to speak to the Senate who are experts in nothing but war mongering, people like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. These are simply drum beaters for the upcoming massacre.

Authentic experts are being excluded from Biden's hearings. People like like Scott Ritter, a chief UN weapons inspector in Iraq who says that Senator Joe Biden is running a sham hearing with a pre-ordained conclusion in order to provide a political cover for a massive military attack on Iraq.

Also excluded are:

Any incompetent can start a war. It takes humanity and genius to avoid one.

This is is Blase Bonpane.

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