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Nuclear Weapons – The Ultimate Evil
Back from the Brink
Critical Analysis, Resources, Updates
Last Updated:   12 September 2018
Hiroshima Panorama #2
360 degree view span                  Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Photo by H.J. Peterson - K-HJP001-K-HJP013

Herein are assembled an expanding catalog/archive of materials involving the Back From The Brink campaign, chronicling its development and growth as well as providing historical analysis and resources to provoke and educate. The Campaign’s purpose is to pursue The Call for the U.S. to lead negotiations with the other nuclear weapon armed states to eliminate nuclear weapons. This campaign is modeled on the Freeze movement and seeks to leverage a moment similar to the early 1980’s when Ronald Reagan’s hawkish plans for nuclear war fighting scared people to death and made them open to the idea that they needed to take action. The Freeze was organized around a simple call to stop the arms race in a form that people could take to any organization they worked with, providing a vehicle for engagement and action.

“We [the family of hibakusha] have stood in solidarity with those harmed by the production and testing of these horrific weapons around the world. People from places with long-forgotten names, like Mururoa, Ekker, Semipalatinsk, Maralinga, Bikini. People whose lands and seas were irradiated, whose bodies were experimented upon, whose cultures were forever disrupted. We were not content to be victims. We refused to wait for an immediate fiery end or the slow poisoning of our world. We refused to sit idly in terror as the so-called great powers took us past nuclear dusk and brought us recklessly close to nuclear midnight. We rose up. We shared our stories of survival. We said: humanity and nuclear weapons cannot coexist.
—Setsuko Thurlow, Hiroshima survivor, speaking 10 Dec 2017
on behalf of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,
recipient of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize
Ban Nuclear Weapons Gun-Tied - ICAN
The Call Materials/Updates
“Man is stumbling blindly through a spiritual darkness while toying with the precarious secrets of life and death. The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.”
General Omar Bradley, speaking 31 May 1948
First Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1949-1953
Memorial Day address at Long Meadow, Massachusetts
Critical Analysis
“[Nuclear deterrence] was our shield, and by extension our sword. The nuclear priesthood extolled its virtues and bowed to its demands... Appropriated from the lexicon of conventional warfare, this simple prescription for adequate military preparedness became in the nuclear age a formula for unmitigated catastrophe. It was premised on a litany of unwanted assumptions, unprovable assertions and logical contradictions.”
—General George Lee Butler, speaking 2 February 1998
commander in chief, US Strategic Command, 1992-94
Address at the National Press Club, Washington D.C.
ICAN: Your Duty Our Future
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