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Within the Pyramid: The Adventurous Journey of the Lower Knowledge Strata into Labour Aristocracy
Data analysis and data interpretation: Jan Krasni
Data organisation, analysis and visualisation: Vladan Joler
Data collection: Christo and Andrej Petrovski
As mentioned above, in order to learn more about the Facebook employees, we were using publicly accessible data from the LinkedIn network. We used modification of Littlefork which scraped the profiles of 1000 people stating in their professional activities that they are or have been working for Facebook. We believe these data are useful only to a certain extent since there is no way of checking their complete accuracy. The total number of Facebook employees in 2015 according to 10-K form was 12,691 (check also: UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, D.C. 20549 FORM 10-K). We think that for the ethical reasons and social responsibility Facebook should represent in its employee and managerial structure the gender, culture and race of its global market and not only the U.S. American one. The results of our research show that Facebook represents (significant parts of) U.S. political, social, and economic elites instead.

Figure 5 shows the professional and educational background of Facebook employees (it does not say anything about the managers and executives). It should be read from the top to the bottom [left-to-right in the below*] as follows: the country of study on [left] top is the country where the person employed studied, whereas the following category shows the university stated in their LinkedIn biographies. Below [To the right of] that we can see the job position before joining Facebook. The highest number of employees started to work for Facebook right after their studies and majority of them originates from the U.S.A. In other words, only a very small percentage of FB-employees, who began to work for the company immediately after their studies, came from educational institutions outside the U.S.A.

*This map has been rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees from the way it is presented and described in the above. Converted from its PDF source, this image has a resolution of 11417 x 7877 pixels and is 9.6 MB.
Figure 5 : Educational and Professional Development of Facebook Employees – PDF Version

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