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Anne Waldman Statement & Petition

To: realpo <>
Subject: Anne Waldman's response
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 14:50:22 -0700

STATEMENT & PETITION -- please circulate

May the dark ignorance of sentient beings be dispelled
May all beings enjoy profound, brilliant glory

(Buddhist aspiration)


As a member of USA societal covenants, as Buddhist, as witness and writer I would humbly urge the following to all governments and people in the world. To all those in power who have a "say" in ther matter & also to all the "little people". May all voices be heard in the aspiration and deep hope for peace. And may others articulate their hopes, fears, insights and demand a sane response to recent events in our world.

  • Pray for and keep in mind those innocent US citizens recently killed as a result of terrorist attacks, but also those innocents who have died in Israel/Palestine and in other parts of the world in unwarranted wars/attacks of all kinds, caused by US "interests" as well. Consider the suffering that others outside the USA have experienced for centuries.

  • Be grateful for all the brave and generous boddhisattvic activity on the part of New Yorkers, and residents of Washington, DC -- those who died serving others. And by extension, all others that serve others in times of crisis.

  • Avoid any action that creates further suffering which would include the White House & Pentagon's "systematic war on terrorism" which is already in motion as we breathe. Avoid WAR at all costs.

  • Find the perpetrators of the recent crimes against the USA and bring them to an International Tribunal. Urge "discriminating awareness wisdom".

  • Work toward mediation, reconciliation, understanding the "clash of civilizations"

  • Analyze the issues -- the history, the karma (cause & effect) -- that has lead to such resentment and hatred of the USA (its power, hegemony, cultural imperialism, exploitation of other peoples & resources, environmental degradation etc). See the webs of suffering that cause such catastrophic events.

  • Consider who will gain most from a War. Think of the agenda of the current USA political administration and how a War promotes this agenda. Consider that the USA already spends more on military arms & other forms of "national security" than the rest of the world combined (although, as we see, this security is not infallible or ironclad). We have over half a million troops world wide in several hundred countries, scores of military bases & installations . . . A fleet larger in tonnage & firepower than all the navies of the world combined -- missile cruisers, nuclear submarines, nuclear aircraft carriers, destroyers, spy ships that sail every ocean. US bomber squadrons & long range missiles that can reach any target . . . heat-seeking missiles with million dollar computers, "monster bombs", armour-piercing antitank projectiles made from radioactive nuclear waste (thousands were used in the Gulf War which contaminated ground water & soil in Iraq & Kuwait with uranium depletion that caused cancer in civilians) . . . We can wreak terrible destruction if our military power is unleashed.

  • Consider how a War will bolster the Missile Shield-Star Wars mentality, weapons in space etc. Uncompassionate globalization, & ongoing environmental neglect will have the upper hand . . .

  • Check out USA's complicated history in Afghanistan, backing reactionary tribal chieftains & opium traffickers during the war with the Soviet Union. Understand the horrific suffering -- poverty, disease, famine of the Afghani people.

  • Resist jingoism & bellicose rhetoric and knee-jerk flag waving. Counter it in any way you can -- in workplace, schools, churches, temples, gatherings of all kinds . . .

  • Watch the rhetoric from the Christian right that demonizes gays, lesbians, trans-gendered people, feminists, progressive folk of all stripes. Watch the rhetoric that demonizes people of a different view than the one most supportive of revenge & war.

  • Fight racism in all its forms, wherever you are. Avoid stereotypical racial profiling of Muslims, Arabs -- people American & other -- of Middle Eastern descent & origin.

  • Appreciate the enlightened qualities & the particulars of the Islamic tradition and realize there are separate & differing sects & ideologies --- Appreciate music, culture, art, philosophy, poetry.

  • Speak with friends, communities, children. Circulate information and "strategies" for peace. Stay in touch internationally. Stay informed. Be vigilant. Artists should be most vocal at this time and show that there are alternative ways to pursue a saner, wiser world.

Sarva mangalam

Thank you for your attention.

Anne Waldman
Civitella Ranieri Center
Umbertide, Italia
Sept 18 2001

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