News For Rats

This publication followed on the heels of The Sportin' Rats, building on the characters established therein, and enhancing their super-feats of daring-do with qualified news stories. Minus the "downward turn" in Rocketin' Rats Funny, the reporter's task in all these stories was to sing the praises of all rats everywhere and show the world just how extraordinarily cool these critters are.

News For Rats, page 1
Practical considerations and constraints be damned!
Nothing deters rats from doing anything any human cood dream of.

News For Rats, page 2
Not more than 10 years old, the author already shows a clear understanding of page layout,
composition, and continuity, as practiced by the entertainment consortium we call the "news media."

News For Rats, page 3
While Polevaultin' Rat's Funny goes in for TALL Tales, Boatin' Rat prefers
the sardonic, throwaway punchline (too bad you can't really see his smile).

News For Rats, page 4
Inspiration for the above tank was my fascination with sticking staples into one side of a pink eraser to act as sled runners and shooting same across the slick tiled floor in the classroom at school. Captions are essential so no one is confused about what it is they're seeing. The "You rang?" rejoinder is evidence of Addams Family TV show exposure. (Another unfortunate water damage casualty).

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