reprinted with permission from
Poison Fire, Sacred Earth,


pages 232-233


Hanne Danielson

Hanne Danielson, Denmark. Co-founder of the Thule Association.

Good afternoon! My name is Hanne Danielson and I come from Denmark. My husband was at Thule Air Base in Greenland, 1968, where a B52 loaded with four H-bombs crashed on the sea ice. He was working at Thule Air Base from 1964 until 1969. He left Thule Air Base 14 months after the accident. Already in 1972, he got his first symptoms. It was some changes of his leg. His left leg looked like a thickness of the skin. It looked like a thick skinned, purple-coloured birthmark from his knee to his feet. In 1975, it started with impairment of memory and also with reduced power of concentration and continued until his death. There were also some changes in his natural behaviour. In April 1987, it started with a pain in his back, and on the 19th of April he went to a hospital and he died of cancer the 30th of April, and in those eleven days he lost 30 kilos. Years back when we talked about Thule, my husband got very aggressive. I think it was caused by his fear. Later, in 1987, I joined the Thule Committee and in 1992, we founded the Thule Association.

           Thank you for listening.

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