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The Writings of Elisabet Sahtouris

Welcome to my website. I'm Elisabet Sahtouris -- an American/Greek philosopher, biologist, ecologist, author, futurist, adventurer, mother, grandmother, lecturer, UN consultant on indigenous peoples and advisor to the Institute for Future Studies. After living extensively in Greece and the Peruvian Andes, I now live in San Francisco, California, teaching living systems (hence the name of this page: LifeWeb) and continually in service to indigenous cultures because they understand living systems better than mainstream culture, based on Western science. Indigenous science and wisdom, with spirituality as its essence, is the balancing factor our modern -- or post-modern -- world needs.

My book, Earthdance (an expanded and updated version of the former Gaia, The Human Journey From Chaos to Cosmos), is available here -- free to anyone who cares to download it and leave me a message saying you've done so. It tells the biological story of Earth's evolution as the improvisational dance of a living planet, then recounts the history of humanity in that natural context, asking, "How have we seen ourselves in relation to the larger living system in which we're embedded? How has that worldview influenced our behavior? Why have we now created an unprecedented crisis threatening our very survival?" --and-- "How can we solve this crisis to create a world of health and happiness?" Models for solving our political, economic and social dilemmas are found everywhere in Nature from the bacteria of ancient times to our own bodies. Let me know what you think of it after you read it.

Available here, too, are some of my poems and articles on subjects such as a trek in the remote high Andes to a previously unvisited community called Hapu (with color photos), twenty years of my life learning to manifest material and spiritual adventure, natural ways of cleaning polluted water, the biology of politics and economics and a treatise on the multidimensional universe as leading edge physics and as understood by other cultures long before Western science took any interest in such vital matters.

Thanks for your time and attention. May something here be of use to you in your own world service.

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