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A New, Low-Cost Way to Shake a Mistaken Mindset
April 2, 2000

        o  The position of governmental health agencies, for a half-century, is that ionizing radiation makes only a small contribution to our rate of Cancer (and no contribution at all to our rate of Coronary Heart Disease). This official and widely promoted position continues to trickle down and to dominate the mindset of anti-cancer organizations, advisory panels on nuclear pollution, health insurance companies, professional societies, medical faculties, and the press/media.

concretized mind

        o  Now, there is a new, low-cost way to challenge this harmful mindset. People can readily distribute the 32-page Executive Summary of "Radiation from Medical Procedures" to members of pollution advisory panels, enivronmental groups, local cancer-action groups, local physicians, local chapters of professional groups, local college faculties, local consumer protection groups, local holistic medical groups, local media and columnists, etc. The "trickle-up" from a million copies would do a lot to undermine the mistaken mindset. That's one way that "alternative" medicine became "mainstream."

        o  The Executive Summary is a professional item saddlestitched in a glossy cover. CNR is pleased to be able to make bulk quantities of the Executive Summary available at the following prices (each price includes shipping the total order to a single address by Book Rate):

  • 5 copies @ $1.50 = $7.50.
  • 5 to 50 copies: Each $1.50.
  • 50 to 100 copies: Each $1.30
  • 100 or more copies: Each $1.10

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