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The 2004 U.S. Election Was Stolen
We Won't Get Another Chance in 2006 Unless We Get Rid of Computer Voting NOW
November 2004
A vote cast but not counted is meaningless. The only way to know that your vote is properly counted is to watch the entire counting process, which is why election law requires an open, public vote count, and makes secret ballot counting illegal. However, most voters have eagerly abdicated the responsibility of overseeing their vote count to a handful of extremely dubious "experts" and "officials." . . . Recent history has shown that the most avid political junkies -- even candidates themselves -- have demonstrated a profound disinterest in how the gears and levers work behind the scene on election night, or who is controlling them.
          It should not surprise us that vote fraud has flourished in this vacuum of electoral vigilance. Criminals of every stripe have slithered through the unwatched gates and into positions of power in America. It has not taken them long to corrupt the entire electoral process itself, securing for themselves the gates of power. As I write this article, America is on the verge of losing the last shreds of its democracy, with the rise of ballot-less computerized voting machines.
--Victoria Collier, "A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud in America, Truthout, 10/25/03

This is how it appears: Bush got more votes as a real number and as a percentage of the entire vote than did Clinton. Bush got more votes than any presidential candidate in U.S. history. The new majority in the Senate is not Republican, it's theocratic [a]nd there are [practically] no checks and balances left. The United States Senate [now has] 55 Republicans. When they hit 60, which is what will happen [in the 2006] mid-term elections -- trust me -- Please don't sit there tonight listening to this program saying to yourself, `No, We'll turn it around in 2006.' NO WE WON'T. Unless there are paper ballots, they're verifiable, and anybody can take a look at them. That's the only way. If we use the voting machines -- and by 2006 tens of millions of people will be using the touch-screen voting machine -- it's over then. There are no checks and balances except [that] the U.S. Senate is still 55-45. Once the Senate becomes 60-40 that's it. Because with 60 senators you can vote for cloture and shut off filibuster. That means that no matter what Bush and the crime family wants to do, they can do it.

--Mike Malloy, quoted in "Electronic Voting - The stolen election of 2004:
welcome back to hell
, by Larry Chin, Online Journal, 11/5/04

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The bottom line is that a computerized vote count is a secret vote count -- and that's illegal. Technology cannot supercede the constitutional and mandatory provisions of election law, which require open and verifiable elections. There is no way to do a public vote count with computers.
          Listen, here's my idea. After the public Touch-Screen bonfire (we really need more community minded events, don't you think?), we should march to our Secretary of State's office and demand the restoration of a hand-counted paper ballot system.
          Picture it. Millions of citizens marching on the gates of power, demanding their keys back. It would be a quick, effective, non-violent, American Revolution. And I think it's long overdue.
          The fact is, with a well-designed ballot and see-through boxes (to prevent stuffing) the paper system can be simple, user-friendly, and fosters community-based democratic participation. High school kids, even children, used to count the ballots in America. We must have a strong, diverse presence of citizen watchdog groups to oversee the count, along with poll workers. The only election officials who are truly independent, who represent the interests of all parties in an election, are the poll watchers. The count must be done by hand, in public, video-taped, aired live on television, and the results posted on the precinct wall -- just like they used to be. Ballots should be counted on the same day as the voting takes place, making it much more difficult to alter ballots.

--Victoria Collier, "A Brief History of Computerized
Election Fraud in America
, Truthout, 10/25/03

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