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First and foremost we would like to thank Chris Kuppig and Gary Luke of Dell Publishing, without whose extraordinary efforts this book could not have been brought to completion. We would also like to acknowledge the Environmental Policy Center for its role in establishing the scientific veracity of this book, and in providing resources for its production. Ron Bernstein, Sr., Rosalie Bertell, Jay and Laura Kramer, Mary Brophy, Priscilla Laws, Ada Sanchez, Samuel H. Day, Jr., Monte Bright, Tony Hodges, and Karen Wilson also provided us with important resources.

There are far too many doctors, scientists, farmers, and other concerned citizens on whom we have relied for aid and information to list here. Most appear in the text or footnotes that follow. It should be clear that this book is very much a product of the willingness of private citizens to inquire independently into their own health and that of the community. Therein, almost certainly, lies the hope of the future health of the planet.

For personal love and support in a demanding venture, we would like to thank the Walters, Alvarez, Solomon, and Wasserman families; as well as Kitty Tucker, Shawn Tucker, Amber Alvarez, Ada Sanchez, Anne Betzel, Joiwind and Journey Williams, Carolyn Stuart, George and Ken Gloss, Amy Wainer, Alex Coote, John and Nancy Ramsay B. Lynn; the Chilewich, Shapiro, Stellman, Simon, and Styron families; and the Montague and Allen farmers.

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