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Lawsuits Challenging Covid-19 False Claims
Compilation by David T. Ratcliffe, rat haus reality press
Published: 8 Mar 2021
Last Updated: 2022: 8 Mar, 4 Mar,
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PCR House Of Cards
Reiner Fuellmich: “[T]his is their weak spot.
This is their Achilles heel, the PCR tests.
If we destroy the PCR tests, then that’s it. No more infections.
The whole house of cards is going to collapse.” 22 May 2021
17 Feb 2021, Reiner Fuellmich: “the Drosten PCR test was and still is
the centerpiece of this whole thing. If we destroy that narrative,
I think this house of cards is going to come down crashing soon.”

As Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati has observed, “The framers of the U.S. Constitution had it right when they talked about inalienable rights, meaning the rights that were given to you by your Creator, even if you believe your creator is just your mother.” Our inalienable rights are being threatened to the point of no return. The antidote to this are the lawsuits in process, challenging official claims Covid-19 justifies locking down global society. This compilation summarizes and references well-conceived legal cases being pursued through judicial proceedings to force government disclosure that answer fundamental, critical questions, a very few of which are:

In 1803 Marbury v. Madison established that in the United States the court is a coequal branch of government and its role is to determine the Constitutionality of governmental actions. The following groups are employing the power of judicial oversight of government decrees to pry loose the data so far not made public which has introduced unprecedented policies with devastating consequences far beyond the actual mortality rate of people dying from Covid, not with Covid. As stated in the Amended Oct 2020 Ohio Complaint regarding Facts:

The fact pattern for this case is extremely complex. A number of sections below discuss errors or the debunking of what is intentionally misleading information put forth by the State or CDC. It is indisputable that COVID-19 is roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu (see below), less dangerous than many other infectious diseases that we have not taken such drastic steps to stop, and also that the reaction to COVID-19 is the definition of arbitrary and capricious. The continuation of this overreaction has only occurred due to the reality that the facts are complex enough that few have realized how badly they have been misled. Here we attempt to simplify the facts into a digestible narrative.


This Corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a Corona scandal, and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil law damages. On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas.
Dr Reiner Fuellmich, 3 Oct 2020
We should be talking about why and how has our society allowed these things to happen? How and why? And we must try to get answers to those so that this will never happen again.
Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, Nov 2020
Sooner or later something like this was going to happen—we didn’t pay attention to the signs. We’d better be paying attention now because they’re never going to let us go unless we do something about it. That’s why we’re filing lawsuits, lots of them and filing a lot more of them because if we don’t ... use the courts to free ourselves we will never be a free people again. We’re filing a federal lawsuit as well and we’re going to keep doing this state-by-state until we set everybody free. And then we’ve got to work really, really hard to make sure this never happens again by being very diligent citizens.
Dr Pamela Popper, 21 Dec 2020
I think our only hope is the courts. The courts have done a really good job—mostly—we have taken beatings in the court too. But there are judges out there and it appears that the Supreme Court judges who—most of whom I don’t like much but they understand that we’re on the same team when it comes to recognizing that this is the onset of a really ugly dark totalitarianism and they have indicated they may be willing to stand up to that.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., 5 Jan 2021

 Corona Ausschuss / English: Corona Committee (auto-gen Eng trans [agEt])

Viviane Fischer

Reiner Fuellmich

Justus Hoffmann

Antonia Fischer

Marcel Templin
•   Overview
•   Crimes Against Humanity
•   Independent, Transparent, Evidence-Based Analysis
•   Covid 19 False Claims
•   Orwellian Censorship Writ Large
•   Additional Background
•   Critical Analysis
•   Recent Developments / Recordings


The Corona Committee was established in July 2020 by Attorneys at Law Dr Reiner Fuellmich (agEt) Viviane Fischer, Dr Justus P. Hoffmann (agEt), and Antonia Fischer (agEt). Initially in English as the German Corona Investigative Committee, its present-day internet presence is in German: Corona Ausschuss (Corona Committee (agEt)). The Corona Committee seeks answers to the legal questions of whether the anti-Corona measures taken by the German federal and state governments against a possible overloading of the healthcare system (“flattening the curve”) and to prevent SARS-CoV2 deaths were suitable, necessary and proportionate – in accordance with the constitutional standard of review – or whether the collateral damage that occurred was culpably caused.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has been admitted to the bar in Germany and California for more than 25 years. Born and raised in Bremen, he attended school in Bremen and Farmington Hills, Michigan and studied law at Georg-August University in Göttingen and Los Angeles. Along the way he was a research assistant at the law faculty of Georg-August-U and received his doctorate there. Prior to founding his law firm in 1993, he worked in corporate banking for Deutsche Bank in Germany and Japan. Dr. Fuellmich has published various articles and books in the fields of banking law, medical law and private international law, has taught as a professor and lecturer at universities in Germany and Estonia, and is a member of the German American Lawyers Association, German Japanese Lawyers Association, German Lawyers Association, and Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende (Citizens’ movement financial turnaround e.V.). Additionally, Dr. Fuellmich is the founding chairman of the Corona Committee Foundation, and founding member of the interest group A-DuR (Aktion Demokratie und Recht/Action Democracy and Law) for the introduction of, among other things, genuine class actions in the sense of class action and a sanction-protected right of proof in the sense of discovery into civil procedural law for the purpose of creating equality of arms in legal disputes with structural imbalance due to the involvement of state bodies or corporations.

In September 2020 the Corona Committee published the 28-page paper, Stiftung Corona-AusschussBericht (kurz) SARS-CoV2 und die Lockdown-Folgen. A rough English translation produces: Corona Foundation Committee Report (short), SARS-CoV2 and the Lockdown Consequences.

Crimes Against Humanity

On 3 October 2020 Dr Fuellmich published a statement on Crimes Against Humanity, presenting what the Corona Committee had established to that point from its investigations. The complement to the 49-minute film is a complete annotated transcript including the following outline:

Near the beginning he sets the framework:

Crimes against Humanity were first defined in connection with the Nuremberg Trials, after World War II that is, when they dealt with the main war criminals of the Third Reich. Crimes against Humanity are today regulated in section 7 of the International Criminal Code.

The three major questions to be answered in the context of a judicial approach to the Corona scandal are:

  1. Is there a Corona pandemic, or is there only a PCR test pandemic? specifically: Does a positive PCR test result mean that the person tested is infected with Covid-19, or does it mean absolutely nothing in connection with the Covid 19 infection?
  2. Do the so-called anti-corona measures, such as the lockdown, mandatory face masks, social distancing, and quarantine regulations serve to protect the world’s population from Corona? Or do these measures serve only to make people panic so that they believe—without asking any questions—that their lives are in danger, so that in the end the pharmaceutical and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen and antibody tests and vaccines, as well as the harvesting of our genetic fingerprints?
  3. Is it true that the German government was massively lobbied—more so than any other country—by the chief protagonists of this so-called Corona pandemic, Mr. Drosten, virologist at Charité hospital in Berlin, Mr. Wieler, veterinarian and head of the German equivalent of the CDC, the RKI, and Mr. Tedros, head of the World Health Organization, or WHO, because Germany is known as a particularly disciplined country and was therefore to become a role model for the rest of the world for it’s strict, and, of course, successful adherence to the corona measures?
Mr. Drosten                        Mr. Wieler                        Mr. Tedros

Independent, Transparent, Evidence-Based Analysis

Beginning July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions with worldwide experts and witnesses on a variety of questions about the virus, crisis management, and repercussions. The purpose is to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the corona measures and what the consequences were and are for people. Committed to independent, transparent and evidence-based analysis, these meetings are published on the Corona Committee website. There have been 74 Sessions and 3 Special Sessions (agEt) totaling more than 382 hours of hearings. A chronological Index of Sessions (titles crudely translated) and links to same are listed below. Special Sessions are listed at the end.

14 July 2021: One year ago today the first Session was conducted featuring Dr Wolfgang Wodarg. Dr Wodarg’s involvement in 2009 as a member of the German Bundestag and a member of the Council of Europe was critical in revealing the false claim of what was then being called a Swine Flu Pandemic and bringing it to an end before it could lead to more serious consequences.

The following Index list links to each Session. Links in bold contain at least one English speaker (with audio-only file linked via the time-stamp) or English subtitles; English overdub.

  1. Learning from the Swine Flu with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (3:40:23) 14 Jul 2020
  2. The Situation of People in Nursing Homes (3:23:10) 15 Jul 2020
  3. Bergamo - What Was Going On? (4:39:52) 23 Jul 2020
  4. The Drosten Test, Immunity and the Second Wave (2:30:13) Jul 2020
  5. The Situation of Small Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed (4:22:59) 30 Jul 2020
  6. The Situation of the Children (3:27:48) 31 Jul 2020
    • Elisabeth Sternbeck
    • Prof Dr Christian Schubert
    • Tina Romdhani
  7. [] Do the Masks Protect or Do They Harm? (3:39:24) 6 Aug 2020
  8. USA - the View from the Inside, Current Situation in Sweden, France, Italy, etc. (4:08:00) Aug 2020
  9. The Role of the Media (3:51:30) 13 Aug 2020
  10. Dangerousness of the Virus, Treatment of the Disease, Vaccination as a Way Out? (4:04:45) 14 Aug 2020
  11. Privacy - 1 Million Genomes, Health ID, Tracking App Legal System - Basics for the Measures, Basic Rights (3:38:03) 18 August 2020
    • Dr Thilo Weichert (Datenschutzeperte)
    • Gordon Pankalla (Rechtsanwalt)
    • Karl Hilz (Polizeibeamter a.D.)
  12. [] Disincentives in the System - The Role of the Media II (2:38:02) 20 Aug 2020
    • Hermann Ploppa (Politikwissenschaftler)
    • Don Dylan (Gesunheits- und Präventionsberater)
  13. Middle Class in Crisis, Public Debt, Pandemic Profiteers (5:08:43) 21 Aug 2020
  14. [] The Rule of Law and the Berlin Demonstrations (4:22:25) 11 Sep 2020
  15. Hypnosis, Rituals, Fear and Ways Out of The Trauma Crisis (3:01:34) 12 Sep 2020
    • Prof Franz Ruppert (Psychotraumatologe)
    • Prof Gerald Hüther (Neurobiologe)
  16. The Corona Consultation: Help for Self-Help with Masks, Tests, Quarantine (3:11:22) 17 Sep 2020
  17. [] The Economy Under Control of the Pandemic (3:15:27) 18 Sep 2020
  18. [] Risks from the Measures, Risks from the Treatment (3:21:47) 2 Oct 2020
  19. [] Risks of Treatment / Internals from Schools (2:51:37) 6 Oct 2020
  20. [] Financial System and Hartz IV Regime (3:49:09) 9 Oct 2020
  21. [] Corporate Power and Corruption (3:41:05) 16 Oct 2020
  22. [] The Player: Drosten, Ferguson, Wieler, the Charité and the Role of TIB Molbiol (4:33:38) 23 Oct 2020
  23. [] Play and Serious: Actor Marco Rima, Cabaret Artist Arnulf Rating and a Look Inside a Union (4:05:58) 30 Oct 2020
  24. [] The Strength of Our Immune System and the Voices of Children (3:16:32) 29 Oct 2020
  25. [] The Danger of the Alignment of Our Legal System, Police Violence and Attacks by Private Individuals (2:44:02) 30 Oct 2020
  26. [] PCR Test - The Dominoes Fall (3:19:23) 6 Nov 2020
  27. [] The All Out Attack (3:42:58) 13 Nov 2020
  28. [] The Sloping Slope (4:15:24) 20 Nov 2020
  29. [] The Attack on Body and Soul (3:49:40) 27 Nov 2020
  30. [] Under the Microscope (4:02:43) 4 Dec 2020
  31. [] The Dam Breaks Lovingly (2:36:18) 11 Dec 2020
  32. [] Soul of Man You Are Like Water (5:25:55) 18 Dec 2020
  33. [] Closing Line 2020 (2:45:46) 1 Jan 2021
    • Prof Martin Schwab (Rechtswissenschaftler)
  34. [] You Can’t See Those in the Dark (4:43:42) 8 Jan 2021
  35. [] Lex et salutem - The Blind Spot (4:20:23) 15 Jan 2021
  36. [] Is it Devil Stuff? mRNA Technology in Sheep’s Clothing (4:59:33) 15 Jan 2021
  37. [] The Settlement: Legal System and mRNA Technology (6:37:21) 29 Jan 2021
  38. [] Attack on People and Society (5:30:08) 5 Feb 2021
  39. [] The Global Context and the Press: Russia, Sweden, Italy etc. (5:47:55) 12 Feb 2021
  40. [] The Great Recall (4:48:13) 17 Feb 2021
  41. [] Troy Everywhere (4:45:48) 26 Feb 2021
  42. [] The Systemic Crisis (6:46:16) 5 Mar 2021
  43. [] Again, Fascism and Back (7:02:56) 12 Mar 2021
  44. [] The Roots of Evil (4:47:29) 19 Mar 2021
  45. [] Can Arithmetic Be a Sin? (4:18:12) 26 Mar 2021
  46. [] Fear is Curable (5:12:49) 2 Apr 2021
  47. [] Unpacking, Tackling (5:34:34) 9 Apr 2021
  48. [] Of Lionesses and Lions (4:44:03) 16 Apr 2021
    • Hans-Christian Prestien (ehem. Familien- und Jugendrichter)
    • Isabell Flaig (Geschäftsführerin Pflegezentrum Kirchheim GmbH)
    • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (Internist, Pneumologe, Sozialmediziner)
    • Carola Hüttner (ehem. Lehrerin und Vorsitzende “Kinder für Weltfrieden e.V.”)
    • Antonya-Fé Moll (Erzieherin und Kosmetikstudiobetreiberin)
    • Prof Franz Ruppert (Psychotherapeut, Schwerp. Psychotraumatologie)
    • Ulf Steinecke (Dipl. Betriebswirt bei Go 2 Convent GmbH)
    • Christine Bögl (Geschäftsführerin eines Konzeptstores)
    • Tobias Fink (Restaurantbetreiber s'Reiwerle)
  49. [] The Oath of Disclosure (1:52:28) 23 Apr 2021
    • Hans-Christian Prestien (ehem. Familien- und Jugendrichter)
    • Prof Martin Schwab (Rechtswissenschaftler)
    • Antonio Solo (stellv. Vorstand des dieBASIS-Kreisverbandes Soest)
  50. [] Solidarity! (2:47:50) 30 Apr 2021
    • Ken Jebsen (Journalist und Produzent)
    • Dr Gerhard Strate (Rechtnsanwalt und Mitglied Verfassungsrechtsausschuss)
    • Prof Martin Schwab (Rechtswissenschaftler)
    • Thomas A Pallushek (Leiter der dt. Schule Chennai)
  51. [] The Reality Check (6:25:00) 7 May 2021
    • Alkje Fontes (LV dieBasis Sachsen-Anhalt)
    • Godrun Fontest (Landtagskandidatin dieBasis Sachsen-Anhalt)
    • Olaf Kretschmann (Gründer der Initiative Rundfunk-frei)
    • Prof Dietrich Murswiek (Experte für Verfassungsrecht, Verwaltungsrecht und Völkerrecht)
    • Wilfried Schmitz (Rechtsanwalt)
    • Steffi (Mitbegr. Telegramkanal Pflege- und Krankenhauspers. für Aufklärung)
    • Florian (Krankenpfleger auf einer Corona-Isolierstation)
    • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (Lungenfachartzt)
    • Christiane (Krankenschwester auf einer Intensivstation)
    • Ad-hoc 9 - Lockdowns: Perspektive eines Rettungsassistenten - Informant
  52. [] Carrot and Stick (3:57:10) 14 May 2021
  53. [] Determine Yourself (5:07:37) 21 May 2021
  54. [] Caught Between Nudging and Side Effects (5:30:25) 28 May 2021
  55. [] Investigations (5:09:54) 4 Jun 2021
  56. [] With Hellish Pills (3:40:36) 11 Jun 2021
    • Dr Michael Dykta (Oberarzt der Allgemein-, Viszeral- und Thoraxchirurgie)
    • Prof Arne Burkhardt (Pathologe)
    • Dr Peter A McCullough (Cardiologist and Deputy Head Physician, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas) 57:39
      at 01:05:
      Dr McCullough: My quick analysis is I believe that we’re under the application of a form of bioterrorism that’s world-wide that appears to have been many years in the planning. The first wave of the bioterrorism is a respiratory virus that spread across the world and affected relatively few people, about 1% of many populations, but generated great fear. The virus was responsible for some deaths in the very frail and elderly but in otherwise well people it was like having the common cold. But that fear was used very quickly and surprisingly to generate tremendous influences in human life, lockdowns, all the things you know about. And every single thing that was done in the public health response to pandemic made it worse. So over-testing and even lockdowns probably made it worse because the virus evolved over time to become more contagious. So every single response made it worse.
      at 44:48:
      Dr McCullough: They've gone further. They've linked the vaccine to freedoms. This has occurred in Europe where they said, Listen, people need to understand they need to get the vaccine to get their freedom back. Wooww!
      Dr Wodarg: We know this from the Mafia. This is just what the Mafia does. It's a very, very old method. If you let us protect you, you have to pay a little for this, everything is okay. If we are not allowed to protect you, you will see what happens.
      at 53:11:
      Dr McCullough: What I’m doing is I’m actually taking the moral authority and I’m challenging who here has a greater amount? I said, in a single person: I’ve seen and examined more patients; I’ve treated more patients; I’ve published more on COVID-19; I have the best academic record; I’ve had the illness myself; My father has had it; I’ve had a death in my family due to the illness. Who in one single person in the world can say that? So I am taking the moral and clinical and ethical and human authority and challenging anybody to come after me. Because the only way to get the other side to back down is to be supremely confident and strong.... This is very important. Something obviously is going on very wrong in the world.... I am very afraid based on what we are learning, just by the first injections, that they interact with P-53 and BRCA. They could ultimately lead to cancers. They could lead to cancers. The Japanese have already shown us the lipid particles concentrate in the ovaries. Could they be sterilizing?
         If you said this is all a Gates Foundation program to reduce the population, it’s fitting pretty well with that hypothesis. The first wave was to kill the old people by the respiratory infection. The second wave is to take the survivors and target the young people and sterilize them. If you notice, the messaging in the countries—the United States, they’re not even interested in old people now. They want the kids. They want the kids, kids, kids, kids kids. There’s such a focus on the kids....
         We’re at 800 cases of heart injury in these kids. Some of them, it’s really pretty significant and it’s going to lead to heart failure. And we need to scare parents so hard. In the United States, in one state, they’ve already put the ground work that the kids age 12 can accept the vaccine on their own without family consent. That’s never happened in history.
         In Toronto the other day, they lured kids out to get ice cream and they held the parents back and they were vaccinating the kids. It’s terrible. My wife is Canadian and her mother was forcibly vaccinated. She doesn’t speak English very well and a health care worker came over, there was some type of dispute and before she knew it she was injected. She doesn’t even know what she got. So it’s happening.
         I predict that it will come to forcible injection. They’re going to take it this far.... We have to stop it and we have to see what’s behind it. Is it Bill Gates trying to control the population? Is it the Chinese trying to pressure for bioterrorism? Is it something more malevolent? To me what was masterful is the psychological part of this. How did they pull this off from a mass psychology perspective?
    • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (Internist und Pneumologe) involved throughout
    • Ad-hoc 13 - Dr Roger Hodkinson (Pathologist) 58:00
  57. [] Under Pressure (4:33:51) 18 Jun 2021
  58. [] Please Move On, Nothing To See Here (5:09:22) 25 Jun 2021
  59. [] The Devil Is In The Details (4:38:48) 2 Jul 2021
  60. [] Time Is Not A Flat Circle (6:15:49) 9 Jul 2021
    • Wolfgang Effenberger (Politologe und Sachbuchautor)
    • Ulrich Miles (Sozialwissenschaftler und Friedensforscher)
    • Dr Robert Malone (Virologe, Immunologe, Mikrobiologe) 1:16:00
    • Dr Gary Sidley (Klinischer Psychologe) 53:43
    • Dr David E Martin (Vorsitzender von M-CAM International) 1:51:08
      From Richard Rosenthal:
      Documented massive criminal acts against humanity. An absolute must study to know and understand the ugly truth about SARS-CoV-2. Patent expert-supreme David Martin explains:
      • Over the past 2 decades, 6 dozen patents (precise details given) were filed by various parties containing all elements of what has become known as SARS-CoV-2.
      • From 2016 on while gain of function research was flourishing, numerous comments and actions by Fauci, Daszak, Baric, CDC, NIAID, WHO, pharmaceutical companies and others, all relating to getting world acceptance of what was intended to be an enormously profitable new pan corona virus vaccine via “a global experience” (ie, the release of SARS-CoV-2) “that will accustom the public to accepting a vaccine mandate.” (WHO language from Sept. 2019).
      • Punchlines from minute 30 on reveal the true origins of SARS Cov2 (not the limited hangout of coming from nature), and what appears to be the altogether reprehensible intent of the purveyors of both the “alleged virus” (which has never actually been isolated or identified) and the experimental toxic S protein injections popularly, but erroniously referred to as “vaccines” even though they do not meet the patentable, legal, or clinical standards of a vaccine (which must prevent infection and not merely generate an immune response).
      • The coronavirus and vaccines have been discussed since 2005 as malleable bio-weapons and tools for population control. Those elements are not covered in detail, but are on the table.
  61. [] We’ll Catch You Cause We Can (6:08:33) 16 Jul 2021
  62. [] The Wave (6:16:15) 22 Jul 2021
    • Margin Lejeune (Journalist)
    • Christine Pelz (Krankenschwester A.D.)
    • Matthew Ehret (Author and Historian) 1:15:52
      • The Eugenics Roots of the Great Reset: 100 Years to Flatten the Curve
        In this recording Matthew Ehret introduces the roots of the Great Reset Agenda by jumping back in time 100 years and evaluating the growth of eugenics leading into WW2 as a “scientific miracle solution” to saving the world. Areas covered include the role of Anglo-American financiers and industrialists who brought Hitler to power, Franklin Roosevelt’s combat with these forces then promoting a “Great Reset” bankers dictatorship as the supposed solution to the great depression, how these financiers and industrialists brought fascism into the world in the first place and then avoided all punishment during the Nuremburg Tribunals while regrouping into a new modus operandi after 1945.
      • Note: The American Frontline Doctors lawsuit referred to in the Tom Renz film clip at the beginning of this is here.
      • For Victory Day: It’s Time to Think About Finally Winning WWII, The Canadian Patriot, 9 May 2021
      • At the moment, it is probable that the indirect effect of civilisation is dysgenic instead of eugenic; and in any case it seems likely that the dead weight of genetic stupidity, physical weakness, mental instability, and disease-proneness, which already exist in the human species, will prove too great a burden for real progress to be achieved. Thus even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for Unesco to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable.
        —Julian Huxley, UNESCO: Its Purpose and Its Philosophy, 1946, p.21
      • Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review, a BRI Expert on Tactical Talk, and Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow. He is author of the Untold History of Canada book series, and Clash of the Two Americas. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation to promote humanist education and intercultural dialogue and understanding.
    • Ilana Rachel Daniel (Author and Political Activist)
    • Vera Sharav (Founder der “Alliance for Human Research Protection”)
    • Dr Vladimir Zelenko (Family Physician) 1:21:31
  63. [] The Eye of the Storm (4:39:02) 30 Jul 2021
    • Martin Lejeune (freier journalist)
    • Dr Robert Kleinstäuber (Facharzt für Anästhesie und Intensivmedizin)
    • Dr Harold Eymer (Zahnarzt mit Schwerpunkt Naturheilwesen)
    • Dr Bryan Ardis (CEO of 1:25:13
    • Prof Mattias Desmet (Professor in Clinical Psychology, Ghent University and holds a Masters Degree in Statistics)
      English only portions: 1:09:06
      ; with German translation: 1:31:25
      Complete Annotated Transcript
           (00:12:51): Another consequence, that is very typical for totalitarian states, is that people become radically intolerant for dissonant voices. Because if someone tells another story, if someone claims that the official story is wrong, then this person threatens to wake the people up and they will get angry because they’re confronted with the initial anxiety and the initial psychological discontent. So they direct all that aggression at these dissonant voices, at the other voices. And at the same time, they are radically tolerant for their leaders, for the people who pronounce the mainstream narrative. These people can actually cheat and lie and manipulate and do everything they want, but they will always be forgiven by the crowd because the crowd seems to think that they do it for their own sake. That’s also part of the mechanism of mass formation....
           (00:34:09): That’s something that Gustave Le Bon says, for instance: that it’s very difficult if mass formation happens at a very large scale in a society, it’s very difficult to wake up the masses. He says that usually you cannot do that. It’s impossible to do. Because the masses only wake up after a lot of destruction usually. But he says that if people who do not agree with the mass narrative, if they continue to talk, they prevent the masses to commence their largest crimes. That’s very important, you can make the hypnosis less deep by continuing to talk. And that’s what we all have to do. The people who have different opinions, the people who know about the different narrative, they have to continue to speak in the public space. That’s extremely, extremely important. I’m convinced that in this way, we will succeed in keeping open a certain part besides the mainstream....
           (00:37:19): Totalitarianism and mass formation are intrinsically self-destructive. That’s something, for instance, that is completely different in a dictatorship. Because in a classical dictatorship, once the opposition is overwhelmed, the dictator starts to lessen, to get milder. Because he realizes that he needs the population to be on his side. He needs to make them content with him. And that’s what the totalitarian state does not realize. Because the totalitarian state is really based on a kind of mass hypnosis which makes it unaware of reality and in that respect it reacts in a radically different way. So I think we have to speak for both the people who are in the masses and for the people who refuse to go along with the masses. They need us both I think and I think you guys all do a wonderful job for that....
           It was very, very striking that no matter what totalitarian leaders such as Stalin or Hitler did, it always ended up as a failure and it always ended up in destruction.
      (01:02:00): For me, that’s one of the very dangerous things in this situation. I’m not a biologist, I’m not a vaccinologist, I’m not an immunologist, but I’m just relying on this psychological law that the masses are only capable of destruction and totalitarianism is only capable of destruction. Something in these systems seems to make it inevitable that each project ends up in destruction. That makes it a very difficult situation, of course. And because actually now that the mainstream ideology intervenes immediately in the body, in the physical body of the patients and it would be the case that also they are part of a mass phenomenon, then we could already predict that all the measures that are taken, including vaccination and all the rest, that it could end up as a dramatic failure. Well why did I say that? ... I think if we can keep people with our alternative voice, even a little bit awake, in particular this group who doesn’t really, is not really hypnotized, if we can keep them a little bit awake until the facts are so clear, the damage done by the system is so clear, then they might see it. The fully hypnotized group will never see it. That’s the strange thing. You can take them, you can destroy them completely. You can do what you want with them. They will undergo it and they will not wake up. But the other group, the 40%, will be motivated if there is more and more damage, they’ll be motivated to start to speak up aloud. And that’s the tipping point. I think that’s the point where someone can change and we reach this point quicker and faster, the more we can keep them awake.
  64. [] Media Criticism Was Yesterday (4:45:03) 6 Aug 2021
  65. [] International Solidarity (2:53:45) 13 Aug 2021
    #65 12 Aug 2021,
  66. [] Chain Reaction (5:13:20) 20 Aug 2021
    • Dr. Matthias Burchardt (Educational Educator, Division for Philosophy of Education, Anthropology und Education of Life Span, Dept. of Educational and Social Sciences, University of Cologne; CEO of the Society for Education and Knowledge)
    • BasisCamp - A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise, Part 1: 21 Aug 2021
      This simulation game event “BasisCamp - A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise” is hosted by members of the Corona Committee, members of the German Party “dieBasis” and numerous previous guests.
      Simulation Start beginning at 23:32. The scenario:
      The German government has resigned and an interim government has been formed. Under the leadership of the new Chancellor, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and other members of the interim government, the current situation is being analyzed and an assessment of measures is being made with the help of current experts from various fields.
      • Cabinet Meeting, Part 1
        The players:
        Prof. Franz Ruppert: Federal President
        Dr. Reiner Füellmich: Federal Chancellor
        Viviane Fischer: Minister of the Interior, Vice Chancellor
        Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: Minister of Health
        Dr. Thomas Sarnes: State Secretary, Ministry of Health
        Stephan Kohn: President of the Robert Koch Institute (german centre for disease control)
        Gunnar Kaiser: Minister of Foreign Affairs
        Prof. Werner Bergholz: Minister for Economic Affairs
        Alkje Fontes: Minister for Labour and Social Affairs
        Adelheid von Stösser: State Secretary, Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs
        Dr. Renate Holzeisen: Minister of Justice
        Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer: Expert of PCR diagnostics
        Dr. Mike Yeadon: Expert of laboratory diagnostics
      • Dr Mike Yeadon (former Vice President Pfizer, Repiratory Research) 31:42
        Complete Transcript
             I’ve also recently discovered in the last month, that for the mRNA vaccines that use a lipid nanoparticle formulation in order to protect the payload, unfortunately those lipid nanoparticles themselves have had a more than a decades-long technical problem, well-known to specialists in the industry, which is that they concentrate in ovaries. There’s a paper which is on the website, Truth For Health Foundation, for whom I am Chief Scientific Advisor, the paper in 2012, that actually talks exactly about that. These lipid nano carriers and ovarian toxicity and underappreciated human toxicity risks. And yet in 2020 Moderna and Pfizer, both chose lipid nanoparticles. And then of course, we’ve got the Japanese study with the Pfizer product that was released under a freedom of information request, lo and behold, it does concentrate in terms of product per gram of wet weight of tissue. It concentrates in the ovaries. It’s doing exactly what that paper I’ve discovered says. And so I reached the horrible—my skin was crawling by the time I was finished reading this because it confirmed to me that these people are not stupid. They knew perfectly well what would happen. So they didn’t choose this in an emergency because there were no alternatives, This was carefully chosen and it has the effect of concentrating in ovaries in multiple species to not being excluded as doing that in females. So as a toxicologist, if I was interacting with the regulators, that’s what they would tell me is the reasonable assumption and that it is mine too. So yes, I don’t like these vaccines at all. I think that baldy designed and I think it’s more than carelessness....
             I would just mention one other thing that I think is very, very important because I think it underscores the sort of direction of trouble. Actually made the two things. One is this idea that you can infect people even though you have no symptoms, this asymptomatic transmission. I think it’s been central to maintaining people in a state of fear because they look at each other and they believe— because they’re told it—that any of these people in the shop or on the sidewalk could represent potentially a lethal threat to them. I can see people in a state of terror. And yet asymptomatic transmission, in the case of respiratory viruses, just really doesn’t feature much in the literature. A little bit of research on so-called pre-symptomatic transmission.
             But the bottom line, I’ve said this before, that in order to be a good source of respiratory virus, to be able to infect others well, you need to be used to plenty of the virus in your airway. But if you do, it’s inevitable that you will have symptoms. You don’t get a choice. There’s not a delay. If you’ve got a lot of virus in your airways, it’s busy killing the lining cells of your airway, which produces symptoms. And your immune system is busy, fighting back, and that produces symptoms.
             So it’s impossible for you to be a very good source of infection and to be symptom free. That’s just simple, basic logic. It’s also been tested empirically and it’s true. And so the people who are actually being lied to, it’s not like there’s some disputed science, it’s just not true. But until we can convince people that they’re not—if perfectly fit and well—they’re not a risk to other people. But you can see because they’ve accepted this, then they accept these stupid masks. And I do think the masks are part of the psychological operation. When I have to wear a mask in certain situations in shops where I am here, I can feel it raises my stress level and I look around and everyone is stressed. So it keeps people frightened. I do think that’s very important.
    • BasisCamp - A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise, Part 2: 21 Aug 2021
      • Cabinet Meeting, Part 2
        The players:
        Prof. Franz Ruppert: Federal President Dr. Reiner Füellmich: Federal Chancellor Viviane Fischer: Minister of the Interior, Vice Chancellor Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: Minister of Health Dr. Thomas Sarnes: State Secretary, Ministry of Health Stephan Kohn: President of the Robert Koch Institute (german centre for disease control) Alkje Fontes: Minister for Labour and Social Affairs Adelheid von Stösser: State Secretary, Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs Dr. Renate Holzeisen: Minister of Justice
        01:43 Cabinet meeting, pt. 2 (1)
        32:57 Break
        43:39 Cabinet meeting, pt. 2 (2)
        1:17:13 Break
        1:27:32 Cabinet meeting, pt. 2 (3)
        3:31:01 The End
        • Contract Between Albania And Pfizer: here
        • Contract Between the European Commission And Pfizer: here
        • Contract Between the European Commission And Moderna: here
        • Contract Between Brazil And Pfizer: here
        • Contract Between the Dominican Republic And Pfizer: here
        • Contract Between Israel And Pfizer For Epidemiological Evaluation: here
        • German party dieBasis - Basisdemokratische Partei Deutschland - Homepage: here
    • BasisCamp - A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise, Part 3: 22 Aug 2021
      • Cabinet Meeting, Part 3
        03:33 Cabinet meeting, pt. 3
        The players:
        Prof. Franz Ruppert: Federal President
        Dr. Reiner Füellmich: Federal Chancellor
        Viviane Fischer: Minister of the Interior, Vice Chancellor
        Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: Minister of Health
        Stephan Kohn: President of the Robert Koch Institute (german centre for disease control)
        Alkje Fontes: Minister for Labour and Social Affairs
        Adelheid von Stösser: State Secretary, Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs
        Harald Walach: Staate Secretary, Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs
        Matthias Burchardt: Minister for Education & Research
        Prof. Michael Esfeld: Staate Secretary, Ministry for Education & Research
        Ulrich Masuth: Staate Secretary for Culture and Media
        4:29:37 The End
        • German party dieBasis - Basisdemokratische Partei Deutschland - Homepage: here
    • BasisCamp - A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise, Part 4: 22 Aug 2021
      • Cabinet Meeting, Part 4
        The players:
        Prof. Franz Ruppert: Federal President
        Dr. Reiner Füellmich: Federal Chancellor
        Viviane Fischer: Minister of the Interior, Vice Chancellor
        Dr. Thomas Sarnes: Staate Secretary, Ministry for Health
        Stephan Kohn: President of the Robert Koch Institute (german centre for disease control)
        Prof. Werner Bergholz: Minister for Economic Affairs
        Prof. Christian Kreiß: Staate Secretary, Ministry for Economic Affairs
        Alkje Fontes: Minister for Labour and Social Affairs
        Harald Walach: Staate Secretary, Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs
        Matthias Burchardt: Minister for Education & Research
        Ulrich Masuth: Staate Secretary for Culture and Media
        Prof. Mattias Desmet: Expert for mass psychology
        Prof. em. Georg Lind: Expert for moral competence
        Hans-Christian Prestien: President of the german child protrection league Kinderschutzbund
    • BasisCamp - A Global Pandemic Exit Exercise, Part 5: 22 Aug 2021
      • Cabinet Meeting, Part 5
        10:23 Cabinet meeting, pt. 5
        The players:
        Dr. Reiner Füellmich: Federal Chancellor
        Viviane Fischer: Minister of the Interior, Vice Chancellor
        Ernst Wolff: Minister of Finance
        Stephan Kohn: President of the Robert Koch Institute (german centre for disease control)
        Alkje Fontes: Minister for Labour and Social Affairs
        2:10:08 The End
  67. [] The Pushers English translator (4:06:36) 27 Aug 2021
  68. [] Effective Resistance (3:58:21) 3 Sep 2021
  69. [] Be Water, My Friend (4:43:32) 10 Sep 2021
  70. [] If Not Us, Who? (5:23:53) 17 Sep 2021
    • Topics
      • Coronavirus: vaccination deaths statistics
      • SARS-CoV-2 vaccination: miscarriages after so-called vaccination
      • How to bring about changes in the authorities without any confrontation
      • Germany: further financial threats to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), e.g. through burden sharing
      • Sweden: current situation; opportunism and blind trust in the government will foreseeably lead to deterioration for the people
      • Greece and Cyprus: current situation; decomposition of society
      • US: Vaccine death of a 32-year-old confirmed by authorities; parents socially isolated after speaking out publicly
    • Introduction
      Vaccination deaths statistics; Problem: only about 1-10% of side effects are reported, the number of unreported cases is between 90 and 99% (experts’ estimate):
      • US: 14,925 people died after the so-called vaccination according to the VAERS database (estimate: effectively around 500,000)
      • Europe: 23,252 deaths, 1,112,620 with side effects, 1,076,917 with severe side effects according to database EudraVigilance after the so-called vaccination (deadline: 23-08-2021); however, the database only covers 28 out of 50 countries in Europe and the Middle East
      • Germany: 1,254 deaths are reported in the report of 19-08-2021 of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI); for comparison: between 01-01-2000 and 31-12-2020, a total of 465 people were registered in Germany who died as a result of vaccinations (source: PEI - ADR database); a lot is being done to prevent reporting of side effects; either doctors are put under massive pressure not to report or they say of their own accord that it would involve too much effort
    • Rebekka Leist (Specialist on Gynecology and Obstetrics, Physician using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Munich, BY / Germany)
    • Nils Wehner (Member of Bewegung Leipzig; Leipzig, SN / Deutschland)
    • Prof. Holger Rekow (Lecturer of General Business Administration, FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management; Forchheim, BY / Deutschland)
    • Gudrun Ledin && Gunnar Söderberg (Politician, member of a swedish regional and ethical council; SE-Y / Sweden && Social Scientist and former swedish politician; Sweden) 44:29
      Gudrun Ledin: Facebook, Instagram
    • Pan Pawlakudis (Expert Committee Law of the German party dieBasis at the state of Northrine Westphalia; Herten, NW / Germany)
    • Prof. em. Georgios Kassimatis (Lawyer for Constitutional Law, Faculty of Justice, University of Athens; Greece)
    • Prof. Konstantinos Vathiotis (Lawyer for Criminal Law, Dept. of Justice, Democritus University Thrace; Komotini, GR-A / Greece)
    • Karos && ______ (Employee for IT && HR Councilor w/medical training at a greek hospital)
    • Prof. Elpidoforos S. Soteriades (Epidemiologist, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Institute for Public Health, United Arab Emirates University; al-Ain, AE-AZ / United Arab Emirates)
    • Dr Stilianos Karpathiou (Psychiatrist and greek orthodox Father; Greece)
    • Pamela and Jeff Goodman (Parents who lost their 32-year old son 12 hours after his vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson drug probably due an anaphylactic shock; NY / US) 24:23 See Also: Session 57
    • Film trailer: Corona.Film (preview)
  71. [] If Not Now, When? (4:46:24) 24 Sep 2021
    • Topics
      • Vaccines: test results from particle samples
      • Side effects of the so-called vaccination
      • Separation of powers no longer functions
      • Evidence for the non-functioning of the rule of law in Germany: the case of Gustl Mollath et al.
      • Examples of fraudulent contracts of financial companies
      • Pia Lamberty and the CompACT network
      • Learning for the present situation from the Great Depression, World War II, and the postwar order
    • Introduction
      on 20 Sep 2021 a pathology conference took place in Reutlingen:
      • executing pathologists: Prof. Arne Burkhardt, Prof. Walter Lang
      • examined: fine tissue preparations of 10 persons who had died shortly after the so-called vaccination
      • Result: a causal relationship between the so-called vaccination and death is "very likely" in 5 deceased persons, and "likely" in 2 others
      • observed diseases: heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis), thrombosis and others
    • Prof. em. Werner Bergholz (Partner at ISC International Standards Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, former lecturer in electrical engineering with a focus on quality and risk management, Jacobs-University Bremen; Gehrden, NI / Germany)
      LinkedIn, Xing, ResearchGate, Homepage at ISC
      Test results of particle samples from so-called vaccines used in Germany
    • Dr Reiner Fuellmich (Lawyer, founder of the Investigative Corona Committee; Göttingen, NI / Deutschland)
      Homepage Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr Füllmich, Homepage Corona-Schadensersatzklage
      When the separation of powers no longer functions. Examples of fraudulent contracts of financial companies.
    • Wilfried Schmitz (Lawyer; Selfkant, NW / Germany)
      Homepage, Telegram, Twitter
      Evidence of the non-functioning of the rule of law: the case of Gustl Mollath References:
      • Corona Committee Session 42: Wilfried Schmitz on the tendentious reporting by the public broadcaster [de]
      • Corona Committee Session 51: Wilfried Schmitz on the infiltration of the opposition [de]
      • Corona Committee Session 53: Wilfried Schmitz on the limited sovereignty of nation states [de]
      • Corona Committee Session 69: Wilfried Schmitz on boycotting multinational corporations and their products [en]
      • on the case of Gustl Mollath: Michael Kasperowitsch & Hans-Peter Reitzner: “Das war ein Staatsverbrechen”: So geht es Gustl Mollath heute, Nordbayern, 22 Feb 2021, Nürnberg.
      • Ingo Müller (1987): Furchtbare Juristen: Die unbewältigte Vergangenheit unserer Justiz. - Kindler-Verlag; München.
    • Viviane Fischer (Lawyer, founder of the Investigative Corona Committee; Berlin, BE / Germany)
      There is a fight for the minds and hearts of the people; therefore, just before the general election on 16-09-21, the Corona Committee is launching the mini newspaper Zeitung für alle (engl.: Newspaper for All), which can be downloaded 2020News, printed and distributed.
    • Colin Meier (former trade union employee; Germany)
      about Pia Lamberty and the CompACT network
    • Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (Specialist in internal diseases, hygiene and social medicine; Warder, SH / Germany)
      Homepage, ResearchGate, Xing, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook
      How To Aspirate A Needle Properly
      The injection technique seems to be important. When aspirating, one inserts the syringe into the body and then checks by briefly aspirating that it is not inadvertently in a vein. In up to 10% of all cases this is the case. Consequence: if you inject the serum into a vein, the venous blood flows via the heart first into the lungs and is then distributed throughout the body. Where it flows more slowly, nanoparticles or adenoviruses can penetrate the vessel walls and create spike proteins there. Consequence: thromboses. Aspiration can prevent the active substance from entering the bloodstream.
      But: WHO and RKI recommend not to aspirate, without giving a reason for it
      Inflammation of the heart, especially of the heart muscle (myocarditis), is more frequent in young men, irrespective of the so-called vaccine administered.
      Symptoms are decreasing performance, shortness of breath, chest pain.
      Diagnostics: ECG.
      Hypothesis for the accumulation of myocarditis in young men: this population group has well perfused muscles with strong veins. If the serum is inadvertently injected into a vein, the spike proteins or the adenoviruses enter the blood directly. From there they flow to the right atrium of the heart, where they can penetrate the cells and start producing spike proteins. Consequence: inflammation of the heart muscle.
      Possible complication: since the sinus node, which acts as the heart’s clock generator, is located in the right atrium, it can also be affected. Consequence: cardiac arrhythmia, which can lead to death. Temporal context to the so-called vaccination: 1-2 days.
      It is striking that myocarditis, pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium) and cardiac arrhythmia are not reported as vaccine damage if they occur within a few days of the so-called vaccination.
      Pneumonia caused by viruses (viral pneumonia)
      If the nanoparticles flow through the heart, they increasingly reach the lungs, where they can infect the tissue and trigger pneumonia.
      Diagnostics: Milky haze of the lung in the X-ray image.
      Possible complication: further so-called inoculation leads to renewed infestation of the lung with irreversible damage, which can lead to a massive reduction in performance.
      Objective of the pharmaceutical industry: widespread introduction of gene therapy methods
      Because in the past there was a strict set of rules for gene therapy trials that only allowed such treatment in rare cases, scientists and biotech companies have been allowed to conduct virtually no human trials in the past 20 years. That is changing exactly now.
      E.g. virus shedding: the technique of virus shedding was tried out in cattle and was successful there. After vaccinating a cow with a vector vaccine, the vaccine was multiplied in the cow’s cells. The vaccinated cow transferred the vaccine thus produced to the entire remaining herd of cattle, which thereby received protection against infection. Virus shedding with adenoviruses in humans could therefore even be intended. In the German Infection Protection Act, § 21 states that self-propagating vaccines may be administered.
      However, clinical studies are still lacking
      Health data
      People’s health data are required for clinical trials.
      Politicians like Germany’s federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn have been working feverishly on the availability of patient data for companies in recent years:
      • the health insurance funds collect all health data
      • the electronic patient file was introduced
      • the digital vaccination certificate is being introduced
      • medical confidentiality has been lifted
      The private company Arvato, a member of the Bertelsmann group, manages all this data.
      On a much larger scale, China operates this business model by offering PCR tests worldwide and grabbing the genetic information of the tests.
      Biotech companies exploit this genetic data and apply for patents on our genome, financed by the world’s largest investment companies such as Blackrock [1][2] and Vanguard.
      Coercion to participate in a genetic experiment
      People are now undergoing an experimental procedure that even the scientists do not understand. They serve as guinea pigs of nefarious criminals in the succession of Josef Mengele (a Third Reich physician at the Auschwitz concentration camp). Some of the guinea pigs have been injected with a saline solution. Only the manufacturers know who has received such serums by means of the batch numbers.
      Public authority scandal: the German Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), which is the country’s medical regulatory body, accepts the so-called vaccines despite their low effectiveness and enormous side effects. The PEI knows nothing about the ingredients of the batches and is dependent on information from the manufacturers.
      The actions of those politicians who are responsible for the death and destruction of the people are like those of the mafia.
      During the election campaign for the German Bundestag, the parliament of the country, it was learned that many people are under a lot of pressure. They are forced by their employers to undergo experimental gene therapy in order to be able to continue working or to receive continued pay in case of sickness.
      All of them—politicians, government officials, pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies—are guilty that many more people will die from the so-called vaccinations than from Covid-19.
      • Corona Committee, Session 68: Willem Engel on the amendment of the law § 21 Infection Protection Act (IfSG) and the preparations in Germany introducing Virus Shedding.
    • Matthew Ehret (Author, historian, founder of The Canadian Patriot, director of the Rising Tide Foundation, Montreal, QC / Canada) 1:18:45
      LinkedIn, The Canadian Patriot, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, BitChute, Rising Tide Foundation
      Hyperinflation, Fascism and war
      • Corona Committee, Session 62: Matthew Ehret on eugenics, genocide and the Great Reset [en]:
      • [de] Markus Langemann (2021): Exklusiv. Dieses Dokument sollten Sie kennen, 22 Sep 2021, San Bruno, CA/US. Revealing the international network of politicians, oligarchs, managers, etc., who have worked for several years to realize the pandemic.
      • [en] N.N. (2021): Public private partnership. in Club der klaren Worte (Eng: Club of Clear Words - Independent Reporting, pp.169) Munich: document presents networks of individuals, companies and non-governmental organizations and discloses payment flows; a total of 6500 objects with more than 7200 links between them.
    • Dr Thomas Binder (Specialist in cardiology and internal medicine, member of Aletheia - Medizin und Wissenschaft für Verhältnismäßigkeit (auto-gen Eng trans: Medicine and Science for Proportionality) as well as Doctors for Covid Ethics; Switzerland)
      The following topics are nonsense:
      • the Corona killer virus,
      • Epidemic of national scope,
      • testing of healthy people with RT-PCR tests,
      • the Corman/Drosten PCR protocoll,
      • diagnostic criteria for Covid-19,
      • Social Distancing,
      • quarantäne regulations,
      • isolation,
      • contact tracing,
      • masks,
      • closure of schools,
      • curfews (Lockdowns) for healthy people,
      • experimental mRNA and DNA injections
      missing: epidemiological cohort study
    • Video 2: Marco Worms (Broadcaster at Donau 3 FM)
      Practical consequences of discriminatory policies using the example of a fictitious exclusion and persecution of smokers.
  72. [] The Coolant Is Boiling (5:37:25) 1 Oct 2021
  73. [] I Am, Therefore I Think (4:18:41) 8 Oct 2021
  74. [] So Help Me God? (4:51:35) 15 Oct 2021
    • Topics
      • Myocarditis & Pericarditis: Evaluation of statistical data demonstrates accumulation due to so-called vaccination
      • German Politics: Failure of SPD, Greens and Left in the corona crisis
      • Military: the threat of civil war from the perspective of military strategy
      • Christian religion: the current situation against a biblical background
      • Italy: current situation
      • Italy: Police officers in resistance
      • US: Police officers in resistance
    • Jakob Tscharntke (Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church Riedlingen, Riedlingen, BW / Germany)
    • Gerd Kauschat && Sabine Fischer (Both activists of the politicical movement Freie Linke && SF: former teacher who lost her job in the context of Corona)
    • Reiner Held (Anonymous Natural Scientist)
    • Johann Gaiswinkler (suspended brigadier general of the Austrian army Österreichisches Bundesheer; Lienz, AT-7 / Austria)
      Officers’ Association Tyrol (Offiziersgesellschaft Tirol)
      In early 2021, Gaiswinkler gave an interview for the little-known YouTube channel Quo Vadis, in which he lamented numerous grievances. This resulted in the start of a character assassination campaign, defamation as a neo-Nazi, suspension by the army and degradation to a project job. Gaiswinkler’s points of criticism:
      • Dismantling of fundamental rights
      • The state wants to control everything, but in the end controls nothing
      • Privatisation of the state monopoly on the use of force
      • More and more lawless spaces in the fight against terrorism
      • One-sidedness of the mass media
      • Increasing social division
      • Increasing arming of citizens
      • increasing propensity to violence
      Historical failures from this are that neither the First and Second World Wars nor the Austrian Civil War, with their causes and consequences, have been dealt with to date. The same is currently true for numerous dormant conflicts in Europe. His conclusion is that we are on the brink between a peaceful turnaround and an escalation of violence. References:
      „Noch sitzt ihr da oben, ihr feigen Gestalten“ (agEt), Gerhard Pirkner, online magazine; Lienz, TI / Austria, 2 Feb 2021
    • Dr. Nandra Nunzia Allessandra Schilirò (Suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, Police of Rome; Rome, RM / Italy)
      Facebook, YouTube
      On 25 Sep 2021 a demonstration against the so-called Green Passport took place in Rome, in which more than 100,000 people participated. Among the speakers was Dr. Schilirò, who participated in this event not in her capacity as deputy police chief, but as a citizen. In her speech, she called the discrimination against all people who do not want to be treated with the experimental drug illegal and unconstitutional saying that Italy is fundamentally violating the right to work, as the government requires the enforcement of the 3G rule and proof of the administration of the substance in the workplace
      Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese and Rome’s police chief announced disciplinary consequences that same evening. Two disciplinary proceedings were opened, and Ms. Schilirò was suspended from duty on 11 October.
      The opposition will now try to enforce nationwide strikes. The unelected Prime Minister Draghi, who is posing as the new Duce, has promised support to all companies that want to oppose the strikes.
      The Green Pass
      The provisions on the Green Pass are arbitrary, because it is required on trains but not on the subway. Cafés can be visited unmolested at the counter, but the Green Pass is required at the table. Dr. Schilirò suspects that the Green Passport should be maintained after the pandemic to establish Chinese surveillance and control states.
      The revival of fascism
      The government’s actions undoubtedly violate the principles of the Italian Constitution, which was written to rule out renewed fascist rule.
      Vize-Quästorin auf No-Pass-Demo - Innenministerin erzürnt (agEt), Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana Spa, Rome; 27 Sep 2021
    • Michael McMahon && Veronica Saucedo (Officer && Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department; Los Angeles, CA / US) 25:58
      Veronica Saucedo: LinkedIn, Twitter
      Los Angeles city government has made vaccinations mandatory for all employees. Those who oppose them are first suspended and then fired. While the resistance among the employees was initially great, this group became smaller and smaller in view of the economic consequences and gathered in the RollCall4Freedom movement. Most city employees weigh the expected economic problems higher than their health, which is put at risk by the experimental treatment.
    • Video: Dr. Amandha Vollmer (Homeopath, CEO of YumNaturals Emporium; Minden Hills, ON / Canada)
    • Video: A Nun
    • Video: Song against the Covid measures
  75. [] A Thousand Bars And No World Beyond (6:29:12) 22 Oct 2021
    • Topics
      • Vaccine side effects in Israel
      • New data: Vaccinations more dangerous than Covid-19
      • Strategic BMI paper 2.0 and bogus arguments about infection incidence
      • New vaccinations against Corona – what to make of it?
      • Mask lawsuit at the ECtHR shot down on absurd grounds
      • Situation in Chile, vaccination of children and the “mobility passport”
  76. [] Columbus’ Rotten Eggs (5:23:10) 29 Oct 2021
  77. [] Schrödinger’s Vaccine Cat (5:58:11) 5 Nov 2021
    • Topics
      • Vaccines: the new "conventional" Covid 19 inactivated vaccines
      • Lockdown, physical distancing, etc.: failed containment strategies
      • Spanish flu: between fact and delusion
      • Vaccinations: Benefits and risks
      • Great Barrington Declaration
      • Economy: the crisis after the crisis - supply bottlenecks and power outages
      • US: national strike week over de facto mandatory vaccination
      • US: Dr. Anthony Fauci - pivotal figure in numerous pharmaceutical scandals
    • Cluse Krings (Ethnologist, author, journalist), part 1
    • Leigh Dundas (Human rights lawyer and activist; San Francisco, CA / US) 20:14
    • Prof Jayanta Bhattacharya (Physician, Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research, Stanford University; Stanford, CA / US) 57:19
    • Cluse Krings (Ethnologist, author, journalist), part 2
    • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (Specialist in internal diseases, hygiene and social medicine; Warder, SH / Germany)
    • Torsten Engelbrecht && Dr. Claus Köhnlein, joint authors: Virus Mania (Medical journalist, former editor of Financial Times Deutschland; Hamburg, HH / Germany && Internist; Kiel, SH / Germany), part 1
    • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Lawyer, founder and Chairman of Children’s Health Defense, US) 52:14
      Twitter, Facebook
      Anthony Fauci has been Director of the US Research Centre National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 11 Feb 1984 and is the most important advisor to several presidents with regard to public health.
      Fauci’s record in the current health crisis:
      • the US has the highest mortality rate in the world
      • the US does not yet have treatment protocols for Covid-19
      • in hospitals, patients are killed with Remdesivir—a development by Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates—and artificial respiration
      • Fauci advised that people with a positive PCR test—regardless of whether or not they were ill—should be isolated and wanted to abolish civil rights this way
      Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates:
      • built up control over the media and scientific journals
      • control governments and government-related agencies
      • use influential scientists and doctors
      Their goals:
      • Spreading fear with unproven claims about SARS-CoV-2
      • Suppress unwanted debate
      • Discredit and censor people with dissenting opinions
      Research history since 2001:
      In September 2001, bio-weapons attacks occurred in the United States immediately after the terrorist attacks. Envelopes containing anthrax were sent to members of the US Congress. Five people died. The population was frightened by this and millions of people had themselves vaccinated against anthrax bacteria as a preventive measure. After this incident, Fauci began to experiment with coronaviruses. Tissue was taken from infected mice, a coronavirus was isolated from it and the genetic material was manipulated in such a way that in the future it would only infect cats.
      A few years later, a simulation of the Spanish flu, which was rampant between 1918 and 1920, was carried out.
      In 2014 alone, there were three laboratory accidents in which, among other things, smallpox viruses were able to escape. As a result, the government under President Barack Obama set up an investigative committee and appointed Anthony Fauci as its chairman. After some time the committee was cancelled, whereupon the 300 scientists involved wrote a letter of protest to the US president. Obama reacted by imposing a bioweapons research moratorium before the end of 2014.
      US bioweapons research thus seemed to have reached a dead end. But Fauci quickly found new allies in his search for alternative sites. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), of all people, was very open-minded and interested, involved the Chinese military (the People’s Liberation Army) and organised the move to the Chinese Institute of Virology Wuhan. Fauci coordinated laboratory infrastructure and research funds that continued to flow lavishly from the US Department of Defence and the CIA in the name of national security. Fauci had research done on how to manipulate the genetic make-up of coronaviruses by, for example, inserting genomic platforms and thereby changing the virulence.
      The subsequent US President Donald Trump, however, did not consider bioweapons research in China to be appropriate for the national security of the US and therefore ended the bioweapons research moratorium at the end of 2017.
      The Fauci system: a thicket of dependencies
      Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and in this function distributes around 7.6 billion US dollars to scientific institutions. Stanford University alone is estimated to receive around half a billion US dollars per year. In addition, there are patent revenues which participating universities share with the pharmaceutical industry. Researchers who appear in the mass media in the spirit of Fauci are also awarded further funds in recognition of their statements.
      Although the media would have many starting points to question Fauci’s biography and actions, they behave opportunely. The reason is that in the US there is no public television financed by the population which is why the broadcasters have to finance themselves from advertising. A considerable part of this is made up of advertising for medicines. The consequence is the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnological companies, their partly questionable research and the dubious interconnection with the authorities are at best only very cautiously discussed.
      Consequence: Research topics that run counter to Fauci’s interests are omitted both scientifically and in the media. Even though, for example, diseases such as narcolepsy, autism and vaccine injury have increased in the US during Fauci’s term of office. If a scientist nevertheless dares to deal with them, he or she is threatened with funding cuts and the end of his or her career. An example was made of Dr. Bernice Eddy, an award-winning virologist, and one of the highest-ranking female scientists in NIH history. While working at NIAID, she discovered cancer-causing additives in a polio vaccine and made them public. Her career was systematically destroyed.
      Summary: Fauci has instrumentalised and corrupted the authorities, the scientific content and its results as well as the mass media for his interests. The goal has been the minimisation of costs in drug research and reduction of approval time to increase turnover and profit of the pharmaceutical companies. From this, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks of a vaccination doctrine having been pursued for years.
      Drug experiments
      The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a total of 240 new medicines from 2009 to 2016.
      These medicines have not been thoroughly tested and are only intended to make money for the mutual benefit of the authorities and the pharmaceutical industry.
      Fauci has pseudoscientific drug studies conducted, the subjects of which are generously compensated with 20,000 US dollars.
      Fauci is responsible for HIV experiments on healthy young children from foster homes; 85 died as a result of these experiments.
      For bioweapons research, Fauci receives 1.6 billion US dollars annually from the US Department of Defence. 71% of his salary is tied to this.
      A small portion from patent revenues of the participating institutions flows into Fauci’s authority and is paid out to employees as a generous company pension.
      Presumably Fauci has filed several patents (demonstrably on the interleukin used in cancer therapy), but data on this are difficult to see.
      Patent income that was supposed to go to charities has disappeared without a trace.
      Fauci apparently considers himself unassailable
      Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. states that Fauci’s CV is a legend of lies. Additionally, in the so-called pandemic he piled up an edifice of lies regarding the success of the government measures and so-called vaccination.
      He apparently thinks he is a genius and is allowed to lie to the citizens for their own benefit.
      Although the New York Times exposed some of his lies, Fauci continued unperturbed and was not prevented from doing so.
      Nevertheless, Kennedy does not believe that Fauci will be able to hold on for much longer. Then many of those whom Fauci had harmed will testify.
      • Robert Kennedy, Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (New York: Skyhorse, 2021) available as of 16 Nov 2021 (pp. 480)
        • Fauci is the highest-paid federal employee in the U.S., and 68% of his $437,000 a year salary comes from bioweapons research
        • Instead of safeguarding public health, Dr. Anthony Fauci turned the National Institutes of Health into an incubator for pharmaceutical products, and essentially sold the entire country to the drug industry
        • Fauci has had a hand in creating the vaccine gold rush. In 2000, he met with Bill Gates, who asked to partner with the NIH in an agreement to vaccinate the world with a battery of new vaccines. In 2009, this agreement was rebranded as “The Decade of Vaccines,” the objective of which was to implement mandatory vaccinations for every adult and child on the planet by the year 2020
        • One of the darkest stains on Fauci’s career, aside from his role in the COVID pandemic, was his handling of the HIV epidemic. Suppressing the use of repurposed drugs, Fauci zeroed in on AZT, a toxic drug that has killed an estimated 300,000 AIDS patients
        • The similarities between the AZT scandal and what’s happening today with the COVID jab and remdesivir are striking. Again, Fauci has suppressed all treatments using inexpensive and nontoxic drugs. U.S. taxpayers have paid for research, while drug companies have raked in the profits, all while having zero liability for injuries and deaths
      • Benjo, C., Scotta, C., Letellier, B. & Arnal, S. (Producers) & Bercot, E. (Director): Die Frau aus Brest (121 min). France: Haut et Court [in German]
      • Graeme MacQueen, The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, Clarity Press, 2014
        A goal of the plan [behind the anthrax attacks] is borne out by the fact that the massive expansion of bioweapons R&D continues apace despite the official acknowledgement that the only bio attack in American history, the anthrax attacks of 2001, came from inside the American program.” —Graeme MacQueen
        Reviews: Antony Black, Off Guardian, 2019; Tom Easton, Lobster 2015
      • KenFM: KenFM im Gespräch mit Heiko Schöning (9/11 und Anthrax), 11/09/2019. [in German] Retrieval date: 10/11/2021
      • Corona Committee Session 38: Markuss Fiedler, 2 May 2021
      • Corona Committee Session 60: Dr. David E. Martin, 7 Sep 2021.
    • Torsten Engelbrecht && Dr. Claus Köhnlein, joint authors: Virus Mania, part 2
    • Video: Dr. Scott A. Youngblood: Testimony on Vaccine Efficacy Relative to Vaccine Mandates, County of San Diego Board of Supervisors Meeting, 2 Nov 2021
    • Video: Blind Joe: I Will Not Comply
  78. [] New Paths Out of Trauma (4:47:35) 12 Nov 2021
  79. [] Technocracy Gone Wild (6:48:32) 19 Nov 2021
    • Topics
      • Corona Investigative Committee: Objective
      • mRNA technology: dangerous imponderables
      • Compulsory vaccination by employers: how employees can fight back
      • J&J vaccine damage: Encephalitis, Myelitis; no cure in sight so far
      • United Nations: Agenda 21
      • Psychogram of the Governing
      • Technocracy & mass surveillance: how a global transformation is taking place under the pretext of environmental protection, sustainability and globalization
      • India: current situation
      • Poland: Establishment of a Parliamentary Investigation Committee
      • European Parliament: MP's against the green passport
    • Dr Cǎlin Georgescu (until 2021 member of the Club of Rome and President of the European research center of the Club of Rome, worked for 17 years at UN environmental program, 2015-2016 Executive director of the UN Global Sustainable Index Institute) 55:58
    • Dipali Ojha (Attorney at Law at the Supreme Court of India, Head-Legal Cell, Indian Bar Association, Mumbai, India) 36:05
      The Indian Bar Association (IBA) is an association of lawyers who are united in the cause of bringing in transparency and accountability in Indian judiciary. The members of IBA share the common zeal of working towards maintaining the Rule of Law, in which the judiciary has a pivotal role to replay.
      IBA works relentlessly in its pursuit of preserving the sanctity of justice delivery system and to achieve this, IBA is actively involved in dissemination of legal knowledge and providing guidance and support to advocates and common men in their fight for justice.At the same time, IBA keeps a strict watch on various judgments in its realm, which are likely to have an impact on society by setting judicial precedents for future cases. The observations are shared and widely circulated in the media, to spread awareness in society and enable even a common man to decipher the supposedly complex procedures of law.
      Adv. Dipali N. Ojha: Twitter,
      The presentation Advocate Dipali Ojha gives begins at 8:12:
      INDIA – LEGAL UPDATES as on November 19, 2021 by Adv. Dipali Ojha (Powerpoint, PDF)
      1. Two Public Interest Litigations (PIL) Filed in Bombay High Court Against the Violation of Rights of the Unvaccinated People Summary of Prayers Included in the PILs. Copies of Petitions:
      2. Promising Developments: Medical Exemption is Allowed in State of Maharashtra for Those Who Cannot Take the Vaccine
        All students below 18 will now be allowed on Mumbai local trains,” Times of India, 15 Oct 2021
      3. The Definition of Vaccinated Person Now Includes
      4. Conflicts of Interests of Persons in National Covid-19 Taskforce Revealed by Independent Researcher Mr. Yohan Tengra
      5. Based on Above Research Findings, IBA Has Issued a 223 page Legal Notice to Health Minister Mr. Mansukh Mandaviya
        IBA has called upon the Hon’ble Health Minister to remove the persons/bureaucrats, members of the Task Force etc. from any decision-making process related with remedies and solutions regarding Covid-19 pandemic, who are directly or indirectly connected with any entity, NGO or Board that receives funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, PATH, PHFI, where sole agenda is to reap profits for the vaccine manufacturers
      6. (A) Doctors For Truth (More Than 100 Doctors) and More Than 1000 Members of Civil Society Have Written a Letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on October 7, 2021 Requesting Not to Proceed With Children’s Vaccination
        (B) IBA Had Sent Its Letter of Representation On October 8, 2021 Asking for CBI Investigation and Prosecution of Certain Persons for Their Misuse and Fraud on Power in
        1. Giving Emergency Use Authorization for Children’s Vaccines, when there is no emergency as there is no serious threat to children;
        2. Running false narratives and conspiracy theories to create fear in the mind of parents, children and teachers about Covid-19, when children are most safe and not having any serious risk from infection from SARS-CoV-2. Page 2 of 18 2.
        3. Immediately directing investigation about corruption being done to give undeserving advantage of around Rs. 80,000 Crores to children’s Vaccine manufacturers.
        4. Immediate direction for stopping any process for including children’s corona vaccines in National Immunization Programme.
        IBA’s Letter of Representation (pp. 59)
      7. “ Watch: Government Should Not Give Covid-19 Vaccines to Healthy Children Under 15 - In separate interviews to Karan Thapar, professor Gagandeep Kang and vice-chairman of the Indian Medical Association’s research cell Rajeev Jayadevan echoed this view,” The Wire, 14 Oct 2021
      8. Not Sure Yet if Healthy Kids Need a Covid Vaccine: Dr Kang on Covaxin,” The Quint, 13 Oct 2021
      9. Use Persuasion Not Coercion to Boost Vaccination: Rajesh Tope, Health Minister, State of Maharashtra,” Times of India, 13 Nov 2021
      10. Mumbai: Vax is not must for govt schemes, facilities - State health minister Rajesh Tope says govt cannot deny benefits or ban entry in malls for the unvaxxed,” Times of India, 12 Nov 2021
      11. Jabs to children: Govt to be ‘cautious’, listen to experts,” Times of India, 12 Nov 2021
      12. Chief Minister, Maharashtra is Worried About Slow Pace of Vaccination,” The Free Press, 1 Nov 2021
      13. Big Win Over Big Tech Censorship: Youtube Restores the Deleted Channel After Apologizing for its Mistake Soon After it Receives Legal Notice, Indian Bar Association, 10 Nov 2021
        • YouTube restores the channel showing ‘vaccine side effects’, after apologizing for its mistake upon receiving legal notice.
        • Vaccine mafia and corrupt Task Force members suffer a severe setback.
        • Another victory for the Indian Bar Association (IBA) and Awaken India Movement (AIM). A case is likely be filed on YouTube for penalty to the tune of Rs. 1000 crores. (Approx. US $135 million)
        • It’s a great relief to researchers and truth seekers around the world.
    • Cristian Terhes & Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (both European Parliament MEPs from Romania and Croatia respectively) 48:57
    • Prof Alexandra Henrion-Caude (Geneticist and RNA expert) 1:19:14
      See Also: Two interviews in the PlanetLockdown series, conducted on 1 Jun 2021:
      Part 1: The Big Picture (30:06)
      This interview with Alexandra Herion-Caude is her thoughts on the pandemic. What she found unusual about the response to the pandemic and the shifts oberserved within the scientific community.
      Part 2: mRNA injections (31:49)
      Part 2 covers concerns surrounding the mRNA vaccines. Dr. Henrion-Caude explains what RNA is and how some of the proposed technology is working. Some serious questions are raised.
    • Lars Kuhlmann (Vaccine-injured)
      Medical history:
      Patient age: 33 years
      Date of treatment (date of the so-called vaccination): 27/07/21
      Serum: J&J
      Information: Vaccinologist at the vaccination centre handed out information sheets, asked for signature and did not conduct a personal discussion about risks and side effects
      07/08: slight dizziness
      Following days: back pain which disappeared on the first day
      10/08: back pain did not go away, urination in dribs and drabs; consultation with family doctor; therapy: Ibu 800 (!); result: therapy successful against back pain
      11/08: urination no longer possible, severe development of pain; referral to urologist; diagnostics: sonography; diagnosis: kidney enlargement, no kidney stones; therapy: bladder catheter
      12/08: Admitted to hospital; further symptoms: numbness from the abdomen downwards
      16/08: symptoms: numbness worsened, legs and teeth additionally affected, walking only with aids; urologist's office: removal of bladder catheter in the morning
      Completely disturbed micturition during lunchtime
      Afternoon: sonographic examination in the urological practice; diagnosis: filled bladder; therapy: new bladder catheter; hospitalisation with suspicion of neurodegenerative disease
      1st hospitalisation: Encephalitis
      16.08.: Hospital, neurological department, diagnostics: MRI examination, lumbar puncture; diagnosis: encephalitis, increased amount of leucocytes in the CSF (95 instead of 5); therapy: intravenous administration of cortisone 500 mg for 5 days (!)
      Treatment result: numbness decreased
      Cause of illness: only after the patient had persistently pointed out the cause did the attending physicians come to the conclusion that the patient had suffered a vaccination damage
      Beginning of September: Discharge with motor and sensory disturbances, loss of musculature, disturbance of the sense of balance
      Middle/end of September: rehabilitation; in it: sensory disturbance in the right leg returned, termination of rehabilitation and referral to hospital
      2nd hospitalisation: Myelitis
      11.10.: Hospital, neurological department, diagnostics: MRI examination; diagnosis: encephalitis completely eliminated, instead inflammation of the spinal cord (Myelitis); therapy: intravenous administration of cortisone 1000 mg for 5 days (!)
      Result of treatment: neurological disorders recede; patient can be discharged
      08.11.: Rehab, in it: sensory disturbance up to paralysis of the right leg, termination of rehab and referral to hospital
      3rd hospitalisation: Myelitis
      17.11.: Hospital, neurological department, diagnostics: MRI examination; diagnosis: renewed spinal cord inflammation (Myelitis), however weaker than before; therapy: intravenous administration of cortisone 1000 mg for 5 days (!)
      Objective: If the therapy is successful, 100 mg/day are administered for 1 week; if this is also successful, the medication should be phased out with 10 mg/day less each week Evidence of vaccine injury:
      Diagnosis by exclusion procedure; report to the national center covering medical adverse reactions (in Germany: PEI) as suspected case
      Open questions:
      • Cortisone is supposed to slow down the immunological process; but: which immunological process / which cells of the immune system are involved? An immunological council would be useful; diagnostics, among other things, via a CBC
      • Does the body's own production of spike proteins end at some point or does it weaken?
      Financial aspects for the vaccinated person (costs for a member of the statutory health insurance):
      • Physiotherapy: not specified
      • Occupational therapy: EUR 47 co-payment for 6 appointments in 2 weeks
      • Exemption only for costs >2% of gross income
      • Travel costs: not specified; application for reimbursement of travel costs should be made
      • Application for a severely disabled person's card and classification in the long-term care insurance (determination of the degree of care)
      Since the vaccinator did not inform the patient about the risks and side effects, he will be liable if the patient is recognised as a vaccination victim; charges have been filed for negligent bodily injury with damages and compensation for pain and suffering
      All injured parties should definitely make use of their right to inspect the medical records and create documentation; this should contain the following information: Initial diagnosis, examinations carried out (e.g. blood, tissue and cerebrospinal fluid samples) and therapies initiated
      Goal: expert evaluation for clarification of the questions
      • What was the original disease process?
      • What are the possible therapeutic side effects?
      Databases on side effects of the so-called vaccines: Videos of the Corona Investigative Committee regarding other side effects:
      • Session 54: Portal vein thrombosis - Hearing of Ramona Klüglein, 28 May 2021. Ms Klüglein reports what happened to her after being injected with the gene substance.
      • Session 56: Portal vein thrombosis - Hearing of Dr. Michael Dykta, 11 Jun 2021. Ms Klüglein was treated by Dr. Michael Dykta, who describes her case from the point of view of her attending physician.
    • Werner Gertz (Business Correspondent; Windhoek, KH / Namibia)
    • Patrick Wood (critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy, Editor-in-Chief, 1:28:40
      beginning at 17:55:
           [Agenda 21 is] a very important aspect that you mention here. Rosa Corey was a friend of mine by the way, because she’s from California. She’d passed now but she was very outspoken on Agenda 21. Spot on as far as I’m concerned. We spoke together at a couple of conferences. And the physical aspects of sustainable development. How can I put this? There was the the property angle where Agenda 21 specified that private property would be essentially wiped out over a period of time. They didn’t want any private property anywhere. They wanted to control all the property—all the resources of the world. That’s where stuff comes from—you have forest, you have mining, you have oil and whatever—all comes out of the ground. Whatever we have anywhere, it all comes out of the ground one way or another. They wanted control of those resources and they didn’t want people to have control of those resources. So that was a big, major, major focus that we had say 10, 15 years ago, as we looked at Agenda 21.
           But the closer—the more I look at it over time, the more I realize that the term “sustainable development” was a marketing term. It was very poorly defined by them to the people. And it’s like, well, Who would be against being sustainable? Of course you want to be sustainable because the implication is, well you’re going to die if you’re not sustainable. You need to do something to get on down the road. So it was marketed in a very slick way to hold a carrot out to the world: Well, if we learn how to be sustainable, we will last a lot longer in the world. Right? Might live longer, but the world might last longer too.
           What they didn’t tell anybody at the time is that the price to be paid for that was turning over control of everything to them and let them control it. That’s a different deal than just like, Hey, we’re all in this together sort of thing. Like, Hey, you be sustainable, I’ll be sustainable. They want control of everything. And they were pretty clear about that.
           What wasn’t brought out in this—and I want to stress this because this ties into the medical issues we’re dealing with today with the pandemic, et cetera—other things that they didn’t bring out that I think now are being brought out because of current events—I want to read you two short quotes from a book written by two eye witnesses and participants in the [1992] Rio conference. They were there. They went as full—they were scholars, they were environmentalists of the old school. They went there hoping to be a part of the new thing that was happening, this new sustainable development thing.
           They saw great hope initially, but they came away disillusioned. And so they wrote a book called THE EARTH BROKERS - Power, Politics and World Development. In this book, which I had read a few years ago—I had to read it again when the pandemic things began in early 2020. In their book, they talk about the Biodiversity Convention, as well as Agenda 21. And the Biodiversity Convention as I mentioned ran in parallel at the same physical conference but it was just two different tracks. Agenda 21 over here, the Biodiversity Convention over here. Same people in many cases moving back and forth between the different tracks. Here’s what they wrote in their book, The Earth Brokers.... this is a direct quote [on page 42]:
      [T]he convention implicitly equates the diversity of life – animals and plants – to the diversity of genetic codes, for which read genetic resources. By doing so, diversity becomes something modern science can manipulate. Finally, the convention promotes biotechnology as being ‘essential for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity’.
           That is stunning because it gives you the insider definition of what biodiversity means. You and I might think biodiversity means there’s lots of different species in the forest and the jungle and the oceans and oh it’s wonderful. I love the natural world, I always have. I grew up on a farm. We had all kinds of stuff that was cool for a young guy to play with and observe. But biodiversity had a completely different meaning in 1992 at the Biodiversity Convention. Having just introduced that topic ... what they said on the next page, a direct quote [on page 43], with the definition again of what the convention really means:
      [T]he main stake raised by the biodiversity convention is the issue of ownership and control over biological diversity. In the case of the North, and the USA in particular, the major concern was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries ...
           When I read that again I was stunned, I felt a little embarrassed because I hadn’t seen it before. I hadn’t paid attention to it, I guess, because Covid was not in your face. The pandemic was not in your face. I just glossed over it just, okay, you know, some words and I went to the next paragraph. But this tells us that it wasn’t just a minor issue at the biodiversity convention. It was the main stake they said. The main issue. The main stake at the biodiversity convention was protecting the pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology industries. And then as I looked at this again, I said, well, that was the time then when we were off to the races to implement all the things that we’re seeing today.
           Look back and sift through the history of the last 25, 30 years, you’ll see many things that plug into this new concept. When the DNA-based or the synthetic DNA-based therapies began to be developed in the last few years, they were completely released to the public first with messenger RNA vaccines. And then in India, now there’s actually a DNA-based vaccine that’s being given to people there. It doesn’t go into the muscle. It just goes under the skin. And we see now that the shots have been introduced to humanity, we see now the intent that the whole world must participate in these DNA modification exercises of humanity.
           When you ask the question, Where did this come from? I can trace it right back to the Biodiversity Convention, which ran in parallel with Agenda 21. This is where it all started. They set the groundwork, the legal groundwork, if you will, at the United Nations where a hundred, I think it was maybe 187 nations signed off on these agreements. That gave the United Nations the right, if you will, to come back later and say, You remember, you signed this agreement, Mr. Premiere, Mr. Prime Minister, and we’re going to hold you to it now.
           So when the pandemic hit in January, it was released by the World Health Organization in January of 2020, and they said, well, we have a pandemic folks. The United Nations went to all these countries that participated in the Biodiversity Convention. And they said, This is what you signed. This is what we must do. We are taking control over this situation. And all of the nations of the world simultaneously panicked, ran off to execute the policies that were given to them to execute the lockdowns, the face mask, later the vaccines, all of the other stuff, the social distancing. All of these policies were shoved down the nations of the world’s throat because of what they signed off on at the Biodiversity Convention in 1992.
    • Video: Dr. David E. Martin: Mass Murder of the Innocents (Chairman of M-CAM International; Charlottesville, VA / USA)
    • Ad-hoc 18 - James Bush slide presentation on “What is DARK WINTER and How Was It Used in 2020? (Former Engineering and Operations Manager for Infectious Disease Research Center at Colorado State University and at Vector Borne Disease Research Center at Fort Collins, CO), 24 Nov 2021 (1:10:52)
  80. [] Obligatory Testing At Work And Mandatory Vaccination In Austria (6:01:21) 26 Nov 2021
  81. [] Open Your Eyes And Advance (5:43:26) 3 Dec 2021
  82. [] There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (5:43:26) 10 Dec 2021
  83. [] Standing Tall (4:22:05) 17 Dec 2021
  84. [] Bear One Another’s Burden (5:10:15) 23 Dec 2021
  85. [] Rethinking (4:00:53) 31 Dec 2021
  86. [] The Fog Is Lifting (6:45:17) 7 Jan 2022
    • Topics
      • Evidence for premeditation: Batches with particularly lethal "vaccines"
      • Ethylene oxide on test sticks and the authorities' silence
      • Instrumentarianism vs. biourbanism
      • Telegraphs disease: what is the role of cellular communication and 5G?
      • Nuclear power rebuttal: hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future
      • Slovenia: current situation
    • Ernst Wolff (Business Journalist, Managing Director edition e. wolff; Berlin, BE / Germany)
    • Prof. em. Werner Bergholz (Partner at ISC International Standards Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, former lecturer in electrical engineering with a focus on quality and risk management, Jacobs-University Bremen; Gehrden, NI / Germany)
    • Prof. Tjaša Vuzem (Founder of Slovenian Lawyers for Enlightenment) Facebook
    • Dr Mag Gregor Kos (Political scientist, Slovenia) 24:51
    • Robin Monotti (Architect and film producer; United Kingdom) 48:37
    • Dr. Lee Merritt (Orthopaedist and spine surgeon; US) 1:17:46
    • Dr. Mike Yeadon (Former Head of Science Dept. of Pfizer Global R&D; Canterbury, KEN / United Kingdom) Part I: 1:10:33, Part II: 1:01:57
      Dr Yeadon Slide Presentation:
      COVID 19 Vaccines by Lot Number
      Do all lots contain “the same” product?
      Excessive lot-to-lot variability is highly unusual and must be investigated.
      PDF   PPT
      • Dr Mike Yeadon's key testimony — Part I: The Eight Covid Lies
        by UK Column Reporters, 11 January 2022
        This is the first instalment of a five-webpage transcript of Dr Mike Yeadon's testimony to the 86th session of Stiftung Corona Ausschuss. In this transcript, covering the first twenty minutes of his testimony, Dr Yeadon establishes his credentials and rebuts critics of his motives.
      • Dr Mike Yeadon's key testimony — Part II: Vaccine Damage
        by UK Column Reporters, 12 January 2022
        This is the second instalment of a five-webpage transcript of Dr Mike Yeadon's testimony to the 86th session of Stiftung Corona Ausschuss. In this transcript, covering the second twenty-minute block of his testimony, Dr Yeadon sets out the known folly of jabbing the entire population, and alleges a deliberate choice on the part of manufacturers to use a method of production that obviates measured dosing.
    • References:
      How Bad Is My Batch?
      Database on the side effect risk of individual batches of the so-called vaccine; please also note the explanatory videos by the author on his video channel at BrandNewTube; there you will find evaluations of the danger of the preparations by BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna
    • Video 1: Bill Gates expecting a 20:1 return on invest of his vaccine expenditures (Interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick at the annual WEF meeting)
    • Video 2: In 1998, the US Department of Justice indicted Microsoft alleging that the company was abusing its market power and illegally trying to create a monopoly in web browsers in favour of its own Internet Explorer; the video shows Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft, during a hearing at the U.S. Department of Justice in the 18-month trial, at the end of which Microsoft settled out of court with the opposing parties for fines amounting to hundreds of millions of US dollars; Netscape alone received 750 million US dollars
  87. [] We Are All David (4:53:10) 14 Jan 2022
    • Prof. Mattias Desmet (Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, Universiteit Gent; Gent, VOV / Belgium) 59:42
      See annotated transcript: Mass Formation and Totalitarian Thinking in This Time of Global Crisis, Prof Mattias Desmet: Session 63: The Eye of the Storm, Corona Committee, 30 July 2021
    • Riccardo Bosi (Former Lieutenant Colonel of the Army, Chairman of the Party Australia One; Australia) 46:29
    • Deanna McLeod (Expert in peer-reviewed medical publications, founder of Caleidoscope Strategic; Ottawa, ON / Canada) 1:28:27
    • Aurelian Popa (Activist, Online marketing entrepreneur; Bucharest, RO-B / Romania) 31:59
    • Video 1: Sara Bennett: Disobey (Germany) Telegram
    • Video 2: Larken Rose (Author, The Most Dangerous Superstition, PDF; US)
    • Video 3: Jenny Friedheim (former librarian, translates, adapts and reads a text by Larken Rose; Bremerhaven, HB / Germany)
    • References:
      • Burkhardt, A. & Lang, W. (2022): First time detection of the vaccine spike protein in a person who died after vaccination against Covid-19.. - in: Pathologie-Konferenz, 17 Jan 2022.
             The suspicion that the spike protein formed in the body as a result of the “vaccination” against Covid-19 could be responsible for the pathologically observed inflammations and lesions of vessels has now been confirmed immunohistologically for the first time.
             The pathologists Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang and their team have succeeded in reliably detecting the vaccine spike protein in the vessels of a person who died 4 months after “vaccination” and who had vascular lesions and also vaccine-induced myocarditis. Detection was successful using an antibody specific for the spike protein by conventional immunohistochemistry on the tissue sections.
             The described detection method can be applied to all organ and cell damage in which conspicuous pathological findings are found after “vaccination” against Covid-19. From this follows: For ethical, legal and scientific reasons, all histopathological examinations in connection with damage due to “vaccination” against Covid-19 must be accompanied with this method with immediate effect.
        Reutlingen, January 17, 2022
        Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt
        Prof. Dr. Walter Lang
      • Sensation: Spike-Impfschäden endlich eindeutig nachweisbar!, 2020news, 17 Jan 2022; Berlin. auto-gen Eng trans: Sensation: Spike vaccine damage finally clearly detectable!
        Doctors, authorities and drug manufacturers have so far dismissed many vaccine injuries caused by the so-called mRNA vaccines as being without merit. The burden of proof lay with the injured patients. Thanks to the discovery of Burkhardt & Lang (see above), the danger of these preparations can now be reliably determined and a connection between damaged tissue and vaccination can be established. Patients with vaccine damage will thus have a concrete means of taking legal action against vaccinators, vaccination centres, manufacturing companies, etc. with claims for damages.
  88. [] Breathing Down Their Neck (5:26:04) 21 Jan 2022
  89. [] Chess Moves? (5:05:26) 28 Jan 2022
    • Topics
      • Asymmetric, economic and conventional warfare
      • Balkanization of Russia and China: Operations to Destroy Conventional Nation-States in the Great Reset
      • Ukraine: geopolitical role
      • Relations between Anglo-American. Intelligence Services and the German Intelligence Service Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND)
      • Germany: Chancellor's Act and the Question of Sovereignty
      • Friedrich Naumann's Central Europe Plan
    • Jessica && Nils (Key Account Manager && Disaster And Development Worker; Pakistan)
    • Thomas Röper (Investigative journalist; publisher of Anti-Spiegel; St. Petersburg, RU-SPE / Russia)
      Homepage Anti-Spiegel: here; Twitter: here
    • Alex Thomson (UK Column Investigative journalist, former GCHQ officer, focused on former Soviet Union) 1:17:08
      See Also:
      The Psychological Attack on the UK: Start of a Series, 9 Jan 2021
      This short article forms the introduction to the first of a series of video discussions by Brian Gerrish and Alex Thomson on the subject of the psychological attack on the United Kingdom, and the origins, history and form of that attack.
      The Psychological Attack on the UK, Part 2, 28 Jan 2021
      In Part 2, we look deeper into the intended objectives of Mistrust of Justice, Degradation of Intelligence Quality, Military Power and the Recruitment Pool. All this leads to a larger goal of Defencelessness, Total Unawareness of Strategy, and Idolatry of Cooperation – the latter resulting in the inability of the UK (and USA) as a Nation State to act Decisively and Alone.
      Dispatches from the Front with Brian Gerrish and Alex Thomson
      The Psychological Attack on United Kingdom (mp3: 1:13:06)
      Alex Thomson and Brian Gerrish discuss the origins of the psychological attack on the UK in the first part of a series. Our starting documentation and analysis centres on the book by Christopher Story: The EU Collective - Enemy of its Members States.
      Psychological Attack UK Part 2 - Structure: Law and Order, Social Relations, Security (mp3: 1:56:09)
      If Soviet defector Yuriy Bezmenov (a.k.a. Tomas Schuman) had been correct in just one or two of his predictions, then we might assume that coincidence was at work. In reality, he was correct in all of his predictions. Common sense therefore tells us that the plan he describes must be both real and effective. And that plan ultimately leads from ‘Demoralisation’ to ‘Destabilisation’, to ‘Crisis’ (Chaos) and then ‘Normalisation’ – so-called ‘peace’ (actually pacification) under a socialist/communist dictatorship of global scale. If you sense, feel, see or know that something is wrong in the UK today, then join us in The Psychological Attack on UK – Part 2 as we analyse what is really attacking our society. In doing so, we will all be working to frame and understand the attack, and thus ultimately will be starting to expose and halt it. If you think all is well in the UK. then our discussion will challenge your view of the world.
    • Matthew Ehret (Author, Historian, Founder of The Canadian Patriot, Director Rising Tide Foundation; Montreal, QC / Canada) 1:18:23
      In this segment, Alex Thomson at 59:15 refers to his presentation at Alternative View 9.1 titled
      An Infernal Convergence (mp3: 1:09:43)
      Two persuasions of élitists join together to beggar Britain
      or, The Asset-Stripping of Airstrip One From the film notes:
      Alex Thomson is well known to viewers of UK Column News for his truly insightful analysis of Global events. Alex made his Alternative View debut at AV9 captivating the audience with his Inventors of Evil Things ‘Exposing those who see the world as their fiefdom and humanity as livestock’
      At AV 9.1, the speakers exposed the course of the plans which broke surface in the 1970’s, to sell off all public assets and to replace common-law representative democracy with the corporatist and third-sector stitch-up of “participational democracy”. In his contribution, building on his AV9 talk on the history of cabals and cartels, Alex Thomson outlines his understanding of how we reached this nadir and how not one but two major streams of élitists are responsible.
      Inspired loosely by the philosophies of Aristotle and of Plato respectively, these two persuasions of purloining bloodline élitists and their technocratic hangers-on have been wrestling over the juicy prize of Britain and our diaspora for at least three centuries. (In a nutshell, the Aristotelians justify their rule by reference to religious notions and the Platonists do so by promising prosperity.) Alex will provide background on the Aristotelians’ and Platonists’ creeds and methods, focusing on post-Second World War developments and on Britain, as called for by the AV9.1 agenda. In a way, this talk will complete what he set out at AV9, particularly answering the questions he left hanging of what the prime British and world assets are which the globalists are fraudulently trading on the back of, and which they have appropriated from the sovereign people.
      After learning what today’s British Establishment was all about at Rugby School and Cambridge, Alex Thomson served in a Christian mission in the former Soviet Union witnessing the planned destruction of a region of the world, before spending the rest of his twenties as a GCHQ officer.
      He moved to the Netherlands aged thirty in 2009 and has spent the last decade more quietly as a translator and interpreter and a researcher of networked evil.
      For the past five years, he has presented his emerging findings via Eastern Approaches at UK Column and the British Constitution Group, where his specialisms are geopolitics, religious history and comparative constitutionalism.
    • Video 1: Dr. Richard Urso at Defeat the Mandates in D.C.: An American Homecoming (Member of America's Frontline Doctors; MD / USA)
    • Video 2: Trucker Song on the Blockade of the Canadian Seat of Government, Ottawa, ON
    • Video 3: Canadian citizen asks at citizens' meeting with her Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the amount of the bribe paid to him
    • Video 4: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces in Parliament that England will repeal the so-called Corona measures
    • Video 5: Hands Off Our Children, Joydah Mae (Auckland, New Zealand)
    • Video 6: Grindstone: Don't Take the Vaccine
    • Video 7: Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy: This Is a War
    • Video 8: Remeece: Boosta
    • Video 9: MC Maskenmuffel: Was willst Du machen (Covidversion)
  90. [] The Virus Of Power (6:03:55) 4 Feb 2022
    • Topics
      • Microbiology: what are viruses - about exosomes and "endosomes"
      • Natural immunity and the illegality of the measures
      • Erlangen, Germany: Special task force (SEK) storms an “illegal school” fully armed
      • The fight against the green passport in Bosnia
      • Investigative Journalism in the USA
    • Video 1: Klaus Schwab (Chairman of the World Economic Forums, WEF): With members of the WEF's Young Global Leaders of the WEF, "we penetrate the [global] cabinets [of countries]"
    • Video 2: ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel: there are circumstances in which the people must resist
    • Barbara && Lisa und Daniela (Head of an unregistered school; Eltersdorf-Königsmühle, BY / Germany && two mothers; Eltersdorf-Königsmühle, BY / Germany)
    • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (Specialist in internal diseases, hygiene and social medicine; Warder, SH / Germany)
    • Mirnes Ajanović; Translator: Kenan Gutić (Attorney at Law; Bosnia Herzegovina; Lawyer’s assistant; Bosnia Herzegovina)
    • Manuel Dietrich && Steffen Löhnitz (Attorney at Law, Austria; Engineer, Montafon, Austria)
    • Dr. Andrew Kaufman && Dr. Stefan Lanka (Psychiatrist; US, Biologist, author) 1:32:51
    • Dr. Christian Perronne (Physician at Hôpital Raymond-Poincaré; Garches, Haut-de-Seine / France) 25:08
    • Video 3: Alexandre Trudeau, brother of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, discloses his brother’s interests
    • Video 4: Glenn Beck, US radio host, on the patent dispute over mRNA technology between the government-owned National Institute of Health (NIH) and the pharmaceutical company Moderna
    • Video 5: The Internet of Bodies (IoB)
    • Video 6: Mark Attwood: We See You
  91. [] Initial Reasons (5:18:58) 11 Feb 2022
    • Topics
      • PCR test: “The test is the plague” - learning to see the forest for the trees again
      • German emergency physician: few emergencies in 2020, massive cluster in 2021 in time proximity to so-called vaccinations
      • Switzerland & Germany: Psychiatrization of Covid critics
      • United Kingdom: The little-known people behind the scenes who have a decisive influence on the development of the “Corona crisis”
      • Czech Republic: Parallel structures - new medical association
      • USA: Parallel structures - new bar association
    • Video 1: Klaus Schwab (chairman of the World Economic Forum, WEF) says all conceivable organisations are infiltrated with Young Global Leaders (people from the young talent program of the WEF)
      See Also: Klaus Schwab at Harvard 2017: “We Penetrate The [Global] Cabinets [Of Countries]”
    • Dr. Andreas Johannes Grüner (Specialist in general and emergency medicine)
    • Dr. Thomas Binder (Specialist in cardiology and general internal medicine)
    • Johnny Vedmore (Investigative journalist) 1:03:23
    • Soňa Peková (Clinical biochemist and molecular biologist; Czech Republic) 1:15:57
    • Ana Garner (Attorney at Law; US) 32:07
    • Further Reference:
      Stefan Korinth, Citizen Control, Multipolar, 12 Feb 2022
      In July 2021, the World Economic Forum (WEF), together with Russia’s Sberbank, hosted the Cyber Polygon exercise for the third year in a row. Two hundred IT teams from international companies and institutions took part, but only a few of them were able to fend off the simulated hacker attack. Meanwhile, the live event was attacked by real hackers. In the public part of the conference, WEF founder Klaus Schwab this time refrained from apocalyptic announcements - nevertheless, the event provided a glimpse into the intentions of the architects of an envisioned digital world of control.
      Using the Cyber Polygon exercise, Stefan Korinth shows what is in store for humanity under the influence of unleashed oligarchs and corporations. Their interests are condensed in the World Economic Forum (WEF) under the current director Klaus Schwab and spread throughout the nation states via a WEF-trained private army of often smart and eloquent junior politicians and managers. Although this long article is not suitable as a bedtime reading because of its gloomy perspectives, you should nevertheless know its contents. Knowing about the machinations of oligarchs and corporations is the basis for telling family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances and for forming resistance. Let's do it, because we are the many!
  92. [] Of the Big and the Small (5:19:18) 18 Feb 2022
    • Topics
      • Australia: How a free state abolishes itself
      • Croatia: In lockstep on the EU's political leash
      • Germany: Youth Welfare Offices in systematic breach of duty
      • Canada: First-hand report on the Freedom Convoy
      • Russia/Ukraine: Historical and geopolitical context of the situation
    • Video 1: Dr. Robert Malone (Molecular biologist) reveals how he slowly came to understand that the events of the past two years were a pseudo-pandemic in the interest of the World Economic Forum (WEF) members (Source: Tucker Carlson Today, Fox News)
    • Video 2: Karl Lauterbach (German Federal Minister for Health): “The truth in many cases leads to political death.”
    • Video 3: Jean-Claude Juncker (frm. President of the European Commission): “When it gets serious, you have to lie.”
    • Alma Besserdin (frm. embassador of Australia Day, Victoria, Australia) 49:56
    • Prof. Dr. Krešimir Pavelić (General Practitioner, former Secretary General of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), frm. Head of the Croatian Cancer Research Program; Opatija, Croatia) 1:09:20
    • Dr. Alexander Kamkin (Historian, political scientist, former senior researcher at the Center for German Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; Russia)
    • Maren Molthan (Biologist, frm. ARD employee; Canada) 50:21
    • Margot Zybon (Dipl.-Social Biologist, Social Worker; Berlin, BE / Germany)
    • Video 4: Trucker: If the corporations continue in this way, their share prices will be driven into the basement
    • Video 5: Former personal protector of Trudeau declares he is no longer available for service
Special Sessions    
  • Conversation with Robert Kennedy Jr. about the Berlin Demonstrations and the Corona Vaccination
  • [] The Great Recall - International First International Session of the German Corona Committee (4:05:00) 17 Feb 2021
  • [] Special Session: International Legal Offensive - Part 1 (4:28:03) 23 Apr 2021
    (Truth Comes to Light - 57 second longer version, filler at beginning, with time stamp links to each speaker)
    (Complete transcript at Covid Truths)
    Reiner Fuellmich introduction: “Hello. This is the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee and this kicks off the Special International Session. It is called International Legal Offensive Part 1. There will be a Part 2 because in the mean time we're so many international colleagues that we don't fit into one session. Most of us have been collaborating for awhile. Some of us are new. Today we are going to try and find out if there are any special situations that need special attention in any one of the countries who we're going to talk to. There is, there has been a very close cooperation between us here in Germany, the Italians, the French, the Austrians on the one hand and the Anglo American countries, in particular Canada and the United States. It is going on. It will probably lead to many more class actions complaints. It may even result in a special international corona court. We'll see. We'll see where the current law suits will take us and where the evidence takes us.”
    † links to separate film of speaker; time-stamp: mp3 audio; Et: English translation by Belina Feldman:
    • Renate Holzeisen — Italy 26:56
      at 5:46: Reiner Fuellmich: What’s surprising about this is that there is no full authorization for these three vaccines. There is only a Conditional Use Authorization. Just like in the United States there’s only an Emergency Use Authorization. How can that be? These conditional uses exist only because there are no studies. Because nobody knows about the risks—nobody knows really about the efficacy—no one knows about the risks, adverse reactions. There are lots and lots of reports coming in from all over the world that there are very, very serious side effects, adverse effects, including death. How can that be mandatory then?
      Renate Holzeisen: Yes. It is a fundamental breach of fundamental principles of law and fundamental rights. It’s a breach of the Nuremberg Codes. It’s obvious. But they go on. They go on until we are able to stop them within the courts. We are ready to take every legal step to stop them and obviously, now, we are trying to inform every Italian member of the Parliament because we are now in the situation that this mandatory vaccination was introduced by an order of the Italian government signed by Mr. Draghi on April the first. Within 60 days, within the end of May, the Italian Parliament has to convert this—or not, we hope they won’t do that—but it is forseen that this governmental order is [to] be converted in ordinary law and obviously that has to be done by the Italian Parliament.
      at 24:09: Reiner Fuellmich: It sounds as though a very basic problem—not just in Italy but this seems to be the same all over the world, we'll see—but a very basic problem is the lack of information. And the lack of information exists because the mainstream media are more or less under the control of the same people who control the pharmaceutical and tech industry. So they have no interest in letting people know what is really going on. They have no interest in educating the people about the adverse side effects. That seems to be a major problem not just with the judges but also with the lawyers because if that wasn't the case then I assume many more lawyers would take on these cases. In particular, when you realize that many of these lawyers probably have children of their own who are endangered and they don't know it because they don't have the information.
    • Francis E. Hoar — Great Britain 19:32
    • Dominic Desjarlais — Canada 16:16
    • Ana Garner — New Mexico 15:07
    • Leslie ManookianUS 30:26
    • Andrea Steindl, Gerold Beneder, Dr Michael Brunner — Austria
    • Miguel Luis Marcelo Iannolfi — Argentina, Lawyer and medical doctor - Et 19:58
    • Gustavo Salle Lorier — Uruguay, Law- and Social Scientist - Et 19:33
    • Natalia Ravanales — Chile - Et 31:25
    • Michael Swinwood — Canada (speaking from Peru) 35:30
      at 4:08:46: Michael Swinwood: Although it might be different in different countries, what you’re seeing is an agenda that’s the same and you’re seeing where they think that they can get away with more stuff, they do it. So like in Canada I say to you that the province of Ontario is complete Jesuit pull; we’re under the Jesuit control. People don’t know that and if I told them they’d go, Oh well there’s something wrong with you. What I’m talking about is I can see the dimunition of the rule of law and the ignoring of the Charter of Rights is the way they’re going. They’re not going, Oh, yes we’ve got some problems here, the rule of law is under attack and rights are under attack. No no no no no. How many levers are they pulling everywhere in order to bring that off? That becomes the question. How many levers can you pull? I can’t put a Canada Border Guard at the front of the plane when you enter the plane. They can. And this is where it is, is that they they’ve thought about this. Oh take his picture when he’s leaving [the country] so that we now have somebody that we can say, that was an unhealthy move on your part. That’s what it’s become. It’s become That’s an unhealthy move on your part, we’re going to have to take you away. You see what I’m saying. So by increments we’re implementing tyranny. That’s it. We’re implementing tyranny.
      So. Why is there a spiritual component to this then? What is the meaning? What is the essence of the spiritual component? The essence of the spiritual component is, number one, all of us are divine beings having a physical experience. That’s the first thing. People don’t know, people don’t understand that aspect of things because of dogma. That dogma has been put on people to take away the idea of their own divinity and put it in the hands of someone else, between you and spirit. And therefore, that tyranny started with that idea of laying dogma on people and pulling them away from their own relationship to spirit. So what we have to come to grips with as human beings, as individuals, is our own connection to spirit. Because everything that you see, everywhere happens because of spirit. It’s the breath of the divine that allows everything to grow and breathe and be. So within that, that’s a very powerful force. Much more powerful than the tyrannical force of this insane consciousness that is imposed on humanity. It represents the dark force and what we represent in the end is the light force so therefore we have an added reservoir in addition to law and what that added reservoir is is our relationship to spirit that we can connect with every single day.
      and again Dominic Desjarlais with Michael Swinwood.
      at 4:15:02: Dominic Desjarlais: I agree that there’s a spiritual aspect to this. I’ve been saying on different occasions that people have to take their own power back. That has to deal with spirituality so I am totally in line with this. Some people talk about Third World War; I talk about the spiritual war. That’s exactly what Michael was saying.
      Reiner Fuellmich: I think we’re all in agreement on this. I wouldn’t have said this a little more than a year ago but if you look at what’s happening it’s global insanity. There’s no other way to make sense of this than on a different level and that what else can it be but spirituality? The law alone won’t won’t suffice. Not this time.
      Dominic DesJarlais: I agree that it’s a combination of both. Doing our job as lawyers, but also our job as lawyers has to be to educate people and raise people’s consciousness and awareness about this whole thing.
      at 4:17:24: Michael Swinwood: Lima sits right at sea level. Where I am is in the Sacred Valley which is up outside of Cusco and we’re at 10,000 feet here. It’s like being in two different worlds. To be in Lima where all the politicians are and where all the activity is and all the stuff’s going on, there’s a certain feeling. Then you come here and you’re going, There’s no problem in the world. There’s none. Because there’s no television to watch, no radio to listen to so the people here are just, it’s just like it was 15 years ago. They’re wearing a mask, that’s it, as far as they’re concerned and they’ll take it off whenever they want. The difference where there’s no propaganda being thrown at you all the time is incredible. It’s just incredible and the consciousness of the people is not so adversely affected. This is the other thing too: when people get up in the morning until they go to bed at night they’re constantly being told, Be in fear. That’s what they’re being told. Be in fear
      Reiner Fuellmich: That’s Michael why, one of the psychologists, a professor of psychology who we interviewed—we had one session that dealt with, How can we overcome this fear? I mean not me and not Viviana and the others because we know what’s going on but how can how can the people overcome this fear? One of the most important pieces of advice he gave is just cut yourself off from this constant onslaught of propaganda. Just don’t listen to the radio, just don’t watch tv anymore. I haven’t been watching any television and I haven’t been listening to the radio for at least months now and it had a profound effect. Because I don’t care about what they’re saying and what’s going on because I know there just lies and there’s nothing really going on. But all these people who are constantly under under this onslaught of fake and panic propaganda, I understand. I can sympathize with your friend in Ontario but I still don’t understand how someone who is trained to look at the real facts can disregard this. Incredible.
      at 4:21:49: Reiner Fuellmich: There’s a former judge who is advising us and who has been advising us for a while. He’s a retired judge. He and his wife are child activists. Very smart man, very experienced. And we all of us are beginning to realize that this is about the children. It is about institutionalized child abuse, probably much worse, because we’re headed in a direction that is disastrous. He wanted to be in touch with all of us. So I do think Michael that with us as lawyers, Dominique and you and many of the others out there. Anna Garner is one of them who we both spoke with today, this group of lawyers plus this group of experts that we have; yes, we are a very powerful group of people and we can even make it to the International Human Rights Court or the International Criminal Court.
  • [] Special Session: International Legal Offensive - Part 2 (2:57:15) 30 Apr 2021
    (Truth Comes to Light - 121 second longer version, filler at beginning, with time stamps)
    time-stamp: mp3 audio; Et: English translation :
  • [] Special Session: International Legal Offensive - Part 3 (3:37:03) 14 May 2021

Covid-19 False Claims

The dominant narrative of what occurred in 2019-into-2020 is based on a series of false claims laid out in a cogent 15 December 2020 analysis by Dr Fuellmich: Cease & Desist Order to Prof. Dr Christian Drosten, Creator of SARS-CoV-2 PCR test. It was Professor Drosten who invented a prototype Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test to purportedly detect live-and-infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus which became the model for the worldwide PCR test. The five lockdown fallacies detailed in this Order are:
  1. No basic immunity
  2. Symptomless risk of infection
  3. PCR-based diagnostics
  4. The menace of overload of the healthcare systems
  5. Restriction on freedom can be beneficial
As stated in the last paragraph of this Order: “Please note that with every day that you maintain your deliberately false risk assessment of COVID-19, you are only making matters worse - for countless people in this country, but also for yourself. We will make this letter available to all colleagues who are willing to represent clients who have suffered harm as a result of the Corona measures. If you do not comply with our above request, a lawsuit will become unavoidable. In the course of this lawsuit, the whole truth about the lockdown will become the subject of a judicial hearing.”

This Cease and Desist Order lays the ground for initiating legal accountability and recourse. As Reiner Fuellmich said on 12 Dec 2020, “Tomorrow we’re meeting with a large group of lawyers and we’re going to decide who’s going to do what. Some of us are going to go to administrative law courts, some of us are going to work with the tort law cases – which is my specialty – and others are going to do criminal law.”

Orwellian Censorship Writ Large

A fundamental challenge in all this is overcoming the profoundly Orwellian censorship through media collusion with the pharmaceutical and information technology industries. When Fuellmich was asked on 21 Dec, “what about media? Do you get a lot of media attention in Germany?” he responded:

No, no. We have the same problem all over the world. The same people who invested their money in the pharmaceutical and tech industry invested much, much, much money into the mainstream media to get them under control because they needed them to push this pandemic, to push the panic that they needed for the people not to ask any questions, but to simply go ahead and do as they’re told, So we’re not getting any coverage. And if we do, it’s always negative. We’re always Nazis, antisemites, tinfoil, hats, all that stuff that is probably the same thing all over the world. However, when I rode up—I just got back from court—when I took a taxi cab from a train station to my law firm, the taxi driver—actually the taxi drivers are really smart. They seem to understand everything that all these scientists don’t seem to understand. And he said, You know, whenever, we read something about you or someone else who is depicted as a right-wing conspiracy theorist, we realize there’s something wrong. Because if you really were, they didn’t have to take so much that they would let—they would hear you. They would give you a chance to explain your side of the story. And since they don’t, we realize there’s something wrong. So this is not quite working the way that they’re hoping it would work.

The Corona Committee meeting live broadcast on 22 Jan 2021 illustrates an aspect of the work engaged. In Sitzung/Session 36. Ist es win Teufelszeug? mRNA - Technologie im Schafspelz/Is it devil stuff? mRNA in sheep’s clothing, discussion begins with Professor Dolores Cahill at 7:05 speaking to adverse reactions to the vaccine. At 3:40:09 Reiner Fuellmich introduces Tamir Turgal, a lawyer specializing in medical law who also works in high tech, who has come to Berlin from his home in Israel: “We’re going to have a professor of economics who is going to explain to us how the economy, worldwide, is heading toward a gigantic crash. We’ve been talking about some legal issues. You’ve understood the medical issues of Dolores Cahill, what she talked about. This is about how we are lacking moral competence and that is the basic problem why so many people are getting fooled. Because they haven’t learned over the last 20 or 30 years, they haven’t learned to use their brains to think about things and to discuss matters.”...

At 3:42:42 Tamir Turgal speaks to an underlying dynamic of this crisis:

When you instill fear and after fear becomes also hatred in people’s minds, then we as humans, the way I see and the way we see the whole past year, is changing the way that people can think critically and analyze the situation. Unfortunately, it seems that history is repeating itself, time and again, and we can see lack of education but also using very vicious tactics to pull people wherever the regime, or the so-called governments, wants to take them. You spoke about the mainstream media. I’m not sure there is a media anymore, mainstream media. I think the real media is what we are doing here, it’s the open media....

At 3:45:36:
Instead of being what we are calling the fourth pillar of democracy—critical channels for information that ask the right questions, bring different opinions to the table—we see what I call the propaganda. Because we see—and definitely in Israel because I can speak about Israel more than any other place in the world because I’m connected to what’s going on over there—obviously, there is an agenda and that agenda is being pushed over the population and unfortunately with a lot of success in the state of Israel.

And I would say it is symbolic that I am here in Germany getting help of people like you guys, and all over the world, that are giving different information and having a different conversation, when in Israel, which is supposed to be I think the leader—because of our history, of freedom of speech and critical thinking—it became, I feel, and I represent many people in Israel right now, that feels that the country, in terms of consciousness, has been hijacked. And that people are being fooled and maneuvered to believe that they are leading the world, people are so happy with the vaccination. They’re almost there, getting out of this Corona thing. It’s just around the corner. And this is the lie that they are perpetuating to them and many people are buying it.
[See The uncovering of the vaccination data in Israel reveals a frightening picture, by Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit’s Dr Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ, Nakim discussion forum, 15 Feb 2021 (updated 5 Mar); reported in reprint from Health Impact News on Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines”, Lew]

It’s very sad that this has happened in this country when they don’t know that many other countries are looking at Israel and saying, What? How come in France, 60 million people, almost nobody is rushing for vaccination. Same goes in Germany. Same goes in other countries.... I have a lot of optimism that what’s going on in Europe—in the States its a big question mark—but in Europe will be the first to be the game changer for where we’re heading forward and I believe it’s not getting our life back. We should go to a much better place than where we were before. Because where we were before, that was the ground to where we are now.

It’s not getting our life back.
We should go to a much better place than where we were before.

As inconceivable as this would have been to consider a year ago, the following is indicative of what we are dealing with today in terms of the expanding totalitarian consequences of corporate state media collusion. On 17 February, Thomas Renz, the lead attorney for the lawsuits being mounted by Make Americans Free Again, testified before the Ohio House State and Local Government Committee in support of House Bill 90, which would establish legislative oversight over the Governor’s health orders. The next day, YouTube, which is owned by Google, which is owned by Alphabet, censored Mr. Renz’s testimony by removing it from their platform and attempting to justify their actions by writing, “Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our medical misinformation policy.” The operative phrase here is “we think”. On whose behalf are the owners of the Alphabet-Google-Youtube media cartel speaking and acting for? (The film is available here.)

Such corporate state censorship is heretofore unprecedented. Think of it: that testimony before the Legislative Branch of a State Government—a process of democratic governance conducted in public in the hallowed halls of this Constitutional Republic—is quashed by private power. It is unspeakable, unacceptable, and intolerable that such autocratic power is by the day destroying Constitutional freedoms of speech, of thought, of communication, of governance of, by, and for the people. Did the women and men who fought and died in World War II to preserve this union die in vain? More than 40 years ago in Four Arguments For The ELIMINATION Of Television (1977), Jerry Mander laid out Eight Ideal Conditions for the Flowering of Autocracy. Tragically evermore relevant today, study this brief list. Consider the summaries of the eight conditions. How far has our society advanced down the road of autocratic rule?
  1. Eliminate personal knowledge.
  2. Eliminate points of comparison.
  3. Separate people from each other.
  4. Unify experience, especially encouraging mental experience at the expense of sensory experience.
  5. Occupy the mind.
  6. Encourage drug use.
  7. Centralize knowledge and information.
  8. Redefine happiness and the meaning of life in terms of new and increasingly unrooted philosophy.

Additional Background

Critical Analysis

Recent Developments / Recordings

 Virginie de Araujo-Recchia et al [agEt]
•   Magistrate de Araujo-Recchia: Lawyer at the Court of Paris
•   Account of Legal Actions, July 2021
•   Call of 17 September 2021
•   Lawsuits & Legal Documents
•   Critical Analysis

Magistrate de Araujo-Recchia: Lawyer at the Court of Paris

Magistrate (Me) Virginie de Araujo-Recchia is an attorney at the Paris Bar Association [agEt] . After obtaining a master’s degree in European and international law, then a post master’s degree in international commercial law at the University of Paris Descartes, she joined Clifford Chance an international law firm, then Ernst & Young and the Law Firm Pierre Boudriot, specializing in tax and intellectual property law. In 2014, she founded her own practice.

As explained in Documents to Download—20 Sep 2021 Legal Arguments Against the Injection of Experimental Genetic Substance Under Duress, “In close collaboration between physicians, lawyers and scientists, we are providing legal information for download below to assist in the defense of all caregivers against the forced injection of experimental gene substances.”

Me de Araujo-Recchia is engaged with physicians, lawyers and scientists to provide legal information informing people defending our inalienable human rights, freedom of choice, freedom of self-determination, and freedom of thought.

Additional background:
Interview | Me Virginie de Araujo-Recchia : lawyer at the Paris Bar, France Soir, 17 Feb 2021

Listing of Professional experience:

Account of Legal Actions, July 2021

From Magistrate de Araujo-Recchia’s notes speaking at Session 61, Corona Committee:
Interim summons against the health emergency and lockdowns

On March 8, 2021, I filed an interim summons before the president of the Paris judicial court against the health emergency law. This complaint was filed at the request of three associations and 1360 individuals against the State, Prime Minister Jean Castex and Minister of Health Olivier Veran.

This Civil suit is currently pending before the Paris Court of Appeal:

We have filed a Priority preliminary ruling on constitutionality so that the Civil Supreme Court can take up the matter and transmit this question to the Constitutional Council since the lockdowns are unconstitutional. A mandatory stay at home measure for an entire population is arbitrary detention.

To summarize, we denounce all the inconsistencies and the maintenance of the state of health emergency when the criteria are not met.

In May 2021, I joined a European TASK force of European attorneys and citizens against the European DIGITAL certificate and we obtained, certain modifications of the European regulation but this measure is now adopted.

Legal actions before the General Court of the European Union

Since June 17th, 2021, I also represent 232 French healthcare workers, who wished to intervene in the legal actions initiated before the General Court of the European Union by the Italian Attorney Renate Holzeisen to defend the rights of health workers in northern Italy and Austria.

I managed to gather all these health professionals in a short period of time thanks to United Health Professionals, Reinfocovid[agEt], Children Health Defense Europe, the Independent Scientist Council and the National League for Freedom of Vaccination.

Renate Holzeisen is challenging the licenses granted by the European Commission in its December 21, 2020 Implementing Decision for the use of the Covid so called « vaccines » in the European Union.

These actions symbolize a pan-European resistance against genetic engineering.

. . .

There is now a complaint filed by an association CSAPE [Collective of European Trade Unions and Professional Associations] before the International Criminal Court [Eng auto-translate] against our leaders, with a request for the initiation of an investigation for crimes against humanity, outrages upon human dignity, servitude and genocide, under the number OTP-CR-271/21 [Referral to the International Criminal Court under Articles 13.c and 15 of the Rome Statute Crime against humanity, violation of human dignity, enslavement, genocide and all other acts.]

The International Citizen’s Commission of Inquiry on the Covid-19 policy, was created on July 3rd under the aegis of the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance.

As you know, this Commission will create an independent platform to gather our force and prepare or complete the files with you and all our allies.

A new French television channel called La Une TV (Richard Boutry) is about to be born and will gather many resistants. It will allow us to inform without suffering the constant censorship of the main platforms and to propose an alternative to the propagandist media mainstream. - Finally, I am part of Police for Freedom, an international collective of police officers that are acting on the ground to inform their colleagues about what is happening since several months now.

They dutifully follow our legal work and are working hard. We have to join hands to help each other.

Call of 17 September 2021: Let us besiege them (with Love)! [agEt, FR]

Me Virginie de Araujo-Recchia, lawyer
Dr Louis Fouché, resuscitator-anesthetist
Jean-Dominique Michel, anthropologist and public health expert

Our authorities continue to impose on us more and more brutal and above all useless measures.

They have now imposed a “health pass” that discriminates and segregates individuals according to their submission to an experimental gene injection whose real risks are not known and which the vast majority of the population has no need to protect themselves or others.

The best immunity (by far) to any viral infection is natural immunity, which protects for decades. As far as Sars-CoV-2 is concerned, against all science, it is not recognized as valid beyond a few months.

This proves if needed that our governments are serving private economic interests and not the health and safety of the population.

Prof. Martin Kulldorff, professor of epidemiology at Harvard University Medical School (ranked first in the world) has just said that “the latest health data have destroyed all arguments in favor of a health pass.” Imposed despite everything in France on the basis of a (new) fraudulent study.

He and his best colleagues (such as Prof. Ioannidis and Prof. Battacharya of Stanford, Prof. Gupta and Prof. Pollard of Oxford and tens of thousands of others) also point out that collective immunity through vaccination is now a mirage and that the sanitary policy implemented in our countries is a real “public health fiasco”, contrary to everything we know we have to do to properly manage an epidemic.

However, our authorities have not listened to the best scientists for 18 months. They rely on small groups of experts paid by the pharmaceutical industry and lobbies, consulting firms and circles of influence that have nothing to do with democracy. And impose arbitrary measures on us, destroying the economic, cultural and social vitality and wealth of our societies and ultimately people’s lives.

This crisis has long since ceased to be a health crisis.

. . .

A rape of bodies and consciences

. . .

Digital protests, each behind his screen, are no longer enough. Saturday demonstrations are no longer enough. The sick people who govern us are only sensitive to power relations. As they have the power of weapons and brutality on their side, the only powers we can oppose them (the ones they really fear the most) are those of our presence and our conscience. We must occupy the country. Occupy the area around the places where they make their sinister plans and implement their destructive policies.

That is why:

We call on all people of integrity and good will to peacefully besiege the places of power. By making human chains, sit-ins, pickets of conscience or by simple peaceful and festive gatherings.

Let’s gather en masse in front of hospitals, ministries, prefectures, media and television channels, private or state, universities, high schools, administrations, all these places that actively participate in this ignominy.

Let’s do it without violence and with Love, the term love being understood not as a mawkishness but as an implacable posture, a look plunged in the depths of the eyes of the other and which puts him naked to ask him:

“What are you doing? Why are you violating honesty and good faith? How can you show so little empathy towards your fellow human beings?

“Why do you torture the population and especially its most vulnerable members such as the elderly and children? Why impose brutal, violent, risky measures that are contrary to all good public health practices? Why act in the service of the death instinct rather than cherish the life and beauty that surrounds us? What have you done with your duties and responsibilities to the public? To what or to whom have you sold your soul?“

May this gaze that we will cast upon them, day and night, in good weather, rain or shine, without hatred, without insult, without violence, but with the implacable lucidity of our humanity and our conscience, make them recoil and haunt them!

And yes, since what this denatured caste and elite fears more than anything else are love, freedom, feelings, solidarity, closeness, contact, touch, music, poetry, dance, spirituality, joy, innocence and living together, in short, the “WE”, let us stand up to them, unwavering, disarmed, having as our only power that of our gaze upon them and the irreducible strength of our freedom - and of our love of life.

Lawsuits & Legal Documents

agEt of French PDF|Word court documents from Sep 2021 and prior:
[ Auto-gen English titles of French PDF or Word court documents
from September 2021 and prior:
  • Legal Arguments Against the Injection of Experimental Genetic Substance Under Duress, Me Virginie de Araujo-Recchia, Lawyer at the Court of Paris, for [agEt], 20 Sep 2021
    Through close collaboration of doctors, lawyers, legal experts and scientists, we are making available below downloadable legal information for the attorneys of healthcare providers to assist in their defense against the forced injection of experimental substances. See the [translated to English] full procedures here.
    3-Eléments-juridiques-contre-linjection-de-susbtance-génique-expérimentale-sous-la-contrainte-15.09.2021, 15 Sep 2021 (pp. 204)
    • Model Procedures for Caregivers Against Forced Injection of Experimental Genetic Material Substance, 17 Sep 2021
      Through close collaboration of doctors, lawyers, legal experts and scientists, we are making available below downloadable legal information for the attorneys of healthcare providers to assist in their defense against the forced injection of experimental substances.
      1. Model of REFERENCE (fast procedure) to the Administrative Court with collection of scientific information included - request for suspension - Me JP JOSEPH
        ( PDF and WORD )
      2. Model of proceedings on the MERITS at the Administrative Tribunal with collection of scientific information included - application for annulment - Me JP JOSEPH ( PDF and WORD )
      3. Legal elements of Me ARAUJO RECCHIA
      4. Scientific report by Dr STUCKELBERGER - Expert for WHO and EU and Curriculum Vitae
      5. Patent CN112220919A on nanomaterials, in particular on graphene oxide used as a vehicle for biological tools
      NOTE 1: The legal and scientific elements present in these documents can of course be used by lawyers conducting labour proceedings for private sector employees.
      NOTE 2: The lawyers of the caregivers will be able to take this legal and scientific information in order to complete the briefs or subpoenas according to the specificities of each case.
      NOTE 3: The use of the scientific report of Dr STUCKELBERGER - expert for the WHO and the EU - is strongly recommended in your legal proceedings in order to inform the Magistrates of the dangers of these forced injections.
      NOTE 4: The communication of patent CN112220919A to Magistrates also seems essential in order to explain the use of graphene oxide as a vehicle for biological tools for genetic use in “anti-covid vaccines”.
  • Waiver to School Health Records Submitted by the Legal Representative of the Child, 30 Aug 2021
    - Primary and Secondary Schools -
    Proposal for a waiver to school health records for the use by parents of students for the upcoming school year 2021-2022 (to be sent by mail or email to the teacher and/or school administrator with the instruction that this be placed in the student file as necessary correspondence)
    Avenant-derogatoire-a-la-fiche-dinfirmerie-representants-legaux-1 (pp. 10)
  • Legal Warning – Health Pass, 3 Aug 2021
    A sample document intended to assist legal arguments that demands to show health passes are not legal, wherever such demands are made.
    Here is a model document prepared by a lawyer in our group, intended in particular to argue the fact that sanitary pass controls are not legal, whatever the place. Everything is explained on page 3 of this document, the first 2 pages are intended to be printed to be used “in situation”. It is established for French law, but can of course be adapted for other legal systems.
    Rappel-a-la-loi-Pass-sanitaire-1 (pp. 3)
  • Sample letter of response to school or university authorities, 2 Aug 2021
    Important: Do not anticipate, wait to be “threatened” on this subject by the school or university before sending this letter.
    This letter should be sent to any school director or University President or Rector of an Academy who would require students / high school / college / schoolchildren to be vaccinated Covid19 for the start of the school year 2021/2022).

    Lettre-aux-etablissements-scolaires-ou-universitaires-1 (pp. 5)
  • Model Letter of Response to the Employer to Refuse the Forced Injection, 30 Jul 2021
    Corona-Committee-France-Modele-lettre-reponse-a-lemployeur-ou-hierarchie-pour-refuser-lInjection-forcee (pp. 2)
  • Update - Health Pass and Compulsory Injection, 28 Jul 2021
    Pass-sanitaire-et-injection-obligatoire-Me-Araujo-Recchia-28-juillet-2021, 23 Jul 2021 (pp. 5)
  • Legal Tools Against “Anti Covid” Provisions, 23 Jul 2021
    Outils-juridiques-contre-les-dispositions-anti-covid-par-Me-Araujo-Recchia-le-23-juillet-2021, 23 Jul 2021 (pp. 4)
  • MEMO - Any Medical Intervention is Subject to the Prior Obtaining of Free and Informed Consent from the Patient, 20 Jul 2021
    Actes-medicaux-obligatoires, 20 Jul 2021 (pp. 15)
  • Priority Question of Constitutionality Brief Before the Court of Cassation, 18 Jun 2021
    Dossier-RG-21-53492-QPC-Cour-de-cassation-18.06.2021, 18 Jun 2021 (pp. 39)
© 2021 Me de Araujo-Recchia. Newsletter Privacy Policy

Critical Analysis

 Elders Without Borders

Michael Swinwood

Liza Swale

Stacy Amikwabi
•   Overview
•   Lawsuits
•   Critical Analysis


Elders Without Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the wisdom and teachings of our Indigenous Elders and Ancestors. Our Sacred Circle works diligently to support those Standing Tall in their rights and freedoms by using the power of the legal system to hold space and give a voice to that Truth. Through the guidance of prophecies, Elders Without Borders is committed to building and joining communities, in Canada and afar, in preparation for the future that is upon us. Grandfather William Commanda saw the power of the legal system to hold space for those rights and to give a voice to that Truth in the hope that change would emerge. Following that path, our Sacred Circle includes a strong team of specialized lawyers who are working tirelessly to assist us all, as we navigate through a seemingly unlawful system.

So how do we as a SOCIETY take a STAND? buy time to explore options? choose to live outside a system that is being imposed on us? seek fundamental truths about the system and its violation of rights and freedoms? seek redress? come together despite a system that wants to keep us apart?

The reality is that the protocol that underpins the COVID-19 measures is unlawful. Our legal team is working diligently with experts and consultants to unravel the complicated web that underscores the protocol’s implementation and the subsequent and ongoing COVID-19 prevention measures. Concerned citizens like Adam Skelly are being forced to make a CHOICE and STAND TALL in their truth, and YOU TOO can come together in SUPPORT and SOLIDARITY. Until the protocol is questioned before a court and it intervenes, the reality is that the protocol remains in place and CONTINUES TO ROLLOUT... So, where does that leave us? It leaves us working/living within an unlawful system that supports and encourages segregation, exclusion and group shaming (whether you are shamed for wearing a mask or not wearing a mask) to advance its position and agenda. Undoubtedly an unsettling thought.

BUT ALL IS NOT LOST!!! We can work PEACEFULLY within this system and STAND TALL confident in our choices while encouraging our JUDICIARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, BY-LAW OFFICIALS, MPs, MPPs, and many others that are faced with having to carry out the work of an illegal system, to TAKE A STAND along with us and allow us time....allow us lenience...allow us understanding...these people are just like us and have big questions. Ultimately we all want answers.

THIS IS OUR VISION FOR PEACEFUL PROTEST... Bringing our rights into the light. live within an unlawful system is to understand that we are ALL LIVING WITHIN this system, and it is a function of itself. It is important to remember that it is designed to cause agitation, impatience, exhaustion, fear, misunderstanding, anxiety, confusion, and many other psychological effects from the prolonged implementation of measures that suspend, silence and violate our basic fundamental rights. Once the choice is made to step outside of the unlawful system and declare our rights and freedoms, there also comes the responsibility to hold that space peacefully and with integrity, as it evolves into a function of itself... lawfully and respectfully that can be recognized by others to navigate within their truth.

Secondly....change takes time through persistence, commitment and collective effort and understanding. STAND TALL. Don’t sit down. Keep the MOMENTUM going. SUPPORT each other....even those who have different opinions....WE CAN ALL ASK QUESTIONS. Keep encouraging questions by everyone!

Finally, to make a CHOICE is to walk within your Truth, no matter what path you choose. To demand respect for your Choice is to give respect for others. NO ONE HAS THE ANSWERS... That is the reality of living within an unlawful system where censorship prevails...let questions be the driving force to connecting all of us in FINDING ANSWERS and walking in the TRUTH.


Critical Analysis

 Corona Cases
The Law vs The New Normal

This site is a community driven non-profit endeavor (mostly by concerned people associated with the legal profession), to collect and provide information to the public as to legal cases challenging the authority, constitutionality & justice of various emergency measures around the world under the pretext of a health epidemic including masks, testing, mandates, quarantines, lockdowns, all emergency powers and more.

Several Courts have already ruled that governments have grossly violated their own Constitutions as well as the Individual Rights of People.

See/hear the 24+ minute introduction to this project, presented on 3 December 2021 in the Corona Committee’s Session 81. Open Your Eyes and Advance by Howard Steen and Karolus.

 Make Americans Free Again (MAFA)
•   Overview
•   Lawsuits
•   Critical Analysis
•   Recent Developments


Dr Pamela Popper is a naturopathic doctor with a PhD in nutrition, an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health, and the Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health. In her 21 December 2020 interview for the Planet Lockdown film, she relays the following beginning at 33:31:

[This situation] is a wake-up call, it’s a big wake-up call. Sooner or later something like this was going to happen—we didn’t pay attention to the signs. We’d better be paying attention now because they’re never going to let us go unless we do something about it. That’s why we’re filing lawsuits, lots of them and filing a lot more of them because if we don’t—we have one branch of government in the United States that’s functioning and that’s the courts and if we don’t use the courts to free ourselves we will never be a free people again.

Our cases are different. I think a lot of what people are frustrated about right now is how many cases have been filed and that most of them have failed. The reason is the cases that have been filed have been cases that allege that constitutional rights were being violated and they are. The problem is that the government would then show up and say but it’s an emergency. And it isn’t. But that’s what they would claim and then judges would say, Well they do have a lot of power under the Emergency Powers Act.

Our case says: There is no pandemic [e.g. , ††, †††]. There is no emergency[e.g. , ††, †††] It’s a false declaration. Officials know it and they’re committing fraud. So you can’t respond to that by saying, It’s an emergency. Now you have to prove it’s an emergency.

What’s been very interesting—we filed this first case in Ohio in August—is that they refuse to—all of the court hearings and everything else are involved in them trying not to have to come up with the data. Our attorney actually said at one point in time, You know you can make this all go away so quickly because if you’re right about this and you give us the data and show that you’re right, a couple of things. First of all we’ll go away, obviously. And you’ll be able to really gloat. I mean, think of the press conference the emperor [Ohio Governor Mike DeWine] could have to say we actually proved in court that Pam Popper and Tom Renz and all of these people are wrong. Why don’t they do that? Why this effort not to disclose the information? Because they know they’re in trouble.

So we filed in Ohio. Today [21 Dec] we’re filing in another state [New Mexico]. We’re filing a federal lawsuit as well and we’re going to keep doing this state-by-state until we set everybody free. And then we’ve got to work really, really hard to make sure this never happens again by being very diligent citizens. That’s why I started Make Americans Free Again. We have a lot of work to do once we get ourselves out from under this ridiculousness.

Forcing public health and political officials to prove in the courts that Covid-19 is an emergency holds the key to actually prying open a public discussion and legitimate debate about the course autocratic cartels have stubbornly pursued for the past 12 months. Short of such a call to reason and demonstrable facts regarding the genuine parameters of this crisis, what started out to be 2 weeks of house arrest, will not abate and will only become more restrictive and locked up with no end in sight. Beginning at 24:21 Popper questions the veracity and legitimacy of what public health is:

Once in a while, they’ll put something out that actually explains what’s going on. Like Redfield, the head of the CDC actually testified in front of Congress that I think it’s 25% of adolescents and young adults had thought about killing themselves.[] Think about what that means.

And they’re still wanting to lock everybody down and keep kids home from school and no sports and the whole nine yards. Think about how unthinking people have to be to listen to that and say, yup, we’re definitely on the right track....

Back to your point: What is public health? Do you think public health is putting adolescents and young adults in a place where 25% of them would like to kill themselves? Do you think public health is about older people dying alone without human contact in a nursing home? There’s a new thing they’re putting on death certificates—these days for nursing home does—it’s called failure to thrive. This is where old people just give up their will to live and stop eating. In Canada older people can do assisted suicide.

I covered this in a video clip, a woman who opted for assisted suicide instead of staying by herself alone in her room in the nursing home. And we think that’s okay, seriously, that’s murder. That’s committing murder indirectly when you drive people to do this. And and I won’t rest until we prove that these people have not only committed fraud, but that they have them responsible for deaths and they should be criminally prosecuted. That’s a strong accusation to make too.

† - CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report vol 69 No 12 August 14, 2020, CDC: “The percentage of respondents who reported having seriously considered suicide in the 30 days before completing the survey (10.7%) was significantly higher among respondents aged 18-24 years (25.5%)”

We will assist in the development of state associations that can support these lawsuits; and help to recruit lawyers, to develop legal strategy, to identify and train expert witnesses, and to raise money.
How: By filing lawsuits like the landmark suit filed first in Ohio claiming that there is no emergency and that the government’s response and restrictions are unwarranted.
We will sort our database by state legislative district and work with state groups to make sure that each legislator is visited by representatives of our/your group. We will deliver lists of our registered voter members in each district and secure commitments for support based on both representation in the district and difficulty opposing InforMED consent.
How: By drafting model legislation to be introduced in each state demanding transparency/InforMED consent for all medical matters, and protecting individual rights to choose.
How: by focusing on two strategies:
  • providing excellent free education for economically disadvantaged children who have fallen behind as a result of failing schools AND school closures
  • developing teams of experienced businesspeople to rescue small businesses
How: with a base of tens of millions of members, we can start our own healthcare system with features like insurance plans that cover services that promote health; networks of practitioners trained to collaborate with patients in making InforMED decisions; and treatment protocols that address the cause of disease.

How Does Our Federal Lawsuit Against the CDC & HHS Help You?

  1. Our attorneys are the ONLY ones in the country providing 700+ pages of science-based evidence (most of which is from the CDC itself), along with affidavits from science and medical experts, that there is no COVID emergency, and therefore the response to COVID is not only unnecessary but unconstitutional.
  2. 02/03/2021 we filed for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and a Show Cause Order against the CDC and HHS. (pp. 13)
  3. We’re asking the Court to order CDC and HHS to stop counting COVID deaths using their new revised method, including to stop using the PCR test to diagnose COVID since most test kits include disclaimers stating that they should not be used to diagnose COVID.
  4. This new counting method and reliance on PCR tests is not done for any other disease and only artificially inflates COVID case and death numbers, which Governors are using to justify their response to COVID.
  5. If the Court rules in our favor, it means the CDC and HHS must stop using this new counting method and PCR test, and return to counting COVID stats like they do for all other diseases.
  6. Once this happens, it will show that COVID isn't the threat and the national emergency they keep saying it is.
  7. Therefore, CDC, HHS and Governors across the country, including in Ohio, won't be able to continue to justify their response to COVID, including not being able to justify mandates and restrictions like masks, lockdowns and vaccines.


From pp. 20-21, Ohio Lawsuit filed 1 Sep 2020: Michael Renz, Eric Calderaro, et al -vs- State of Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine, Lance Himes
19 The reporting of deaths related to COVID-19 is so incredibly misleading that, as noted above, even the Supreme Court of the United States was misled. At the time of this writing it is being claimed that there have been over 150,000 COVID-19 deaths in the United States.140 That is simply untrue. While we hope to develop a more accurate number through the discovery process, the number of deaths primarily caused from COVID-19 is likely less than 50,000 and has been estimated in scientific studies to be closer to 20,000.141

20 This will seem like an incredible statement for anyone listening to the news. The key to understanding this statement is that the 150,000 number could be an accurate number of the people in the United States that have died with COVID-19 but instead has been presented as the number of people that have died from COVID-19.142

21 During the early stages of dealing with the COVID-19 “crisis” the CDC changed the rules for counting deaths.143 A full discussion of this is included in Attachment A.1 but it should be noted that the changes allowed for unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 to be included in the death count contrary to both international standards and also in a way that is contrary to how every other disease death has been counted in the US since 2003. This approach was so egregious that, it can accurately be stated that:

In the interest of complete clarity, according to CDC guidance as discussed here, if a person has a cough and dies, and that person lives in any of a majority of the cities in the United States (nearly all of which have a sustained, ongoing community transmission of SARS-CoV-2) then COVID-19 can be listed as either the cause of death or as a significant condition contributing to death. That death certificate can then act as evidence of a probable case of COVID-19 and earn an additional 20% reimbursement rate from Medicare144 as well as then be reported as a COVID-19 death.145

22 It is also critical to note the financial incentive to include deaths as COVID-19 deaths. In Ohio, according to Becker’s Hospital Review, hospitals are being reimbursed an additional $180,000 per COVID-19 case and a death from COVID-19 requires no lab test but does qualify as a case.146

  1. Cases in the U.S., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Last visited Aug 27, 2020),
    Editor’s Note: the above URL now auto-redirects to: 27 Aug 2020 link reference is embedded in the above parenthesis.
  2. H. Ealy, et al., If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening?, children’s health defense (July 24, 2020),
  3. Id at 1
  4. NVSS: National Vital Statistics System COVID-19 Alert No. 2., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Mar 24, 2020),
  5. CARES Act Sec. 3710
  6. Id at 1
  7. Ayla Ellison, State-by-state breakdown of federal aid per COVID-19 case, Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, (Apr. 14, 2020)

Critical Analysis

Associated Organizations

Recent Developments:

Ohio Stands Up! is grateful for your support. As you can see, the more success we have in exposing the truth and holding those responsible accountable, the bigger our fight becomes. We are a grassroots organization made up of concerned freedom-loving Ohioans, who recognize the tremendous sacrifices made by countless generations of Americans throughout our nation’s history to secure, preserve, and protect our God-given rights. We believe it is our duty and privilege to protect our fundamental liberties while demanding our elected leaders be held accountable and be shown they cannot act with impunity for their tyrannical and corrupt behavior. We are united in our common goal to stand against continued violations of our Constitutional freedoms, while working to restore those freedoms from which we have been deprived. All donations, of any amount, are appreciated so we can continue this fight and can be made on the GET INVOLVED tab on our website.

 America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS)
•   Lawsuits


 Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. (CRC)
•   Lawsuits
•   Additional Background
•   Recent Publications / Developments
My takeaway—springing from something that Robert said about freedom of speech—as a Constitutional Lawyer, when I am asked “What do you do?” I simply in a word say to them “I protect human attributes and humanity.” The framers of the U.S. Constitution had it right when they talked about inalienable rights, meaning the rights that were given to you by your Creator, even if you believe your creator is just your mother. And so, they’re suppressing our freedom to think. If you can think, but can’t speak, your freedom of thought is useless. If you can speak but can’t associate, your freedom of speech is useless. If you can associate but can’t assemble, your freedom of association is useless. So they are one unbroken—although we break them down for analytical purposes—these Constitutional Rights that are attached to the person, are human attributes and this whole Covid agenda has done in lockstep everything it can do, or try to do, to dehumanize us. And Robert was quite right, with the implementation of devices into our—experimental implementation of devices that’s already out there through the World Economic Forum, it is a movement with AI towards a Borg-like transformation of humanity and that is dehumanizing, and we have to resist it.
Rocco Galati, 5 Jan 2021


Additional Background

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Medical Censorship & Harms of Lockdowns

An exclusive interview with 3 Canadian Frontline Doctors.
Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, Dr. Patrick Phillips and Dr. Ashvinder Lamba
Hosted by Amina Sherazee | Human Rights Lawyer
Co-Director of The Constitutional Rights Centre
video, mp3, (1:02:02) 22 Feb 2021
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Beginning at 1:16:
In the Covid context, what we see are Doctors who are speaking about the state of public health care with respect to our treatment options as well as with respect to the impact of the health care policies and the Covid measures that are taken. What these Doctors are facing, as result of doing that, is silencing by their colleagues, repercussions from their college and stigmatization from the public. This is serious threat to their right to Section 2B under The Charter which is the right of Freedom of Expression and speech. The Constitutional Rights Centre is concerned about the fact that in a health care crisis the very voices that need to be heard—the Doctors, the Nurses, the frontline workers—are precisely the voices that are under threat and being silenced.

Here, to join me on this panel are three esteemed Doctors who have bravely spoken about the reality on the ground of what their experience—what they're seeing in their patient populations with the most vulnerable sectors. The same groups of people that Covid measures are allegedly intended to protect.

Dr. Ashvinder Lamba
Family Physician in Primary & Long-Term Care,
Board Director of Concerned Ontario Doctors

Dr. Patrick Phillips
Frontline Emergency Medicine & Family Physician

Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill
President, Concerned Ontario Doctors, Frontline Physician

Additionally, see The mainstream media, feeding off the CPSO with respect to Dr. Kulvinder Gill, continues to spread its addiction to its own “misinformation”. CRC Newsletter, 4 Mar 2021

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Our Inalienable Rights

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Legal Counsel for Children’s Health Defense. Mr. Kennedy spoke in Berlin on 29 August 2020 to more than a million people—the largest demonstration Germany has ever had. Affirming his devotion to the creative evolution of the human project for which his Father and his Uncle gave their lives, he began his speech, addressing the hopes and desires of people throughout our world:

Back home in the United States the newspapers are saying that I came here today to speak to about 5,000 Nazis. And tomorrow they’re going to report that yes, I was here, and I spoke to maybe 3 to 5,000 Nazis. I look at this crowd and I see the opposite of Nazism. I see people who love democracy. People who want open government. People who want leaders who are not going to lie to them. People who want leaders who will not make up arbitrary rules and regulations to orchestrate obedience of the population. We want health officials who don’t have financial entanglements with the pharmaceutical industry. Who are working for us and not Big Pharma. We want officials who care about our children’s health and not about pharmaceutical profits or government control. I look at this crowd, I see all the flags of Europe. I see people of every color. I see people from every nation, every religion, all caring about human dignity, about children’s health, about political freedom. This is the opposite of nazism.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Understanding the issue of safeguarding human rights in this period of crisis is fundamental to the unfolding consequences of what is occurring. In January 2021 Mr Kennedy sent a letter to 100,000 lawyers stating, “The COVID-19 pandemic has proven an opportunity of convenience for totalitarian elements who have put individual rights and freedoms globally under siege.” In the letter Kennedy urged his fellow attorneys to read a new 13-page report, Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID. The report explores the legal rights to informed consent, bodily integrity, the right to refuse unwanted medical interventions, religious expression and autonomy. All of these rights will be “dramatically constricted” if employers, states and/or the federal government impose vaccine mandates.

Counting Deaths as Covid

An underlying dynamic in this situation continues to be that CDC changed the rules on 24 March 2020 about counting deaths as Covid with COVID-19 Alert No. 2. This is covered in If COVID Fatalities Were 90.2% Lower, How Would You Feel About Schools Reopening? (CHD, 24 Jul 2020). While long and covering a wide swath, focus on the fourth key finding listed at the top:

Had the CDC used its industry standard, Medical Examiners’ and Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting Revision 2003, as it has for all other causes of death for the last 17 years, the COVID-19 fatality count would be approximately 90.2% lower than it currently is.

Additionally, on 17 Feb 2021 Stand for Health Freedom convened a panel of eight experts – doctors, lawyers, medical ethicists, educators, lawmakers and researchers – to analyze and assess the consequences of this abrupt change by the CDC in how death certificates are now recorded. Titled, Data Disaster: A Call for an Investigation Into the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19 this group shines a bright light on why accuracy, integrity and transparency are so important during a public health crisis; how the CDC set the stage for widespread physical, psychological, and economic devastation; and steps we can take so that incidents of this magnitude never happen again.

Question the Experts

In a 5 January 2021 roundtable discussion convened for an investigative enquiry into the global public health sector, Robert Kennedy, Jr. reflected on an aspect of how democratic processes can serve the needs of humanity. In a segment leading off with an observation about Anthony Fauci, he said:

What I think is important to understand is that he’s a technocrat. No matter how expert, no matter how important and pervasive and thorough his expertise, you still need democracy to control the apparatchiks and the technocrats. What irritates me a lot is when I see Joe Biden and other people who are leading the Democratic party constantly say “We need to trust the experts” because as you know I’ve fought hundreds of law suits in my time and in every law suit and every trial that I’ve ever had there are experts on both sides and they’re both equally convincing. And that’s why when we go to a doctor we get a second opinion. Doctors and experts should not be running our democracy. We don’t allow that. We don’t say we are going to appoint an expert and then we are going to just trust everything he says. That is not democratic. That’s how totalitarian regimes work.

My wife came to the Monsanto trial and the day that she arrived Monsanto was doing direct examination on its own witnesses. And they all were all Harvard School of Public Health, they were from Stanford, they were from the leading institutions. These were the leading lights in toxicity and epidemiology and all of these other disciplines that the trial was focused on. My wife heard those and she said “What are you even doing here? These people are credible and trustworthy and convincing, absolutely.” Then she saw our cross examination. Then she heard our witnesses and then she said, “Why did those guys even show up for this trial?”

Part of democracy is, when my uncle had the Cuban missile crisis, the experts were in the room—virtually everybody wanted—of the 13 people that he had assembled as his experts—virtually every one of them with the exception of my father and Bob McNamara wanted to drop nuclear bombs on Cuba. If that had happened—we now know that the missiles in Cuba that the Russian had there were already armed and that the individuals who were running those sites had independent authority to launch if they found themselves under attack.

We would have obliterated the world. We would have had nuclear winter. We would have destroyed the planet. My uncle said I want to see the aerial photographs myself. And he questioned the experts. And he made them explain things to him and he got both sides of the story and he brought in the best people to criticize them. And he made that investigation separately. He didn’t just trust the experts and say the military and CIA are telling me they know this area and they are telling me to bomb. You don’t do that. The job of a politician is to take advice from experts, to respect them and respect expertise. But you don’t let them run the country.

You question them and you try and figure out—listen, Tony Fauci, even if he is the best expert in the world, okay, on epidemiology or on pathogenic proliferation, let’s say he knows more than anybody and he can predict exactly how many people are going to die depending on masks and lockdowns—he has no expertise in the economy. How many people are going to die when you shut down the economy? When you close 60 million businesses? When you obliterate the social safety net? When you starve—there are 10 thousand children dying a month in Africa because of a lockdown.

Rocco Galati: The last very quick question I had picking up on the example you gave of your sober uncle dispassionately taking in and then coming to a decision that would save the world, essentially. Do you David and Robert take any comfort—quite apart from the mass rallies and people who are objecting to this, even though they are censored—do you take any comfort in the many decisions that have gone to court and have been successful against the Covid measures such as your U.S. Court? ...

RFK Jr.: Rocco, I think our only hope is the courts, I think. The courts have done a really good job of not—mostly—we have taken beatings in the court too. But there are judges out there and it appears that the Supreme Court judges who—most of whom I don’t like much but they understand that we’re on the same team when it comes to recognizing that this is the onset of a really ugly dark totalitarianism and they have indicated they may be willing to stand up to that.

Pursuing genuine accountability in the courts by forcing government officials to prove what’s happening IS an emergency is the most effective course to demand accountability and reveal the truth regarding obfuscations, omissions, lies, and corrupt, criminal policy decisions as well as gaining leverage on imperatives like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and CHD Urge Congress to Investigate the Origins of COVID-19 (CHD, 20 Oct 2020).

Devastating Covid Measures

In Mr. Kennedy’s 17 Feb 2021 meeting with the Corona Committee, he discussed with Reiner Fuellmich serious consequences of injuries and deaths from Covid vaccinations and the pervasive, destructive censorship against criticism of global lockdowns. The following exchange illustrates how whistleblowers who have reported horrific accounts of people in German nursing homes either being severely injured by vaccinations or dying are beginning to speak out:

Reiner Fuellmich: It looks as though there’s something seriously, seriously, wrong with these, let me say injections rather than vaccinations. Do you know of any cases in the United States where maybe the DA is looking into such incidents or is the same story happening in the United States and people don’t want to mess with this?

RFK, Jr.: It’s the same story in the United States and probably the worst malpractice. Everybody is frightened. Nobody is willing to challenge the orthodoxy. The worst malpractice is happening among the American media which punishes and censors people who report vaccine injuries. If you report a vaccine injury on Facebook you’re posting will be taken down and you will be de-platformed. I was de-platformed from Instagram this week. I never put—and they said, because I told falsehoods about Covid. But I never had a single falsehood. Every single posting that we put on Instagram was sourced to a public government database or to a peer reviewed publication. Nobody can show me a single, false statement that I made on Instagram.

But if you criticize the orthodoxy, you will be silenced, you will be demoted, you will be punished. The people in the press know that and the press just doesn’t report it. They report it the way that they’re told to report it which is these aren’t Covid deaths, these are normal and don’t worry about it. So there’s no scrutiny of this enterprise. All of the institutions that democracy has erected to protect vulnerable children from large corporations and from overreaching by government have been dismantled. The lawyers can’t sue in the United States. The regulatory agencies are captured, are an arm of the industry, and the press is also captured. And of course the, the frontline medical doctors are punished if they report vaccine injury.

Beginning at 42:30, RFK, Jr. reflected on the critical need of learning to communicate in other ways given expanding autocratic state censorship and use of the courts.

We’re off of social media. The mainstream press is now captured by the pharmaceutical industry. But there are now other evolving ways for people who are learning to communicate to each other in other ways. And we need to do that. We need to establish credible ways that people who care about democracy, who care about civil rights, who are concerned about the ascendancy of the medical cartel, to begin really revolting against those—the increase and unacceptable power, of those power centers. One of those ways is through communication. The other is in many of our independent nations there are opportunities in the courts where you still have integrity in the court and the judicial system of some of our countries. It’s getting smaller and smaller and more constricted but I think, those to me, those present the best opportunities, really: public organizing, public communication and use of the courts....

We’re suing Facebook at the moment. We’re suing Facebook for censoring us. But Facebook has a right to censor people. Facebook is a private company. If they don’t like what you say they can throw you off. But in our case, what we argue is that the government instructed them to the censor us. Adam Schiff, who’s the head of the Intelligence Committee, told them to censor all vaccine misinformation. And Facebook has said that it is coordinating its censorship with CDC and with WHO, and with the US State Department.

In our country, private companies can censor you, but the government is not allowed to censor you. What our argument in our court case against Facebook says is you are acting as a government surrogate. So you are censoring us because the government told you to censor us and because they don’t like our political speech. That’s a violation of the First Amendment. That’s one of the approaches we’re bringing but we have many, many, many lawsuits right now.

CHD Legal Resources

COVID Plaintiff Form, 19 Aug 2021
We are looking for plaintiffs for COVID-19 vaccine litigation. If you are willing to become a plaintiff on behalf of yourself or your child, please complete the form below. Please note that the names of plaintiffs will appear on legal documents which are available to the public. The information submitted in this form will be held in complete confidence and only be shared with CHD attorneys and our legal experts.

Children’s Health Defense Legal Section has extensive legal resources that make aware and acquaints individuals about their legally protected rights to encourage, engage and empower individuals in a fight to preserve their fundamental human rights and on issues critical to health freedom. Updated 4 June 2021

Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) seeks to ameliorate health injustice through education and advocacy. We aid families and individuals whose health rights have been infringed and support legal challenges to unjust laws that undermine our health and freedoms. If your rights have been infringed, we may be able to help.

Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, Masks — 3 Resources You Can Use to Inform Your School or Employer, 18 May 2021
Under federal law, employers and universities cannot legally mandate COVID vaccines because they are unlicensed Emergency Use Authorization products which are, by definition, experimental.

CHD Lawsuits

Under Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s direction as Chief Legal Counsel, the Children’s Health Defense legal team is engaged in many Lawsuits challenging totalitarian government policies of the non-democratic, increasingly totalitarian and devastating Covid measures listed below.

Additional Legal Actions

Lawsuit Rulings
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