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Great web site. Thanks for helping spread the truth. Given the rhetoric of our re-elected President, can you guess the author of this quote?
"The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life."
It sounds like it could have been Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, or any number of same old other Bush Administration functionaries. The answer is below:

          Adolph Hitler
          MY NEW ORDER -- Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin
          February 1, 1933

The poster has been seen in European cities for at least 2 years now. They must really LOVE us over there!
Carl Williams <>
Wichita, Kansas, USA - Monday, December 27, 2004 at 7:18:15 (PDT)
With knowledge of the multitude of Iraqi civilian deaths, our silence becomes a far worse crime than the ongoing crimes against humanity we are witnessing thanks mostly to alternate media like Salon, CommonDreams, TheMediaChannel, TomPaine, Zmag, etc.
          My silence, and therefore guilt, is hardly affected by my infrequent weak protests to my congressmen and news media, and I remain collectively complicit with the feeling of blood on my hands.
          The silence of the corporate conglomerate enteratinment/news industry and the government it unswervingly serves, is a deafening silence, but it is at least apparent to all citizens.
          The silence of elected representatives is more hidden and sly and reflects the disinterest of constituencies in which personal problems and private indulgence, excludes any feeling of public responsibility for the deaths of Iraqis in their own country, often in their own homes, by the hands of OUR military.
          Americans are all guilty of this crime of silence, for we all still have free speech, even though our free press has been compromised and sold. So let all who can speak up while the Iraqi deaths are still in the thousands, before they reach into millions, as in Vietnam, our greatest crime of silence.
          Lonely, in feelings of complicity, but in solidarity with OUR victims and those who suffer their loss; and in compassion for those who must follow the orders to kill,

Jay Janson <>
USA - Saturday, Nov 20, 2004 at 03:57:10 (PST)
The Corporate Family Village concept is a subculture for gradually transitioning humanity from today's current unsustainable industrial age to a sustainable information age through the process of cultural evolution. Human culture is substantially more complicated than the weather so instead of trying to figure out a new global culture we will assemble a subculture which is enabled to evolve the solutions. This subculture will combine elements of the corporation, the family and the village can be specified using complexity theory by the initial conditions, system constraints, drivers, feedback loops and goals. The solutions of High Density living lowers consumption while the urban camp will enable children to decode reading, writing, language, math and music as part and simultaneously with their native language.
          This business concept is targeted towards radically changing human behaviour to avoid the possible collapse of the biosphere. We have all the needed elements to bootstrap our cultural evolution on a global scale. The three primary issues addressed are overpopulation, western consumerism and a system of socialisation modernised for an information economy.

William H. Lasley <>
Santa Monica, CA, USA - Friday, May 28, 2004 at 14:13:07 (PDT)
Nice site; my daughter put me onto it.
Bob Hancock <>
Nottingham, MD 21236-4412 USA - Thursday, March 25, 2004 at 17:01:00 (PST)
i am so pleased that i found your sight - i tell everyone i meet to visit and learn the truth behind the headlines - BRAVO to all who have worked on this valuable information asset !!! - please keep up the good work - spread the TRUTH !!!
tom just <>
belleville, ontario, Canada - Thursday, August 28, 2003 at 11:56:54 (PDT)
Today, most people who read the same essays that I did, look at the world and see the devastation wrought by economic and political policies that result from valuing money over life. And though I am a priveledged American, I still feel bad about it, but instead of helping poor people, I talk about this stuff with my equally educated friends, who all have fairly comfortable lives, and enough spare time to feel better about themselves by reading and talking about serious matters without actually doing anything. A deep despair accompanies my perception of myself. There is no real hope of changing the annihilative pattern of global capitalism- and thank god, otherwise my life wouldn't be as good as it is now. So, we are doomed to fulfill the claim that man is a killer at heart, biologically and psychologically wired for self-righteousness and the never-ending pursuit of intellectual self-interest without regard for the needs of others and of life as a hole.
ted koppel feel
usa - Saturday, August 16, 2003 at 10:46:02 (PDT)
Thank you for the enjoyable pages. Nancy and I enjoyed browsing though them. They are filled with love and heartwarming ideas. You have done a great job that should be enjoyed by all. Please accept this Good Luck Award as our appreciation of your beautiful website. We hope you enjoy sharing this award as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. You have a truly warm and inviting website. Take care and smile ~ S ~ In Gods Blessings, Nancy & Stephen
Stephen Burggren <>
Lr Sackville, NS Canada - Sunday, August 03, 2003 at 07:08:51 (PDT)
Such a delicious find, actual discourse on more than one issue. Cheers
usa - Saturday, August 02, 2003 at 16:10:40 (PDT)
Greater Peace & Blessings My Brothers and Sisters are now ours for the taking. There is nothing new under the sun. I have struggled with the problems that we see wrong with our society since I was an 7-year old genius. That is when I heard about the murder of JFK, although I wasn't sure why I was so troubled at the time. I could see through the lies of the television explanations of his death, even then. Then came the very disturbing murders of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy and Malcolm X, even after he had learned the errors of his racist thinking. These types of things are still with us, because we have been too stupid, apathetic, and lazy to even be able to accurately put it into words. Please contact me only if you too have had enough of these crazy, destructive things in your life. The solutions are at hand. The time of permanent peace, health, happiness, harmony, and prosperity are upon those of us who are ready to pay the price. And I do not mean fighting against this evil, as The Avatars did not come here to fight for our freedom and well-being. Even though it points that out very clearly in all religious books, religious people still insist today that he is coming again to forcefully liberate them. Well some people do never learn. Those people who aren't ready to pay the true price for the best that this world has to offer, that which all avatars pointed out that we must pay, must reap what they sow, because that is the nature of adult life. To believe otherwise is a terribly self-destructive lie.
Tony T. <>
Cleveland, OH usa - Saturday, August 02, 2003 at 15:00:45 (PDT)
you people are fascist wankers!
Dan Rather Than You
usa - Friday, August 01, 2003 at 11:09:48 (PDT)
Thank you for helping to leave the MATRIX-RELOADED. My opinion of my intellect has improved considerably. I now don't know whether our prophets have been killed and the people and groups working for the good of humanity have been systematically destroyed and subverted by those who work for the good of genocidal terrorist Parasitical elites, or whether I'm simply retarded. The system the elites work for is a feudal empire based upon lies and other stuff I thought of when I was smoking crack. Dumping drugs in any neighborhoods ... destroying the will and vision of the people through evil, lies, propaganda, and destruction of Bob Hope.
Dan Nolle
usa - Friday, August 01, 2003 at 11:07:30 (PDT)
Thomas Neville Nanton <>
- Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 19:49:07 (PDT)
much appreciate all the info
ethanallen <>
vermont usa - Wednesday, July 16, 2003 at 10:47:13 (PDT)
Just after having read a few articles ya'll are blowing my mind, and in many cases speaking my heart. I am a person searching for truth and this seems to be the place to learn the methods of that search. I count myself unbelievably lucky to have come across you here. Thank you, may you always be blessed.
Lorin <>
- Monday, June 30, 2003 at 21:30:37 (PDT)
For an encyclopedia of hope and despair, visit my site, which is similar to this one.
usa - Sunday, June 29, 2003 at 18:47:54 (PDT)
it was an amazin xperience for me to go thru ur various sections of was quite an energizing n uplifting xperience.It is a pity that we humans r still fighting over petty matters and it is THE BIG GUYS who r doin it..... i don't know why?? u can dominate the world by spreading love n not by distributing weapons of mass destruction and proving ur power by overwhelming the terrorist organizations u created or by assasinating certain personalities which made ur country proud.............but there is hope eternal... n we shall succeed in creating a world that is full of happiness and peace,if not for ourselves then for our children.
kunwar bhuvan vikram singh <>
gurgaon, haryana india - Friday, June 13, 2003 at 17:01:24 (PDT)
You have a very thorough site. You are to be commended for all of the information you have made available to us the searchers. I didn't find any info on my ancestors, but I still enjoyed looking around
John, government grants <>
New York, NY USA - Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 05:34:01 (PDT)
i love this site
mugu <>
usa - Friday, May 16, 2003 at 02:16:09 (PDT)
Dear Ratitor, your web site has great energy, I always enjoy visiting. Below is an open letter I wrote on March 18, 2003, just before the war. An Arcata-specific version was printed in the Arcata Eye newspaper around that time. It's a little long so I understand if you don't post it. Ok, Mark


Soldier, you have made the bold decision to go to the Persian Gulf and risk your life for your country. This is a very courageous thing to do. I can imagine the pride you must feel. I only hope that your pride does not prevent you from realizing an important truth: Your decision to go there may affect the health of us all. . . .
        If you are not a soldier yet but you are thinking about becoming one, please carefully consider what I have written before making the most important decision of your life. You may still decide to go, but at least you will be making an informed decision. Many areas of the country have GI Rights Hotlines [eg., and] that you can call to find out more about these issues. Two good books on the subject of DU are The New Nuclear Danger George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex by Dr. Helen Caldicott (ISBN 1-56584-740-7) and Discounted Casualties The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium by Akira Tashiro (ISBN 4-88517-301-9 C0036).
        If you do decide to go, Soldier, then I hope you will be a truthful witness of all events and return to us safe and strong and tell us about it.

Mark Dubrow, M.Sci., Environmental Engineer <>
Arcata, CA usa - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 22:08:25 (PDT)
i am joe cooper's granddaughter....the one that was supposed to go to court about the jfk assasination in 1969 in neworleans, la. due to the great deal of evidence he had stored about the assasination but due to a coincedence he was in a horrible car accident and was nearly dead, broken back amongst other things. my grandmother almost died and my mother was only 9 so she almost died also due to the fact that no one wanted to take a little child into their hospital... well in 1974 they made his assasination look like a suicide...... he was shot in the head on his right side but he was right handed. go figure..... the gun ended up on the floor on the left side of the bed with a cloth over it ...... i like this website and hope someone is out there that can help me find answers to my questions like how to find claude b. slaton who wrote the book "tragic career of william h. joe cooper." i would also like to find a copy of it to read it for myself and see if it is all fact. thank you! sharilyn
sharilyn smith <>
noneya, fl usa - Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 08:52:33 (PDT)
optical dialogue              od
OD is somehow an outgrowth of bohm-dialogue (for a quick primer see link below). in the fall of 2002 a couple of people got together and started sending images back and forth via the net. the idea is to do dialogue visually: to talk to each other with/in/through/out images.
        currently we have apout 30 people from all over, a fairly mixed crowd. most of them just watch, put there are apout 5 or so `active' players who keep the flow [of shared meaning] going. as with bohm-dialogue: there are no rules. anythinkg goes. OD is open-structured, with the only `structure', if you want: to communicate, to share. there is no www.od yet, but some of us are looking into that. right now we are trying to open up OD more to the public, to make it more `visible'....... OD is an infant.... we need to treat it as such. you can watch it grow up in realtimespace, sort of. well: to talk apout OD does make only limited sense [the map is not the territory, and the territory is not the hike(r)]: you gotta watch/walk that thinkg alive [un/enfold...... move with/in/through/out it]. if you want we can put you as a guest on the list and you can watch [and/or play.... do od] for some timespace and un/see for yourself.

peter <>
ny, ny usa - Wednesday, April 09, 2003 at 08:37:40 (PDT)
I have, like Representative Carl Vinson, Georgia, been speaking out and writing to warn my countrymen of the Fascist influence in America since January, 1946, as recorded in the USN BULLETIN TO ALL HANDS of that time.
Wayne DeVaul <>
Vancouver, WA usa - Tuesday, April 01, 2003 at 15:33:52 (PST)
Hello. Wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative, easy to navigate site. I have found some of the information here helpful. I have closed more time explained around me with the contents of your home page from each other now. Unfortunately, there are little good sites. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I found it very interesting to read other peoples comments about your site.
Private Krankenversicherung Krankenkasse <>
- Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at 12:21:32 (PST)
Thank you very much for having the full Haudenosaunee "Basic call to consciousness..." text. I am currently looking through your site for various things that might take my interest; ie: natural/spiritual world consciousness. Thank you again.
Bear <>
UK - Thursday, March 20, 2003 at 10:52:07 (PST)
Yes, it is great! Keep it running!
usa - Monday, March 17, 2003 at 10:24:35 (PST)
Excellent website, very informative. Keep up the excellent work - - Harry.
Middle Europe - Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 09:28:54 (PST)
This is super! Much faster loading. I periodically go through the pages and re-discover things that are important to me. Happy new year to everyone seeing this message! - - Bob
South-West Germany - Friday, January 10, 2003 at 03:08:55 (PST)
Hi. Your site looks good. Good for good people, bad for bad people. Hey. I just wanted to mention that among the lies of my youth were the ufo-lies. The truth is now coming over the net. My ufo site is non-profit. I'm proud of it.
craig bertok <cbertok>
edmonton, canada - Monday, January 06, 2003 at 17:02:51 (PST)
Greetings from DC!!!
Directorio <>
Washington, DC usa - Thursday, January 02, 2003 at 07:05:53 (PST)
What an INCREDIBLE find your website is! Thank you for your work for the cause, this is a wonderful resource...
NH usa - Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 09:51:32 (PST)
Don't remember how I found this great site - just surfin'. But I've set a bookmark and will return, when I have more time.
usa - Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 09:52:28 (PST)
KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! I greatly appreciate all the information. With immense gratitude,
Kyera Shim <>
Los Angeles, CA usa - Thursday, December 12, 2002 at 19:32:46 (PST)
JFK was murdered 39 years ago today
Lake Elsinore, Ca usa - - Friday, November 22, 2002 at 11:29:02 (PDT)
Trees and words and the lack of any true land ethic are all things I pay a lot of attention to. For, now, tell me about the word ratical which can sound very like radical and radicle. (The latter I only came across recently at a forest gathering of a forest protection environmental group -- great people!)
Greg Foote <>
Indianapolis, , IN usa - Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 17:48:55 (PST)
like wow man
Bill Jelavich <>
Elkins, WV usa - Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 20:58:20 (PST)
ride on
Philip Quinn <>
Redwood City, CA usa - Sunday, November 03, 2002 at 13:00:03 (PST)
Remember Paul Wellstone!
Sam Miller <>
Farmington, NH usa - Saturday, October 26, 2002 at 05:17:46 (PDT)
Alta y posicionamiento en buscadores. Foros de ayuda <>
usa - Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 07:30:52 (PDT)
a interesting web site, greetings, tomas
Tomas Zeitungen <>
Germany - Monday, October 14, 2002 at 10:27:12 (PDT)
It's my first visit at your homepage. Your website is great and very usefull. I'm bookmarked it. Keep up the good resources. Best greetings from Germany
Germany - Tuesday, October 08, 2002 at 10:39:09 (PDT)
Working at "other" levels for the same cause, I love what your doin. Time for a new way bro keep up the great patriotic work. I will tell many about your site "we" can win. d
david mowers <>
raleigh, nc usa - Sunday, October 06, 2002 at 19:29:20 (PDT)
I find your site while searching in "Berlin". Great Website and very usefull.
Tom from Berlin usa - Friday, October 04, 2002 at 14:27:03 (PDT)
Just happened to surf by and found this exciting website. Already bookmarked it and will be back!
Private Krankenversicherung <>
Frankfurt, Germany - Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 11:16:42 (PDT)
Thank you for the resources.
Joshua Bris <>
Troy, NY USA - Wednesday, September 25, 2002 at 02:37:22 (PDT)
Just surfing. A wise man will always change his mind . . a fool never will
Peter Hobbyfussball <>
Germany - Friday, September 20, 2002 at 12:53:53 (PDT)
Thank you for helping to leave the MATRIX of lies. My opinion of humanity has improved considerably. I now know that our prophets have been killed and the people and groups working for the good of humanity have been systematically destroyed and subverted by those who work for the good of genocidal terrorist Parasitical elites. The system the elites work for is a feudal empire based upon lies. Dumping drugs in any neighborhoods ... destroying the will and vision of the people through evil, lies, propaganda, and destruction of hope.
Seattle, WA usa - Monday, September 16, 2002 at 10:06:54 (PDT)
Found your site from a posting on the website message board. Interesting compedium...
Remy C. <>
Bend, OR usa - Monday, September 02, 2002 at 17:11:47 (PDT)
i want to find some conspiracy theorists. not usual standard, but something more intelligent. Thanx
Len <>
Belfast, U.K - Friday, August 30, 2002 at 22:46:19 (PDT)
hi everyone
sergio <>
Olbia, italy Sardinia - Friday, August 30, 2002 at 09:10:51 (PDT)
very impressed. the way you have put everything together, along with documentation, time line, topic, point and eye witness stories has helped me to put together my own orders / memories / hospital records etc. which has gone into operation buster jangle in 1951 -- claim form for ionization -- lung removed / thyroids removed brain tumor etc -- i don't expect anything to come of this tenth time to file, but i did want someone else somewhere to know -- thanks
charles r. cruthirds <>
fort worth, tx. usa - Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 12:38:41 (PDT)
Hi there,
waitimg at the airport I recognized your Webpage, great I will bookmark it at home.
Private Krankenversicherung <>
Munich, Bavaria Germany - Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 15:20:31 (PDT)
This may not exactly be the place for debate, but you started it. You must have a solution for nuclear waste hidden away somewhere. I rather agree that electricity is a needed commodity, but at the risk of accidental poisoning of thousands of people at the drop of a hat is not a reasonable answer. I would much rather deal with the long term but comparibly mild toxicity of fossil fuel polution that the instantaneous flash-burn given by highly radioactive materials such as plutonium. Yuck.
Hobie <>
Lake Elsinore, Ca usa - Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 21:53:11 (PDT)
If you want to know about the cost of energy, look at the amount of rubbish that is going into the air because of fossil fuel. Solar power is useless (who needs an electric lightbulb in the daytime?) and only gives an average (over the entire year) of 100watts per square metre. Wave and tidal power give 1kW for every 9 metres of barrage. Wind power advocates seem to forget that one turbine generates less than 1.5mega watts of electricity. You need 800 of these, spaced 100m apart, to generate the same amount of electricity as a large fossil plant or even (horror of horrors) a nuclear plant.
          Wake up and smell the fresh air. If you want to keep all your mod cons (how many of you use air conditioning, or electric heaters?) you need a reliable, large scale source of energy. NUCLEAR IS THE ONLY REALISTIC OPTION! Anyone who says otherwise is wasting my valuable oxygen!

Andrew Cannon <>
Cheshire, UK - Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 07:50:14 (PDT)
Well, I added this site to my links page over a year ago... I'm just tickled to see that you're still here and still in a state of, oh, wow... We do indeed live in "interesting times" -- and I wish we didn't, but I am glad that you folks haven't fallwn off the world-wide-wagon!
Lindy <>
usa - Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 17:58:52 (PDT)
Your Park is very nice. Greets to: Meike, Unki, Linda, Eric, Jan Schiffi, class 8a,
Steffi Bottler <>
Bernkastel, RLP Germany - Friday, June 14, 2002 at 00:18:59 (PDT)
Looking forward to more future Ratification ;) check it out!
Freak Q. Librium <>
Toronto, Ont Canada - Tuesday, June 04, 2002 at 15:08:00 (PDT)
hey, cool background
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Rush <>
Cancer, WY usa - Tuesday, June 04, 2002 at 07:54:52 (PDT)
hey there. odd name for a site, but hey, it's all pretty cool.
ratman <>
Culver City, NV USA - Wednesday, May 01, 2002 at 13:52:20 (PDT)
Absolutely wonderful!
usa - Friday, April 05, 2002 at 06:46:43 (PST)
Hmmm, and I thought it was just me! Thanks for a fun site.
Fractal Phil
usa - Monday, March 18, 2002 at 15:12:58 (PST)
thank you
mumu muhajir <>
yogyakarta, indonesia - Friday, March 01, 2002 at 08:42:04 (PST)
ich suche barbara steinhilber
konradin <>
flüh, ch schweiz - Friday, February 15, 2002 at 09:18:08 (PST)
No Comments.
M. Wright <>
Irving, TX usa - Thursday, January 31, 2002 at 21:53:25 (PST)
I have learned to distrust people from Santa Cruz as my brother lives there. He is a totally trustworthy person, it's just that others are not. Since you live there, you may have seen his program on community television. He is much like the ratitor on his program "Get A Grip", total psychobabble if you ask me. But then, what do I know? He is OK and so are you. I found your site [Hobie is referring to the "Topics on the National Security States" section of the Past Imperfect portion of the ratville times --ratitor] through JFK assassination research. A fellow researcher had lost track of your site and I was able to find it for him. Good luck and good times.
Hobie Burgess <>
Lake Elsinore, Ca usa - Tuesday, January 22, 2002 at 15:02:36 (PST)
if only there were more sites readily available to those parents who need info about how their children may have come to be "damaged". This is the only one I've been able to find, great help, thanks a bunch.
liz lawrie
uk - Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 14:54:10 (PST)
Nice site to browse on a quiet evening.
Michael <>
Winnipeg, MB CDN - Friday, January 11, 2002 at 19:29:59 (PST)
I am interested in articles and information on indigenous environmental programs, issues and action. Nway - Weh - Maria
maria maybee <,>
Buffalo, NY usa - Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 10:38:30 (PST)
I would like to know how I can find my grandfather's enrollment card#? I know he has one but I can't find it. I had a friend who did it on the computer and now she won't do it again for me. His name is Edward Savage and he was in the Mohawk Nation. I did see it on the computer but I don't remember how she did it for me. I love your website. It is very nice and a lot of work went in to it. Thank you if you can help me. I would appeciate any kind of help you can give me. Thank you again, Anne
Anne <>
Leechburg, PA usa - Friday, January 04, 2002 at 21:40:18 (PST)
Hello everyone! Happy New Year! I have read alot of very intense and inspiring articles on your web site. I am particularly interested in the Iriquois people and the initiative they took in the 1992 Earth Summit. Are the Hau de na sau nee people still supporting this? There is a woman in Tampa, Florida, who has really embraced the idea and is working on a 2002 Earth Charter summit. She had a succesful turn out last year. I thought the opening statements, messages, at the 1992 summit and after by the Hau de na sau nee were so beautiful, eloquent, and strong. Let me know if you are aware of anyone interested. You can also contact her by going to her website on Look under the Tampa contacts. Thank you again for all your work. Peace be with you, Danie Lee Cutler
Danie Cutler <>
fl usa - Monday, December 31, 2001 at 13:13:11 (PST)
Hi, I heard your organisation mentioned on 666 (local ABC Radio) on 30/12/01. 666 sent a transcript of the news item titled "Documents to prove servicemen used in nuclear testing". The particular sentence that I wish to clarify is to do with where chemical weapons were produced in Victoria to be trialled at Maralinga along with the nuclear tests. The broadcast said the military facility where they were deveopled in Victoria was called the "Defence Standard Laboratories" also known as "Marabong." Do you know whether MARABONG is actually Maribyong, a facility now being used as an "Immigration Detention Centre." Also do you know how to contact Max Kimber, who was your spokesman for this news item? Thank you very much. Cheers, Claire.
Claire Bruhns <>
Canberra, ACT Australia - Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 17:16:18 (PST)
The Kennedy Assassination is still being covered up by the likes of people like John McAdams and other `hired guns' who are paid to promote the preposterous, magic bullet theory. The truth is not that complicated.
usa - Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 11:45:02 (PST)
In such dark times as this one when the State becomes the agressor such sites are manifestation of hope and courage. Thanks!
Cecile L. Johson <>
usa - Monday, December 10, 2001 at 16:09:47 (PST)
My "enlarged" thymus was irradiated on in 1951 when I was born - I have now developed a mass in my left breast. If anyone can help me find anyone at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester NY who will take up the study that was last managed by Dr. Nancy Hildreth, I'd appreciate it.
Linda Wentzell <>
usa - Monday, December 10, 2001 at 07:08:10 (PST)
Magnificent site. Keep it going. Already bookmarked and distributed to friends.
warren, ventura, ca usa - Wednesday, December 05, 2001 at 14:07:26 (PST)
Excellent site. There is still hope for us. Keep it up!
Chris Harfman <>
Calgary, Al Canada - Monday, November 19, 2001 at 17:33:30 (PST)
Glad to have found you. You might enjoy my Totem Salmon, Life Lessons from Another Species (Beacon Press, 1999), which describes a microcosm that fits right into your macro.
Freeman House <>
Petrolia, CA usa - Tuesday, November 13, 2001 at 10:25:37 (PST)
try for current middle east updates. great stuff, and I'm glad I was present enough to write down your site when Roy of Hollywood (on KPFK) announced it some time in the wee hours of 5.30 am. Best wishes, tarech
Tarech Reheem <>
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 - Monday, October 29, 2001 at 14:45:10 (PST)
Great site, many ideas here I have had on my own. Glad to see others are like-minded. Keep it up! and hopefully one day there will be a true democracy, and equality for all.
Damian Labinzki <>
SB, CA usa - Monday, September 24, 2001 at 23:42:26 (PDT)
I'm amazed that I found no links to this site B4 now. Is it a conspiracy to try to hide information from those of us who would really benefit from knowing WHY our children are damaged? I do not seek compensation or anything else. I simply have a child who is damaged due to chromosome deletion, albeit the effects in his particular case are medically very slight. I would prefer to have him used as a human guinea-pig to save others from the same trauma. Nothing will change his life or mine if research or the truth about previous research comes to light, but maybe some other family would benefit from the early knowledge as to why this happened to their child, rather than have to fight for the educational, financial and humanitarian rights they are entitled to.
liz lawrie <>
uk - Saturday, September 15, 2001 at 18:01:35 (PDT)
You folks should put information out to some of the action groups to clean up a little. What good does it do to draw attention to a cause if the people that are seen championing that cause look like and act like lunatics? People may stop and think if the activists look more like young Republicans instead of scraggly hippies without bras and tie dyed clothing.
        The ELF people are doing far more harm to their cause than good. Remember when they let loose the coyotes at WSU in Washington? The ones that weren't caught were found as road kill because someone didn't realize they had been born in captivity and didn't understand automobiles. That brought more than a few laughs in the area. Bombing and burning isn't doing ELF any better.
        Recall the civil rights in the 60's for a moment. MLK did far more for his cause dead than alive. The Klan did more good for civil rights than any other group. THey were just a bunch of irrational jackasses running around burning churches and crosses.
        And if you don't want people cutting timber, find alternatives. Did you know that a metal stud used in construction is the same price as a wooden one? (Until the Canadians started cutting trees they were cheaper for a while) Start programs to promote use of other products. Tired of the excuse of losing jobs because trees can't be cut? Start votech programs in logging communities or help bring other industry to the area or bring those people to areas with jobs. (Yeah, I know some of them are bound and determined to stay in their yokel town) Congressional members are always trying to get pork in their districts, help them get the right type of pork that helps your environmental needs. Just a thought.

fred, usa - Monday, September 10, 2001 at 14:31:58 (PDT)
Mad Cow Coverup Scandal.....The first known case of Mad Cow has hit Japan (today), but in the last month an EU report (risk assessment) has been hushed up by the press/government. Please sign the petition to main Japanese Media and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries -- Anonymous and Signed Versions: Click my name below.
Thanks, paul--webperson,

Paul Arenson (Petition here) <>
Tokyo, to Japan - Monday, September 10, 2001 at 11:51:05 (PDT)
Dear John : how many years has it been? If the courageous Bill Garner had not died we would have them all before a "Nuremberg type" court by now. I am still at it, glad to see you are too. I love your new website and may you enjoy many more healthy and productive years!
Frieda Berryhill <>
Wilmington, DE usa - Monday, August 27, 2001 at 08:12:34 (PDT)
I sent an excert of Earthdance with credit to Elizabet to most everyone on my address list and hope everyone logs on! Would you be interested in an exhibit -- graphics and text from an education art exhibit I curated at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico called "Sacred Mountains: Ways of Knowledge" which compared Hopi, Navajo and Tibetan traditions and sacred arts of breath and wind to global wind and weather systems mapped by the scientific community? Looking forward to hearing from you. Joan Price
joan price <>
Tularosa,NM, usa - Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 19:22:27 (PDT)
Wow, after perusing your site I am astonished at not only the lack of common sense that you exhibt so well, but also the reliance on discredited "scientists", discredited theories, and junk science. History has not been kind to the anti-nuclear "cry-wolf" arguments. The best real world scenario you can muster that has happened in the western world is TMI: do casualties, no injuries, no death, no environmental damage. Amazing. Sure, sure, Chernobyl has killed 36 thus far but we all know that Chernobyl was an accident waiting to happen and that comparing it to any other reactor i nthe western world is like comparing the safety of a reckless motorcycle driver to a person in a tank.
Keep up the good lies and deception!

Tim <>
usa - Monday, August 06, 2001 at 12:22:25 (PDT)
I appreciate your being here! It'll take many pleasant, rewarding hours to get through all you offer.
Ken Hamilton <>
South Paris, ME usa - Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 05:01:12 (PDT)
Excellent site. Thank God.
dombonny <>
Eri,, Al usa - Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 21:34:40 (PDT)
nice to c you
martin <>
u.k. - Thursday, June 28, 2001 at 21:16:31 (PDT)
THANKS for caring. Inside the 1968 Naval Air Station Chase Field ARN-21b was a radioactive tube allowing higher frequency operation at weight saving. The Navy never warned me. The Navy never provided safety equipment. The Navy never issued a dossimeter to me. The Westside VA Hospital (Chicago) does not want to add me to the Atomic Veteran data base !!!
Bob Byanski <>
Chicago, IL usa - Thursday, June 28, 2001 at 08:53:28 (PDT)
Keep the light shining!!! Light and Love, Blessed Be, Mo
Maureen Harris <>
Columbia Falls, MT usa - Monday, May 14, 2001 at 18:54:02 (PDT)
Ran into this website by accident and thought you might enjoy the time warp. David, we lived next door to you in San Mateo when you were really young. Your brother Bruce and I were best friends at the time on Edgewood Rd. I remember all of you, including your nanny, Elizabeth, and your dog, Ping. Please say hello to Steve and Bruce and Patty. The last time I saw Bruce was in the early 70s at your father's house. I was about to set out across Canada on my bicyle... Enjoyed reading about your life and thoughts and pursuits. Best regards,
Tom (aka "Ducky" viz "Ducky and Mole" - cf. Bruce)

Tom Jacobsen <>
Longmont, CO usa - Saturday, April 28, 2001 at 19:03:47 (PDT)
Have you heard of the big blue butterfly God will send to destroy all the illuminati? To know more see the guestbook of Thirst for justice, a social credit site ( the information has been posted for some time by a guy nicknamed as Alien. If you want to have his messages from the begining send a blank email to
Michael <>
Canada - Friday, April 20, 2001 at 19:36:13 (PDT)
What a great concept! The rat haus construction tour and philosophical meanderings work together nicely.
        My soul was nearly squished by the beast of technology, but I got out and now my eyes are open and it is a beautiful world.
        The years I spent away at stanford were misguided but not wasted. I have joined the peace movement, and though I am not getting rich I am much happier than when I was doing battle with morality for a buck.
        I urge everyone working at national laboratories - scientists, administrators, janitors, whatever - to recognize they have been brainwashed into thinking that basic physics research does not contribute to the deeply deceptive and highly polluting nuclear weapons industry, and resign their positions and seek employment in a more sustainable way. You must withold your skills from this insanity; do not further its crooked cause, for it will be the death of us all. On an up note, happy earth day 2001!

Mark Dubrow <>
Arcata, CA usa - Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 11:08:25 (PDT)
very interesting and educational - participated in dominic atomic test in 1962 at christmas island
walter krzywda <>
olmito, tx usa - Sunday, March 25, 2001 at 19:22:53 (PST)
Your site is a refreshing return to reality in a society dominated by rightwing Christian Republicans who would have people like me beheaded. GREAT SITE!
Pain Killer <>
Houston, TX usa - Saturday, March 17, 2001 at 13:25:52 (PST)
your front page is grand. I'm glad I came across you via askjeeves. like to bookmark you as a favorite url.
c. a. peters <>
phoenix, az usa - Friday, March 16, 2001 at 15:43:24 (PST)
Hey Ratitor,
          I've been thinking of something about corporations that you may be interested in. It's a complex nexus between the 1st Amendment's guarantee of Seperation of Church and State and freedom of speech, press, etc., Here it is in a nutshell:
          Check out this site: . . . OK, so it comes from a Christian viewpoint, not something I'm really aligned with, but it makes some good points.
          Ever wonder why churches never oppose the insane rounding up of our youths for non-violent (so-called) "drug crimes"? Because opposing the War on Drugs (a/k/a, the War on Certain Natural Plants with healing properties, or the War on the American People) by churches (or engaging in other political activities) is PROHIBITED by tax code!
          Don't believe it? Check it out here:

. . . no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation, and which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.

          This also explains why "pagan" nature-based religions, which are the dominant beliefs of indigenous peoples all around the world (e.g.,, are persecuted, forbidden, harassed, arrested. ALL "AUTHORIZED" RELIGIONS IN AMERICA ARE ORGANIZED AS 501(c)(3) CORPORATIONS, and are thus, creations of the government, IN APPARENT VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT!
          Anyway, since I'm between gigs right now and have some time on my hands, I'm gonna try to do some more research and send it to you. Hopefully, you will find it worthy to add to your fine site. Keep up the good work!
Bill Huston
The Society of Computer Professional Opposing Drug Testing
Bill Huston <>
Binghamton, NY usa - Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 19:49:00 (PST)
Wow, I haven't been to the rat haus in a longggggg time. Neat stuff as always. Go, mon, go! marco
marco capelli <>
usa - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 10:26:22 (PST)
Wonderfully refreshing!! A voice for sanity in a sea of conspicious consumption and obscene materialism.
Vince Hagan <>
Cape canaveral, Fl usa - Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 07:14:42 (PST)
Greetings Ravey! Great site! Kudos for enlightening so many people.

Dave Williams <>
Sunnyvale, CA usa - Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 08:57:17 (PST)
Kia Elisabet
Look forward to looking thru your new site. Still working on permaculture/organic projects and having a ball gathering the info from around the globe and locally. Will keep in touch. arohanui, Poihaere

Poihaere Morris <>
Aotearoa New Zealand - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 19:11:52 (PST)
No comments yet. Have to read a bit more...
Tor Anders Stendal <>
Trondheim, N Norway - Tuesday, January 16, 2001 at 03:28:36 (PST)
I truly appreciate your web site and the message it offers to the unsuspecting. I refer my clients to the web site on a daily basis. I am a technician that does Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging to scan the body, which is radiation free. Also a part time surgical nurse who is exposed frequently to xray. Your information helps me be more consicensious at both my jobs for others and my self. Thanks again.
Claudia Barrington <>
2235 W Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Bch, Fl usa - Monday, January 15, 2001 at 16:36:36 (PST)
i need to learn more about our people and how we do things, learn more about our culture
kami wateridge <>
vassar, mi usa - Saturday, January 06, 2001 at 07:46:50 (PST)
I loved your site, lots of information. I would love to invite you to visit our site also. We offer free classes and spiritual readings. Love and Light to you. Glen
Glen Daines <>
U.K. - Thursday, December 28, 2000 at 05:39:18 (PST)
Not certain how I have not come across your site before now | Have added a link from my favorites page | All 'cuz of a search for Akwesasne on Google
Will Brady <>
Moodus, CT usa - Thursday, November 23, 2000 at 19:59:25 (PST)
Hello! Thank you for such a comprehensive website. It is good to know that there are so many people working together to promote a way of life that promotes peace and harmony with nature. I have such a great respect for the native people and cultures of this land. I am enjoying learning so much from this website. Thank you and may peace and truth flow throughout our world. Peace, Danie Cutler
Danie Lee Cutler <>
Watkinsville, Ga usa - Tuesday, November 21, 2000 at 13:02:51 (PST)
Great web page. I'll be back when I have more time to fully explore your site. I'd like see revisionist history pieces. Do you have anything on Indonesia . . . from colonial times to the creation of a country to current events? I'm looking to tie in your information with socially responsible investing. Any thoughts?
Geoffrey Wychgel <>
usa - Thursday, November 16, 2000 at 21:46:40 (PST)
Just another weary intellectual traveller looking for a way out of the conundrum that democracy and free enterprise has given us up to.
Daniel Leavey <>
Oakville, ON Canada - Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 11:06:53 (PST)
Thank you for having the book available online (and so good looking). I think I may buy it sometime, or will send a donation. There's a lot to explore in rat haus reality. No doubt I'll keep coming back. Thanks for being there.
Felicity Wallis <>
San Francisco, Ca usa - Saturday, November 11, 2000 at 16:50:32 (PST)
A worthwhile site, so I've linked to it if you don't mind. I'll bet on a Libertarian-fuelled Technological Singularity before a Socialist World Revolution, but hey, who knows what to think about anything anymore except that it mostly all sucks.
KC - Tuesday, October 31, 2000 at 16:38:36 (PST)
thought your site was about rats. i am the founder of the yet to grow rat liberation front. anyone want to join? rats are the most wonderful beings in this galaxy.
vada <>
usa - Monday, October 30, 2000 at 08:42:46 (PST)
My path to this site began with a PBS tv interview about Elisabet Sahtouris. The organization to which I am a Board Member, Earth Church International, endorses and supports many, if not all, of the goals which you present here. Our faith is reflected in our actions. I plan to provide a link to your site on our web site, Keep up the great work.
Frank Hallock <>
Arcata, CA usa - Sunday, October 29, 2000 at 17:33:35 (PST)
Vere H. Scott <>
Winnipeg, MB Canada - Thursday, October 19, 2000 at 11:41:48 (PDT)
I have written about how, after many years of working for x-ray equipment manufacturers, I began to suffer the consequences of my association. Please see Personal Information and History of Radiation Misuse. Can somebody help people like me? Documentation is on my website, Thank you,
Axel Campbell <>
Greenwich, CT usa - Friday, October 06, 2000 at 01:00:20 (PDT)
Sorry, I am just as poor as the rat on the logo but I am an opinionated half/informed patriot of the previous generation. Let me be heard and get some kickback.
Henry L. Britain <>
cooter, mo usa - Wednesday, September 27, 2000 at 21:47:33 (PDT)
Being 55 and of Pagen(sic) spirituality I find your site Illum*nous. I would say I am of native AmerIndian Spirituality but that raises a lot of hackells in a space that needs co-op thinking not "your are blasphimous to my ancestors" WE ARE ALL RELATED TO ALL THINGS OF THIS Creation. THAT IS A PERIOD. so I am a piss ant. Now respect me.
          This site has much to offer those of us who need to know we are not alone in the Euro-cap-chrizion sludge pool of "my gods better'n yer god". Your grip on the Global Government is astounding. It's even more astounding that your staff is ignored by Langley Graduates. Many Disidents have been NULLIFIED for less. I found your site while browsing the earthquake info given by FED. seismic reports, and collage grants. (Another story). The Teh cum sha story is something all native children of mixed parentage should hear, especially those not in Rez. or "Mission" schools .Get the pride of the disasociated back to the heart of the Earthmother. Yes, we need R Nader's type of answers to the questions unasked. But domination by the system is only changed when the system changes.
          Too much wrong with the present batch of stinky fish -- throw them out and let the Elders help us find a new place to fish. Thanx 4 d site.

h.l.britain <>
cooter., Mo usa - Sunday, September 10, 2000 at 22:19:53 (PDT)
Great looking website! Referred to you by Tian Harter. I am searching for ITL, that is Intelligent Terrestrial Life!
Greg Scott <>
Newark, CA usa - Friday, September 08, 2000 at 11:14:40 (PDT)
This has been a most interesting four days, while indulging myself to the fullest with some of the most dispicable, shameful acts to humankind in all of the history of mankind. We are one with the cause to hold accountable all deviants and to spit in their eyes.
Amy Reinbolt <>
Rochester, NY USA - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 15:35:41 (PDT)
Dave: I agree with many of your basic goals but not necessarily with your methods or your way of dealing with evidence. I have just reread parts of Understanding Special Operations and will try to comment on Prouty's ways of thinking on my JFK site, which is a subset of my overall site. I will notify you when it is ready; perhaps it can lead to meaningful discussion. I have been observing your posts to newsgroups for some time, but just found your full site this morning. Now I understand better who you are and where you are coming from. I hope we can stay in touch. Sincerely, Ken Rahn
Kenneth A. Rahn <>
Narragansett, RI USA - Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 09:19:49 (PDT)
Lets see, how can I do propaganda for my own two bit corner on the web and tie it in with this wonderful chaos: Flamenco! Events in Santa Cruz
CB <>
Soquel, CA usa - Saturday, August 26, 2000 at 13:19:19 (PDT)
Bring back the guillotine !!!!!!!!!!!
Michael H. Nunn <>
Austin, TX USA - Saturday, August 19, 2000 at 14:54:18 (PDT)
EyE love what you've got your addie from ROBERT ANTON WILSON...
you've got a lot of stuff to motivate!!!! keep up the great work...
if you have a mailing list ....EyE m all over it!!!! power to the illumined!!!
SHINE!!! Peace.Love.Unity.Respect. (PLUR)....
much love ... YESHUA.

yeshua wilson <>
shawnee, ks usa - Thursday, August 10, 2000 at 08:15:09 (PDT)
If u are reading this guestbook, u may find this site interesting:
This iz how we will bring an end 2 globalization.

Hunter Newman <>
Australia - Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 04:10:29 (PDT)

Thanks for the tip Hunter. We maintain a list of upcoming events -- pointed to by Ending Corporate Governance & co-globalizing gaia's children -- that include this any many other life-serving convocations.     --ratitor

I found a text of The First Men by Howard Fast, after some time, on the Google (SM) search engine. Thanks...
Donald Schanz <>
Littleton, NH usa - Monday, July 03, 2000 at 20:04:40 (PDT)
This is an important and rich site! I happened upon this site while following the backward links from another site about marijuana. Sort of analogous to marijuana leading to enlightenment. I am putting this site on my personal bookmark bar as I see that I will be visiting it a lot! I like the way you think, even the way you spell. Thank you for being there.
Fred Ledoux <>
Calgary, AB Canada - Sunday, June 25, 2000 at 18:49:33 (PDT)
Dave, you are a righteous brother! I have been inspired by your writings to construct the "Lawful Arrest FAQ". The first section is on rights: what they are and who's got them, and I address the rights of corporations. Check it out and let me know what y'all think! Peace!

Ahimsa Dhamapada <>
Notagulag, CA usa - Sunday, June 18, 2000 at 00:07:32 (PDT)
Thanks for the important work you are doing!
Love, Light, and Power to the People!

John Lee Harris <>
Capitola, CA usa - Friday, June 16, 2000 at 21:26:31 (PDT)
Have been to the six nations festerval many times loved it, it was really a wonder of togetherness
Mary o'Brien <>
Fort Myers, FL usa - Thursday, June 08, 2000 at 11:11:47 (PDT)
Warm spiritual greetings. On April 10th, the City of Berkeley, CA paid for a one way Greyhound bus ticket for me, to Washington D.C., enabling me to get to the World Bank-IMF megaprotest. The agreement was that i would NOT, return to Berkeley to live!!! That's right, the liberals and I made an agreement, following 26 years of my being based there ... a testimony to my effectiveness. No joke, they actually paid for my ticket to be rid of me. 26 years of constant radical uncompromising behavior in opposition to their insane SHOPPING.COM culture, not to mention the entire Earth radical eruption starting in the late seventiew, 19 years with East Bay Food not bombs, and most recently a personal standoff with me, as I, in print, condemned the bizarre treatment of the mentally ill and homeless by the human liberal shit known as the Berkeley cith government. Presently, I am looking for a group of direct action participants on the east coast to move in with...
Craig Stehr <>
Washington, DC usa - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 13:18:17 (PDT)
Well i am trying to clue people into the plight of the tarahumara and the tepehuan in northern mexico. they are being killed. it is genocide for logging and yes, dope smuggling too close to the yankee and canuck borders for our own good. thanx if any other people are into it and can e-mail me ( i tried to contact the windspeaker periodical in alberta, akwesasne in the six nations res, and oren lyons as he addressed the un in 1993 as a defender of indigenous people in north america. sumthing will happen there.
tansi, hiy-hiy, bonjour mais adieu et merci
joss joseph majo <>
victoria, canada - Wednesday, May 03, 2000 at 12:51:29 (PDT)
Check out my web, you may wish to link to it with my permission and encouragement. I would be glad to do the same ?
Dr. Joe Walker <>
Cedar Crest, NM usa - Monday, May 01, 2000 at 12:59:36 (PDT)
Terveisiä. Hälsningar. Yours.
Mikael Böök <>
Finland - Sunday, March 12, 2000 at 04:50:01 (PST)
Very well done!I loved reading the writings of many great people!
Maybe you should add a block of your website to kids in a little bit simpler way.

Sam Hanks <>
Spokane, WA USA - Friday, March 10, 2000 at 07:00:39 (PST)
in this MTV generation it is hard to find a reason for living. but i have found that if i can change this country it is worth living. me alone cannot do it. i will find others like me who want change. i see that this web site and its viewers share some of my oppinions. thank you.
Sid Vicious36 <>
san jose, CA usa - Friday, March 03, 2000 at 02:30:48 (PST)
wow, my piano teacher takes on new stature, move over Norm, Ralph and those other pretenders, we have the world savior in our midst. Great web site, I'll have to set a trap, oops, wrong choice of words, will have to bookmark it and use it. Don
Don Fahrney <>
The city, the state 2 out of 3 - Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 17:19:35 (PST)
we're watching the skies
freddy bill light
new york, usa - Monday, January 17, 2000 at 15:20:26 (PST)
Hi everyone,
        Some of us in San Francisco and Northern California will try to find ways to help ourselves and others to find ways to grow our own food to share with neighbors, to implement low-tech practices to increase our resilience, reduce our footprint, promote sustainability, and deepen our sense of community. After the WTO, battle in Seattle, it is apparent that the progressive thinking people have no proactive, grassroots focus. Perhaps, that focus could be building community thru hands-on low-tech self-sustainable implementation and knowledge sharing. It's feasible and viable.
         By having our own quality food sources, and efficient, simple living styles, we will need to waste less time earning money, leverage the power of the communities, decrease our dependence on corporate products, and lay the groundwork for the kind of society we all would like: just, humane, equitable, non-toxic, non-violent, mutually co-operative, sustainable, decentralized. In a word, the opposite of everything we have today.
         I hope some of you agree with these ideas and will engage in similar activities with like-minded folk in your communities. Lets make it a movement, a trend, a fashion, for the longhaul, not a quickie. There are many ways to approach sustainability and most all of them are good. This way is for everyone, rich and/or poor. Something within the range of everyone. That's one reason I like it.
Love and Bagels,
Tom Osher <>
San Francisoc, CA usa - Friday, January 14, 2000 at 10:02:19 (PST)
I'm reading "Biology Revisioned" and am very excited about it. I will read EarthDance--Thank you for making it available.
Julie Conway <>
Santa Cruz, CA usa - Monday, January 10, 2000 at 09:26:20 (PST)
I am heartened to find another truly timely and informative website.
I'll certainly add a link from our little thread in the web to yours
to further strengthen our collective human understanding.

Leon Emmett <>
TOronto, On Canada - Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 15:34:15 (PST)
Hello hello hello!!
Might I say how much I have enjoyed this site?? It's very informative, very well done and an excellent way to organize and enlighten people!!! And might I get my plug in for the upcoming hearings in the Northwest on the proposed reopening of Hanford??
Tuesday the 19th of October 1999 . . . Seattle and Portland . . . be there if you care!!! *MULTITUDINOUS-HUGS-FELLOW-HUMANS!!!!* Keep up the excellent work!!!

Cassie Z. <>
OR usa - Wednesday, October 13, 1999 at 21:42:35 (PDT)
My 1st visit and it's great to find such grace & care.
I look forward to coming back.

wetrat <>
uk - Sunday, October 10, 1999 at 04:29:13 (PDT)
Excellent site!
Karl-Erik Edris <>
Sweden - Monday, September 27, 1999 at 09:52:10 (PDT)
Thank you for your incredible website. What an effort!! I am currently reading the Earthdance on line. I can see that I'll be around your website a long time, browsing through the material. There is hope!
Dubravko Kakarigi <>
Tallahassee, FL usa - Tuesday, September 21, 1999 at 14:09:52 (PDT)
Your life is yours to live as you choose.
After sixteen hours of Hardcore Torture the decision still remains yours as to whether or not to talk.

Gorf <>
London, UK - Wednesday, September 08, 1999 at 10:50:00 (PDT)
Wow! This is the most creative, inspiring, eccentric
site I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work!
Ellen O'Donnell <>
seattle, wa usa - Wednesday, September 01, 1999 at 13:06:02 (PDT)
Found your page because of article by former SDS Prez, Carl Oglesby. Oglesby schtick is about the Odessa ie: post war NAZIs who continued their slime work after war2. You youngins don't know how these basturds killed JFK--not that he was such a lefty--but he knew from NAZIs and why he wanted to "break the CIA into a thousand pieces." Some think that assassination is now history and not current events but witness what's coming to be called the "Get Clinton Cabal" go to Scaife article at They're still at it and pull the strings of the "religious right." I would like anybody to provide information of known german nationals circa 1944 to 1954 involved in supporting, being members in, and otherwise abeting certain "right (reich??) wing" organizations eg: John Birch Society, Committee of 100, Moral Rearmament, Crusade For Freedom, Information Council of the Americas, Young Americans for Freedom, Youth for Christ, America First. You got the idea. You might want to not post this but take my request under advisement as some reichists on the 'net will see this posting and might want to know who's asking. Well... you can hide but you can't run!! Your space machine ran out of gas 4000 years ago and I for one am determined you don't get a refill. --Later
usa - Tuesday, August 17, 1999 at 19:40:26 (PDT)
Help! I'm caught in a totally meaningful experience. Oh heck, where's the blank tape! Steinway, get my Strat! See ya on the road.
David Marsland <>
Greene, NY usa - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 at 22:08:49 (PDT)
Thank you for this opportunity to place myself in your guest book. I gladly and proudly add to my personal web page I have enjoyed the many articals and books placed there. Though I am unable to make a finacial contribution I hereby commit to spreading the word and discuasing your and my beleives that as a part of this universe we must take control of our existance in a manner that will foster our continued survival. Death to the capitalistic way must be only one of our battle cries though perhaps our loudest for it's very much the begining of all the troubles that humanity has suffered. Sincerely, T.L. Collins
Timothy L. Collins <>
Hutchinson, Ks. usa - Monday, June 21, 1999 at 23:44:13 (PDT)
Dear Dave - my first visit to your site today and great to see such brilliant use of this medium - bravo. I encourage your guests to visit my writing on the topic of hazards of radioactivity - which they can find under index for rathaus reality authors go to Sara Shannon and read about 8 pages of brief overview of what damage being done up and including the ozone layer breakdown. Usually people talk, or argue about, health damage. But, it is much more far-reaching. I wrote this along with another 20 pages as an as-clear-as-I-could-make-it statement telling where we are at and the implications. My book Diet for the Atomic Age - is now renamed Technology's Curse and is available from or It has a concise history and details easy ways to protect ourselves using foods. Of course, I wrote that way back in the mid l980's, so the information is always valid, but the extent of what we are facing has gone way far beyond what I understood then. Nevertheless it IS good to know that we can preclude the uptake of radioactive elements - and this was all researched way back. But never told the public. If there is a cure - this would mean there is a problem, And no one wanted us, the people, to catch on to the fact that we are all being slowly poisoned. Since the l950's. If we KNEW, we might have objected. Now they are putting radioactive waste on the soil and crops and even into metals for everyday use. Aside from the drastic use of depleted uranium in the present "war" in Yugoslavia and the Gulf War. Many people know this, but because of disinformation they do not understand how far-reaching and how long-lived this depleted uranium is. Of course it IS handy. It can go right thru a tank and pulverise and poison the guys inside. It sounds like the "Gulf War Syndrome" is partly related to this. People say email your senator. I wonder what the best thing to do is. Many people now are digging in. What about starting some dialogue on this. One other point -- Y2K and nuclear power plants. Don't we have a RIGHT to know where this stands? The cooling pools which hold the used fuel rods which are right next to the power plants are vulnerable. They depend on off-sirte electricity. The back-up generators may or may not work? It seems that IF the cooling water heats up or runs off, the fuel rods would explode within 48 hours. Lets have some dialogue. best wishes to Dave and to all
Sara Shannon <>
NYC, usa - Monday, May 10, 1999 at 10:34:00 (PDT)
Dear people, great site. Please, have a look at our site, Maybe you like it. Sincerely,
Pascalle Sweerts <>
Amsterdam, NH The Netherlands - Wednesday, April 14, 1999 at 13:13:12 (PDT)
HELP! Could someone explain as to why Uranium origin Radon Progeny (alpha particle etc) exposure could not act as an initiator or promotor in the development of Thyroid Cancer?

Maria Watson <>
Helsinki, Finland - Monday, April 12, 1999 at 01:57:59 (PDT)
amanda <>
usa - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 11:43:27 (PST)
Very interesting!
Maria Watson <>
Helsinki, Finland - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 04:33:00 (PST)
Worked on clean up of eniwetok test sites.
Dan Smallwood <>
Geneva, Oh usa - Thursday, February 11, 1999 at 18:44:25 (PST)
This page has been an inspiration to me to become further involved in my comunity
Thalia Boughner <>
Muskogee, OK usa - Friday, January 22, 1999 at 13:20:02 (PST)
now i know that other human bipeds are able to escape mass hypnotic lemming-like behavior---super site--do you think it would be possible for you to do something about non-essential unnecessary hospital rules? i say down with mandatory bedrails--i reserve my right to break my hip!
robert walker <genbaku@stc,net>
ga usa - Friday, December 25, 1998 at 14:40:12 (PST)
I am saddened that I have only now discovered the rat haus... now, when it is so very late and time has almost run out. I have been absorbing information about the Year 2000 bug for a year and a half now, and have come to feel that we are much closer to facing the end of Western "civilization" than most are willing to admit... and those who do admit it, and, like me, willingly embrace it, are people who scare me; survivalists and paramilitarians who are more less interested in building links and bonds and more interested in building bunkers. For a long time I've known that the Earth-reverencing faiths are the ones who hold the surest hope for the future, but day after day after day they are laughed at, shamed, and persecuted. Woe is me.
Scott (the Jolly Reaper) <>
usa - Tuesday, December 22, 1998 at 04:52:20 (PST)
Always seacrching for the truth and the true activists.
Anne Koskinen <>
Redondo Beach, CA usa - Sunday, December 06, 1998 at 10:11:04 (PST)
Rebecca asked me to have a look. Don't have time now, But I'll be back. Thanks
Allen Rodnick <>
DENVER, CO USA - Thursday, December 03, 1998 at 08:50:50 (PST)
I ran the rat race, built the house, fixed it up. I became more selfish and aggressive and arrogant. When it broke, I had a chance to meditate. and learn. Still learning. Thanks for helping.
Joe Boivin <>
Ottawa, ON Cnada - Friday, November 27, 1998 at 15:01:02 (PST)
Hi. Thought you'd like to know that you are now listed on the Haight Ashbury Free Press Website list of links! Please come by and take a look at our site, which I hope you will enjoy! Perhaps you'll consider giving us a reciprocal link from your truly groovy site?
Peace & Love

Chuck Whelon <>
SF, CA USA - Friday, October 16, 1998 at 16:06:02 (PDT)
Could you have even dreamed up anything as warped as Terminator? It just isn't one of those creations that cried out to be invented. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.
Mister A
Martian View, CA USA - Tuesday, October 06, 1998 at 20:09:08 (PDT)
So inspiring, holistic, critically reflective, and even poetic. My 6 year old daughter has 4 rats, though not with an elaborate haus as here, yet. Please keep your links alive. Your contribution to the wide, long, and deep view is fantastic!
Michael Dreiling <>
Eugene, OR USA - Friday, September 25, 1998 at 17:09:33 (PDT)
Lovely, cheerful end-times anarchosydnicalist stuff here! It restores my faith in human spirit to dive into your world. We keep this up and changes might save a few of us. Best wishes for your incindiary effectiveness. Justice and Sanity! -Dr. Tom (
Dr. Thomas S. Lee <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Thursday, September 10, 1998 at 22:26:18 (PDT)
Dear Dave -   Thanks for telling me about your site! It looks great, and I know I'll be visiting it often. Remember - if you ever want to know the truth about what's going on at Edison H., ask me. BruceRat sometimes twists things around a bit...

Steve Roesch <>
Fresno, CA USA - Saturday, August 29, 1998 at 10:13:42 (PDT)
What a great site!!! Can't wait to have time to explore it more. I was searching through links for a site i'm designing for Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse and was directed to your RENEWABLES section.
Visit MAMA at:

Lois <>
Cottage Grove, OR USA - Sunday, August 23, 1998 at 16:14:28 (PDT)
Guest Books at socially progressive sites could become extremely useful when the time comes. Or is the time already here? In solidarity with the need for democratic renaissance in our confrontation with globalization the interested should check out the site at
    only when the last tree has died
    the last river has been poisoned
    and the last fish caught
    will we realize that we cannot eat money
    The Cree
elisabeth clark <>
montreal, canada - Wednesday, August 19, 1998 at 11:15:37 (PDT)
I like your site dave! i stumbled here by chance and couldn't believe it when i realized that this was friend dave, who i have not seen in ages!! keep on keepin' on.
Joni Mehler <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Thursday, August 06, 1998 at 11:10:11 (PDT)
I stumbled onto your site while doing some research on Laurens van der Post. Thank you for your work! Way to go RAT-O!!!!
Mark Miller <>
Encinitas, Ca USA - Thursday, August 06, 1998 at 09:58:28 (PDT)
[The following is in response to Cynthia A. Renk's request for help, below --ratitor]
          I am a nuclear radiation protection technologist. I am very dedicated to the workers I am assigned to protect and I have answered many a persons questions. I make my door open to any questions from anyone.
          My background is extensive and I purposely moved and changed jobs to get the experience in all areas of Health Physics, or radiation protection. I have also developed a new career in the waste characterization methods focusing on the Department of Energy's problems and I have been trained to assay plutoniums and other special nuclear materials for accountability for safeguards and in the wastes. I consider many others much more of an expert in the more narrowed fields. But for an overall view of nuclear materials, how to detect them, protect yourself from them through safe handling and protective clothing and equipment, and the current waste management regulations, including the WIPP Site in New Mexico, I am an considered an expert.
          Keep in mind that I am sympathetic to the rhetoric against radiation. I am aware of the problems within the DOE complexes and the extent of the real contamination. I am working today as a consultant in providing background inforamtion for the Rocky Flats Environmental Site in Colorado. I will be leaving for work at the Nevada Test Site within the next month and working as an operator of the latest and greatest in waste assay equipment, first of its kind, and performing waste characterizations of Nevada's transuranic wastes for disposal at the WIPP. I have worked at Paducah Gasseous Diffusion Plant, Los Alamos National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Labs, the Hanford Site in all areas, Three Mile Island during the defueling process in a hands-on capacity, and operating nuclear power plants. It might sound impressive to some, but it reminds me of how hard I have worked and why.
          The reason I have worked so hard is to learn about it all, the scope of the issues both pro and con. I am committed to environmental restoration BEFORE that was a buzz word. I saw a deer drinking from a lagoon overflow in Los Alamos that was drinking water that had a significant reading from the hard walled probe I had in my hand and was surveying the lagoon overflow with. I was there not because someone sent me to survey but because I had been sent to survey the water samples being taken for sewage bacterial reasons. I was asking myself why was there sewage in THIS lagoon and why if there was, was there no rad tag required for this sample, why this lab did have a rad sink in there lab to pour the sample into after analysis, why, why, why... Then while he was sampling I was walking around and noticing the water overflow line was a pipe with no filtering system at all, just a pipe with a steady water flow. Now keep in mind that this lagoon was coming from a linear accelerator and the radioactive half lives of these isotopes tend to be very short. The radiation will be dead and gone, right? Well what is reasonable to just dump it all into the environment I am thinking!!! Here is a deer getting exposed BEFORE it dies. I was not happy. I talked to a Phd and her advice was to do something about it. I swear she was an angel. Her words still ring in my ears. I replied to her that I was a nobody and what could I really do as a single individual. She said it has to start somewhere and one person can do alot. So I became committed and dedicated.
          Granted I am a bit angry with the tactics that the anti nukes take because that group accomplishes nothing but discord. Not the way to make change. Maybe they are just trying to get attention and real CHANGE is not what they really want. I think that is the way it is for the most part. Typical human behavior. Very few arm themselves with real facts and gain understanding of the situation before spouting platitudes with attitudes. If the anti Nukes want real change then write me a note and I can arm you with tools and knowledge to crank this government system into higher gear. I am not hiding from anyone on my views and I do know how to get action from the Inspector's General's Office, Hotlines and so forth. But there has to be a win-win plan to keep those lines open. No matter who is really right, the nuclear material has to be handled correctly. Ther will be many tasks that require risk taking in order to get the job done right. I say the anti nukes should get a job doing the clean-up, then maybe it WILL get done correctly and we as tax payers and citizens will not have to do this again.
          I could go on for ever, ask my friends and collegues. Please feel free to contact me about your issues at or
Cecelia Lemons <>
Benton City, WA USA - Friday, July 31, 1998 at 13:15:20 (PDT)
I came to look at the rat house. How extraordinary. You must love your little rat friend. thank you for the info on corporations. I have printed out and will read.
Kerith Edwards <>
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Monday, July 20, 1998 at 06:21:32 (PDT)
The URL gives my explanation of why we evolved into the present situation.
I hope it suggests some approaches to change.

Karl Eklund <>
Berkley, MA USA - Monday, July 20, 1998 at 04:48:37 (PDT)
Thank you to be
Bruno damonte <>
Genoa, IT Italy - Monday, June 01, 1998 at 01:01:03 (PDT)
if you believe in freedom
than let go of your chains

gregory <>
eugene, or USA - Monday, May 25, 1998 at 16:17:15 (PDT)
Such a delicious find, actual discourse on more than one issue. What's happening!?!? You're restoring my faith in humankind...
While we wax poetic, prophetic and maybe a bit pathetic on the issues of the day, let's not forget that true peace will not be achieved until we master our own little worlds. Today, take care of your partner, your kids, your swine and your vine. Teach by doing for those closest to you. I don't want you to live in a state of denial, or to have a TakeCareOfMyOwnAndScrewEveryoneElse mentality.
All I mean is that we can't get carried away by the big issues and neglect the care of the small universe the Creator has given us all to maintain. Love to All

Melanie <>
USA - Sunday, May 17, 1998 at 22:28:53 (PDT)
This morning I telephoned several book stores and visited three book stores that I thought would surely have books by Elisabet Sahtouris. None of them had any such books, and two said a book by her and Harman would be coming out in June. Thank you for making available "EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution," available on the web. I have downloaded the book, and plan to send comments to Dr. Sahtouris.
Fred Bernard Wood <>
San Jose, CA USA - Saturday, May 02, 1998 at 19:45:09 (PDT)
greetings! any other labor raticals or unionists out there? i would love to hear from you! any fellow wobs? i would be interested in hearing what's up in your neck of the woods...
Fast Frank <>
amerika - Monday, April 06, 1998 at 15:39:10 (PDT)
Toadlly Ratical, Steve and Dave!
Steve Tills <>
Glen Ellen, CA USA - Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 15:35:31 (PST)
Hey, all you anti-nukers, we need to rally together and protest India's planned stupidity of producing nuclear missiles in their short-sighted excuse at arming themselves against Pakistan and China. Being from Canada, I have the embarassment of our gov't providing them with the Candu reactor, meant of course for "peaceful" purposes of generating power. Thanks for the excellent website, keep up the good work, I've put you on my links list.
cheers, Cat.

Cat Phelps <>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, March 21, 1998 at 10:51:29 (PST)
1 Go to
2 select FEATURES from the menu
3 select "DEATH SQUARED" from the list
it's about rats.

Edward Coll <>
Puhi, HI USA - Thursday, March 12, 1998 at 18:40:20 (PST)
Vilken läcker sida. Om det är någon som förstår vad jag skriver så är ni välkomna att maila. Jag skulle också vilja ha ett sådant hus till mina råttor. Kram från Angelica. Great site!!!
Angelica <>
Linköping, SWEDEN - Tuesday, March 03, 1998 at 03:43:51 (PST)
My name is Claudine but am also known as Dicki by many at Six Nations. In addition to be a life-time student of Rotinonhsonni teachings, I am also a student at the University of Toronto. I was born into the Mohawk Turtle Clan and continue to study kahienkeha (Mohawk).
I am interested in the concept of "The Good Mind". What does it mean and how is it practiced on a daily basis. Claudine

Claudine VanEvery-Albert <>
Six Nations of the Grand River, ON Canada - Wednesday, February 25, 1998 at 07:19:55 (PST)
Quite a collection. I'm a former anti-nuker myself. Yes, I marched for the stoppage of construction of several nuke plants in the 70's and 80's. Palo Verde, Marble Hill, the list is long.
Short story- I didn't know SQUAT about radiation or radioactive materials at the time; yet there I was, totin' the signs in lockstep. I might as well have had a white hood on my head, my brain was so closed and shut off from opposing views. I began to wonder if any of what I was doing had any basis in fact.
My solution: I studied the physics and nature of radiation. I took part in experiments using this very "evil substance and energy." What did I find? Mutations, death, and destruction?
NO!.... I found that radiation is an important part of life itself. It is all around us, coursing through us at all times whether we like it or not. It is not some man-made evil entity that merits web pages and efforts such as yours. Hey, don't get me wrong. In 1978, I didn't believe what scientists other than Gofman and Sternglass said either. But, I didn't hide from gathering my OWN information. And, that TRUE information has set me free, so to speak. If you'd like to discuss further, by all means, contact me! Thanks!
Tom Schumacher <>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Tuesday, February 17, 1998 at 20:57:48 (PST)
I was at Salzburg for the World Uranium Hearing in 1992. I testified as a member of the Ojibway nation. I was so happy to see the Salzburg declaration on your site. This document was written by indigenous people from many different countries. Nice, very very nice. Lorraine Rekmans <>
Blind River, Ont. Canada - Friday, February 13, 1998 at 17:52:34 (PST)
I am one of the test subjects of OT-14, I received 400 rads of x-rays to the gonads and surrounding tissue of the lower abdominal area. Any input that I can get that will help my medical treatment will be great. Any input very welcome. (please e-mail me.) Rob White
robert white <>
spokane, wa USA - Thursday, February 12, 1998 at 19:59:17 (PST)
i'm looking for answers. Please help me. i have been working for the past 4 months on the Savannah River site conducting biological research, specifically handling and banding songbirds. i suspect that i have probably handled radioactively contaminated birds, and am desperate for answers concerning health risks to myself. Please if any one can provide me with some information about risks handling these birds i would be grateful. i never realized until being down here how ugly the lies are about our supposed safety in the face of all this nuclear waste. i am frightened and need answers. No one ever told me when I was hired to do this job that i would be at some health risk. i have studies that show these birds are contaminated....Please answers...
Aiken, SC USA - Tuesday, January 27, 1998 at 18:03:09 (PST)
a colleague forwarded your web site to me in connection with the Chiapas massacre. I'm glad he did. A bit too much information to completely digest now (at work...), but I'll be back. Thanks.
maureen barnato <>
Berkeley, CA USA - Tuesday, January 27, 1998 at 16:45:26 (PST)
Importent and impressif job you are doing!
People must rule the corporations!!
Good luck!

Odd Tarberg <>
aalesund, NORWAY - Saturday, January 10, 1998 at 15:02:54 (PST)
i just got my pc at X-Mas,and i can't tell you how your web site has awakened me to the POWER of this technology!! i have absorbed many of your articles.
The ATFE and other environmental issues have been most enlightening!! i will be involved in these matters and you will hear from me again. Thanks again!!

kevin"mud"smith <>
San Jose, Ca USA - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 04:00:16 (PST)
right on!
WM. H. Kotke <>
1243 east mesa ave, las cruces, nm USA - Saturday, December 27, 1997 at 20:05:36 (PST)
I especially like your info on getting rid of corporate rule--thanks!
Alice <>
Oakland, Ca USA - Thursday, December 25, 1997 at 17:57:07 (PST)
All forms of domination are interlocking. In short: living it ain't the same as thinking it. If you're not a citizen, then you're a consumer. If you're a citizen, use your mouth to speak not for shoving corporiate crap in it. Buy locally. Barter if you can. Network with all of similar mind. Magnify the alternative so that it once again becomes commonsense. And oh, yeah---email me (cause I need some good conversation).
Taz <>
USA - Friday, November 28, 1997 at 10:14:09 (PST)
WAY WAY COOL site, folks!
Jaye Alison Moscariello <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sunday, November 16, 1997 at 21:55:36 (PST)
Beautiful website. Absolutely full of interesting things to read and wonderful to look at.
Gaylynn Robertson <>
Portland, OR USA - Tuesday, November 11, 1997 at 13:08:49 (PST)
Hm, there's no end of the crystallization of planets except that everything else in them is turned into chaos.
Mike Lewis <>
Seattle, WA USA - Monday, November 03, 1997 at 13:42:46 (PST)
Ah! What a great site. Learned but light. Thanks.
Steve P. <>
Waterford, Conn. USA - Friday, October 31, 1997 at 22:03:09 (PST)
Aloha, We met at the WOVA conference held on Kauai and I was inspired to come see your web site. Your are doing great work helping individuals look at our planet from a new-to modern man-but in the old traditional way to some of us. Mahalo nui loa for your effort and vision to make a difference.

Tara Katir <>
Kapaa, HI USA - Tuesday, October 14, 1997 at 19:16:28 (PDT)
I was looking for info aboutr Eniwetok Atoll and saw your listing! I was there during the atomic tests in 1958/59 saw and lived thru 27 atomic blasts and 3 hydrogen. Still alive and kicking............ Just wondered if any of the native people were ever allowed back to what was left of the atoll!
William Ingold (Chapman) RA 27367208 <>
Coon Rapids, MN USA - Monday, October 06, 1997 at 12:07:31 (PDT)
...found you while searching for Martin Sklar. Didn't find him. Found you. Feel at home. More later... Tom
Wm. Thomas Hill <>
Ibaraki, Japan - Tuesday, September 30, 1997 at 03:06:34 (PDT)
Looks great! Eager to read more when I have more time!
Jan Kooistra <>
N. New Portland, ME USA - Wednesday, August 13, 1997 at 09:22:24 (PDT)
right on!
Michael L. Cox <>
Standish, ME USA - Wednesday, August 06, 1997 at 09:24:37 (PDT)
Stick that Nuke Waste in Congress' Backyard!!! We don't want it here in the great state of Nevada! Awesome site you've created here. We've got to stop Nuke subsidies by the government because they are dangerous and the waste can't be put anywhere safely. Renewables are the way to go. Stick it to the man!!!! KOYAANISQATSI!!!!!!!!!
Jacob "Waldo" Kallman <>
Carson City, NV USA - Tuesday, August 05, 1997 at 10:13:07 (PDT)
Excellent! I will be back soon!
Doug Holt <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Saturday, July 26, 1997 at 22:58:27 (PDT)
Hi, great info! Would you like 2 reports re fallout in Australia from 21 British A bomb tests? Includes radiological monitoring data of water storages in South Australia 1965-1995. I am a member of the Australian Atomic Veterans Association. Original surviving exservicemen are still fighting for justice and they will salute you. Best wishes.
Paul Langley <>
Adelaide, SA Australia - Saturday, July 19, 1997 at 05:17:34 (PDT)
Found Ya Lost Indian in Jersy says Hau.
Jeff Tucker <>
Lambertville , N.J USA - Tuesday, July 08, 1997 at 09:26:04 (PDT)
Halo, I surfed and found Your site, very impressive. We are the international Physicians for the Prevention of nuclear war, affiliate in Germany. We also have an english site: So long.
Dr. Herbert Richter-Peill <>
Hamburg, Germany - Thursday, July 03, 1997 at 01:46:19 (PDT)
great job
USA - Saturday, June 14, 1997 at 13:49:26 (PDT)
I landed here in what I'm told is called a serendipity search. What a wonderful place to end up!
Martha Hobart-Burela <>
Bubión, Granada Spain - Friday, June 06, 1997 at 02:53:46 (PDT)
Thanks for the mention of my paper, "Pulp Fiction: The Volunteer Concept" on your nuke link. I really enjoyed writing that one. Check out my homepage, I'm just getting it going, so I'm nowhere close to the league you folks are in.
The LLRW Policy Amendments Act of 1985 is an abysmal failure....   Pass it on!

Diane Aurelia Burton
Auburn, NE USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 18:35:06 (PDT)
Hey, there may not be more of us as Kris Gulbranson wrote but there is one here in Asia Minor! keep on learning and living everybody!
greetings, Lev.
Levent Gokgunnec <>
Izmir, Turkiye - Tuesday, May 13, 1997 at 08:01:18 (PDT)
A kindred spirit salutes your efforts. Too bad there aren't more of us. But what we lack in numbers we must make up for with a raw determination to persevere. Theodore Roosevelt said "It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at best, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." Ratmandu sure can do!!!
Kris Gulbranson
Boise, ID USA - Wednesday, April 30, 1997 at 10:55:37 (PDT)
I came accross your page through the PBS Frontline URL on Nuclear reaction. Some of the articles that you have posted in your Nuclear Mafia section are from the ALAMIST point of view. Abouth this "manmade" radiation you people seem to think that it is the worse kind of radiation, most of you do not live anywhere near a Nuclear reactor. So the radiation that you are exposed to is NATURAL. Which means that you are getting your dose from the sun and even your own homes. Why do organizations like yours always take the ALAMIST route. Look at the facts. Go to your public library and look "the myths of Nuclear Power" up. You also state that the government is keeping the public in the dark, the only reson that you are in the dark is because you turned the switch off.
Bridget Hand <>
Norfolk, Va USA - Wednesday, April 23, 1997 at 06:56:44 (PDT)
A stupefying site; great good work. I see no other mechanism except the Internet to allow people to come together and resist the corporate dominance of our lives and our planet. Cheers for your effort. Sign me "Richard Rat."
R.W. Behan <>
Lopez Island, WA USA - Tuesday, April 22, 1997 at 10:30:42 (PDT)
I enjoy your work on Mind Control, L FP. I had an occasion in 1962 while in Special Forces Europe to train an East German for reinsertion into E. Germany as an agent provacateur. He had been recruited by the CIA after coming through the Berlin Tunnel. His Case Officer mentioned MK ULTRA as an accronym: Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassination.
john mccarthy <>
LA, caI enjo USA - Tuesday, April 01, 1997 at 13:29:13 (PST)
it is so nice to find a place of refinement.
kirk hamilton <O>
1334-15 st. n., St. pbg, FL USA - Sunday, March 30, 1997 at 10:54:32 (PST)
Looks great Dave - I look forward to being connected
Philip Murphy <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Thursday, March 20, 1997 at 16:11:59 (PST)
it's good to see the 1st amendment in full swing in the cyber-reality of the rat haus.
i saw an article, or several, on kevin costner and his budding empire in the city of dwd and the sacred lands of paha sapa, or the black hills to us white people.
in all fairness, it should be noted that the history of the lakota nation and the other sioux tribes as given to the modern white media is lacking in a few details. most noteably, my friends the lakota usually fail to mention that they themselves were forced to migrate west due to pressures put on eastern tribes by the european invasion of the americas. the fate of the once great and powerful crow nation is rarely mentioned in overly-political conversations about whom did what to whom in the 18th and 19th centuries on the North American frontier. i, being native born to the black hills, would never distpute the argument that these lands are sacred to the Native Americans. perhaps the question of whose sacred land it was first is pointless. for me, they are irreplaceable, and in my opinion, are being developed at a frightening rate that will surely leave little to dispute in the future.
in our debates, let us try to remember that we can never go back. the future of the black hills is inevitable in that it is going to come. what that future is, and who is to share in it, and what quality will it have depends on clear sightedness and productive action. name pointing, and bickering about incomplete facts will all get the intelligent people nowhere while the rich developers destroy what we are all talking about. pax.

dakotadan <>
dwd, sd USA - Thursday, March 20, 1997 at 04:14:31 (PST)
WOW!! Right on brother rats!
charles reitz / steve spartan <>
kansas city, ks USA - Tuesday, March 11, 1997 at 16:20:18 (PST)
This is great, keep the pressure on the prostitutes for pollution! It's all a matter of becoming knowledgeable to defeat attempts to control by gov/bureaucrats/big business. The solution to pollution is not dilution, it's prosecution. . ."Ignorance is compounded by the sins of omission" - Dr. Edward A. Martell, (independent) Radiochemist Bureaucrats love to mislead the public by putting out reports based on faulty assumptions of inconsistent, missing or biased data - presenting it as if it were meaningful. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead, Anthropologist
Paula Elofson-Gardine, Environmental Information Network
CO USA - Friday, March 07, 1997 at 19:23:37 (PST)
Thank You for having a site that's filled with information for hungry minds. With out knowledge of the truth the lie becomes fact.
Tiffany Gray <>
Danville, CA USA - Saturday, March 01, 1997 at 15:30:35 (PST)
I appreciate the fact that there is someone willing to even think about the idea that "safe" amounts of radiation do not exist. As a student, it allways seemed strange to me that having paricles slamming into my DNA was O.K. as long as there weren't many!
Chris Fretwell <>
Fresno, Ca USA - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 18:38:46 (PST)
I never realized how severe the effects of nuclear radiation are until I came to this site.
John Maglio <>
Andover, MA USA - Wednesday, February 26, 1997 at 15:18:08 (PST)
i came here for cute pictures of rats, what i left with was spirtual enlightinment that is beter than any picture of a rat
douglas freese <>
steamboat, ia USA - Wednesday, February 26, 1997 at 08:29:17 (PST)
I dont know how i got here but i searched under the three letters :FZL and it sent me here!
Iceman <>
Mt. Berry, Ga USA - Sunday, February 02, 1997 at 00:08:29 (PST)
I've been looking all day for good info on the global Corporatocracy and how to fight it. This is the best spot I've found so far. Thanks so much for all the (obviously) hard work! I'll be back.
Josh Drake, Colorado Public Interest Research Group <>
Gunnison, CO USA - Wednesday, January 29, 1997 at 14:29:38 (PST)
Wonderful work on building the rat haus. We hope that you can join us at the Nevada Test Site this Spring where we will combine prayer with action and stop the preperations for new nuclear weapons tests and nuclear waste dumping in the beautiful desert of Newe Sogobia ancestral lands of the Newe (Western Shoshsone) people. Corbin Harney, Newe Elder and Spritual Leader calls on all peoples to join together and protect and heal Mother Earth.
Reinard Knutsen <>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Wednesday, January 29, 1997 at 07:21:41 (PST)
I love you page. Keep on the heels of the opressors and never let them rest.
This is our world and thank you for Beleiving that...

Harry Nelson <>
Reseda, CA USA - Tuesday, January 14, 1997 at 19:38:31 (PST)
Great information, connections, ideas, thoughts, inspiration.

Pamela Escarcega <>
Ocala, FL USA - Tuesday, January 07, 1997 at 04:14:43 (PST)
In the interest of personal choice, I'd rather not have cookies made mandatory.
I keep saying NO, and your algorithm never gives up.
Gary Nelson <>
Barrington, IL USA - Saturday, December 21, 1996 at 17:22:09 (PST)
Great to visit the Rat Haus. Delighted to see such positive info and connections available.
You give us hope. We love and need you.
Don And Sue.

Don O'Connor and Sue Ewart <>
Daylesford, Victoria AUSTRALIA - Thursday, November 28, 1996 at 04:44:23 (PST)
I just got the vibes! Namaste. Dave
Dave <>
Cottonwood, AZ USA - Wednesday, November 20, 1996 at 11:21:18 (PST)
What can I say? Enjoyed this site and Elisabet's! Let's just dance and play the drums and consume less. Love you.

Alan Morris <>
Lincoln, NE USA - Sunday, October 20, 1996 at 14:00:44 (PDT)
Why is it when you see a rat in a house, he(she?) looks like a cute mouse?
judith Schwartz <>
Mt. View, CA USA - Friday, October 18, 1996 at 15:50:36 (PDT)
Hey Rat Man! Nice page design. Most excellent link selections.
Thanks for being here.
Cameron Spitzer <>
San José, CA USA - Thursday, October 17, 1996 at 11:47:11 (PDT)
I like the new look.
Keep up the good work.

Hi Michelle
 @ Netcom.Com
USA - Wednesday, October 16, 1996 at 15:54:59 (PDT)
I am Blown away by your Site! So much Vital information. Excellent job Thanks!

IaHU-NaTaN <>
Eugene, OREGON USA - Sunday, October 13, 1996 at 01:33:00 (PDT)
Ratman: thanks for the info on renewables
George Peabody c/o The MAN <>
Molokai, HI USA - Friday, October 04, 1996 at 16:52:46 (PDT)
Who you really are is still yet being discovered....
Rachel L. Tagge <>
Burke, VA USA - Monday, September 23, 1996 at 13:59:10 (PDT)
I'm interested in electing Ralph Nader President and ending corporate rule.
Thanks for a great web site.

Deb Wiese <>
Portland, OR USA - Thursday, August 22, 1996 at 08:42:11 (PDT)
Hello Ratman
Greetings from RainbowNet Cultural Technologies.
The Worlds First Mobile Cyber Cafe
Love your website, thanks very much.

Tim Murphy <>
Oxford, Oxon. UK - Wednesday, July 31, 1996 at 07:46:41 (PDT)
Hello! just got here ...glad to know you are there
Mike Amato <>
Cambridge, MA USA - Monday, July 15, 1996 at 08:01:54 (PDT)
Went looking for images of Mesa Verde (home state) and came
Liz Scott <>
Ft. Worth, TX USA - Thursday, July 04, 1996 at 21:42:00 (PDT)
Well, DC's not a state. A small concession with a potentially big impact
would be for all forms to list "State __ or DC __". I'm obviously
not too concerned with Guam, Puerto Rico and other territories since
the have special tax breaks already.

Darryl Bryans <>
Washington, DC USA - Tuesday, June 25, 1996 at 09:02:45 (PDT)
Thanks for making a special moment for me on the solstice today.
In the UK, it is traditional to celebrate the solstice sunrise
at the sites of ancient power, and Stonehenge is the center.
You can find a photo of the solstice sunrise over
Stonehenge at
Best wishes for peace and love

Jon Moore <>
Sheffield, UK - Friday, June 21, 1996 at 03:32:52 (PDT)
Peruvian Whistling Vessels provide a jumpdoor to many worlds.
Visit them at

Don Wright <>
La Selva Beach, CA USA - Sunday, June 16, 1996 at 13:00:44 (PDT)
Soitonly Poifect!
Rodent Architecture, Atomic Rebellion, Corporate Mutiny...
--It's all there at the Rathaus!
Check out the Chicago Greens:
Chicago Arcology Network:
--Talkin' about Jumpdoors!
Please come to Chicago, or else join the other side!

Bob Rudner <>
Chicago, IL USA - Friday, June 07, 1996 at 15:27:53 (PDT)
Way mega-cool!
We have some hemp articles you may like in our environment archives.

kenny lee kollerer <>
occidental, CA USA - Friday, May 31, 1996 at 08:07:43 (PDT)
This is a totally cool! I've actually been working on a site similar to this one which I would like to act as a platform for thought about life, death, existence, etc. I think that this is the type of thing that the web should really be about! Congrats to the writer of this page! Excellent! If you liked this page check out........
I'm totally trying to collect ideas so please send yours!
Again, congrats towards this page!

Max Edleson <>
Jakarta, Indonesia - Saturday, May 25, 1996 at 22:38:15 (PDT)
Great page. A wonderful change from Interbleat!
Allan Foster <>
USA - Friday, May 10, 1996 at 14:32:00 (PDT)
Found You, Michelle!
Claudia Slate <>
Parmelee, SD USA - Saturday, May 04, 1996 at 22:41:53 (PDT)
We Gotta Bring Down Babylon!!
Action Jackson <>
Toronto, ON Canada - Thursday, April 25, 1996 at 12:22:30 (PDT)
Hi Michele
Jake C. <>
Milpitas, Ca USA - Saturday, April 20, 1996 at 19:04:50 (PDT)
A privilege to be a guest in the rat haus.
Oscar F. Hills, M.D. <>
Guilford, CT USA - Sunday, April 14, 1996 at 14:20:42 (PDT)
This is the kind of ammo I like to find on the web!!!
John Kealy <>
USA - Wednesday, April 10, 1996 at 10:37:52 (PDT)
Jeffie <>
Aptos, CA USA - Friday, March 01, 1996 at 14:45:17 (PST)
Signing in. Don't see anyone else [yet] in the guestbook.
That's OK, at least the rats' are here. Greetings "Rat as in
rodent, cliff as in jump off a cliff with an E at the end".

Michael Fong <>
Mountain View, CA USA - Wednesday, February 21, 1996 at 17:31:26 (PST)

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